Face packs and masks for instant glow

You must have seen television commercials that commit to provide wonderful skin tone with instant glow and brightness. But, some people might get rashes and other allergic reactions with the same. It is now possible to get natural remedy to get brightness and glow on face. You must eat natural and apply natural ingredients to get glow from within without any side effects.

Instant glow and brightness naturally

Red clay pack

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Red clay is very effective to bring brightness on your face naturally. Since it contains the goodness or iron oxide, adding instant glow to your dull skin is eventually possible.  You can make an exclusive pack by combining orange peel, honey, rose water as well as turmeric  in adequate quantity in order to make an effective red clay pack.

Process of making

You would be required a container where 3/4th portion of red clay powder must be mixed. Take a spoon of orange peel extract and add with it.  You must also add turmeric but not much. Only a pinch of turmeric will be ideal. Now add 3 to 5 drops of honey into it and make a great mixture. Now, you can add some rose water to the mixture to get a fine paste. You have to apply this pack over your face as well as neck and keep it intact for 20 minutes time. Once the time is over you must wash it with tap water.


This is an effective face pack that helps diverting blood supply to your skin and makes the skin glowing, bright and fairer. Even if red clay already provides glow to the skin, combination of turmeric and honey makes it brighter and much more attractive. If you can apply this on a regular basis, getting a glowing, bright and lovely pink tinge of skin will be very easy.

Oats face pack

Oats are regarded as one of the effective remedy for reducing bulk of your body. You might be very glad to know that, this can also help increasing glow over your skin. It has a scrubbing property which can remove all dead skin layers from your face making it suitable for every occasion. If you can apply a glow pack on your skin, it will lighten the dark spots from your face and even add natural glow to your skin.

Process of making

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You have to take 5 teaspoon of oat in a container and add little warm water in it. Soak it for 15 minutes time. Once it has become soft, you need to mash it in the warm water in such a way that it becomes a wonderful paste. Now, you need to add the ingredients like curd of 3/4th teaspoon, 5 to 7 drops of rose water and a spoon of sandalwood powder.  Mix it well but you must get some granules of oats in the particular solution.  You can apply this thick paste over your face and leave for 20 minutes till it dries completely. It’s time to remove the face pack. But, since it also contains scrubbing property, you need to rub it in a circular motion and then remove it totally from your face.


Since this pack has scrubbing properties, all the dead skin from your face will be eradicated with the help of this oat scrub and face pack. It will clean your face internally by reducing the dark spots and diminishing wrinkles. You can also get glowing cheeks with very less wrinkles.

Fresh bananas

If you have fresh bananas at home, it will be possible to say bye to dull and unattractive skin. Along with its taste as fruit, banana can also provide a wonderful skin remedy for a long time. Today, free radicals have become a danger in every individual’s body. If you can apply a banana face pack, natural antioxidants present in it will easily eradicate free radicals from your body. Free radicals are very efficient in damaging your skin cells and increase dryness over your skin. But, after applying banana face pack, your skin gets a real life with removal of dullness.

Making procedure

To make this pack, the ingredients you require would be banana, honey, curd as well as rose water. You need to take a single piece of banana and smash it. Now add few drop of honey within the smashed banana. Now, you need to add 3/4th cup of curd in it and beat the mixture really well.  Now apply this over you face and get instant glow. You need to keep it for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.


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This is the wonderful face pack which provides intrinsic glow to your skin just like gold facial. It is a wonderful variety of pack with all natural ingredients which is very suitable for people with oily skin type. Since it has a wonderful combination of banana and honey, adding sheen to the skin will be quite easy with this.  Extra oil from your skin layer is absorbed with the help of this wonderful face pack. You can easily get the visibility of the effect of this face pack over the skin.

Tomato wonder

If you can combine red tomatoes effectively with the right type of ingredients, it is very obvious to get a lovely and effective skin tone. People using adequate amount of tomatoes in food are very likely to get reddish cheeks like tomatoes.


Take half of a tomato and mash it. If the tomato is big take half portion of or else goes for a single small tomato. Now add a half teaspoon of sugar with medium sized granules. Mix it and apply the mixture over your face. Now leave it for 15 minutes time and message your skin in such a way that it has a mild upward stroke. Keep this pack for 15 minutes time and then remove it with cold water.

Utility of the face pack

This face pack has a wonderful utility as tomato is used to correct the black spots on your face. Combination of sugar with tomato provides an instant glow to your skin. Even if you have blemishes over your skin, it will be eradicated after application of this face pack.  Since the glow does not stay for long, you need make frequent use of it.