Side effects of birth control pills & alternatives to them

Birth control pills have only one advantage, i.e. to stop birth before an individual wishes. Today, people from various parts of the world are adopting the birth control pills to get a precautionary measure against having a newborn.

A side effect that is quite common to many women is spotting or breakthrough bleeding. As soon as the woman consumes active pills, she bleeds throughout the week.

You might be thinking the reason behind it which is none other than hormonal changes in individual women. The symptoms like weight gain, breast soreness, nausea etc can affect the lady for a long time.

Top side effects of birth control pills

Painful and heavy periods

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Due to the consumption of birth control pills on a regular basis, there will be a formation of endometrial lining growth. This in turn makes a shed during the time when your periods gain a flow.

An individual with less lining can get lighter periods. Gradually you will get the periods reduced with consumption of pills in extended cycles. If you are consuming the extended cycle pills, this can be a reason behind slashing out the number of periods which an individual in a particular year gets.


The birth control pills slash the libido friendly testosterone in two different ways. First of all they may the ovaries quiet with the halt over the production of testosterone.

Also the liver pumps out the protein known as hormone binding globulin inside the body of the individual. Women get testosterone level in their body reduced with the consumption of the birth control pills.

Breakthrough bleeding

Some women gets the problem of spotting due to the consumption of the birth control pills. You might be worried viewing a spot of blood in your lower garment.

This might be a reason to get tensed but not very serious. This happens to the ladies who consume birth control pills with low dosage. Even these low power birth control pills can slowly make the endometrial lining thinner and fragile.

Milk production

Every woman would like to be mother at a certain stage even if they are not ready at the present time. After you conceive and deliver baby, your milk production in the body will be affected by the birth control pills containing estrogen. This fact is ideal to reduce the milk production by 5 percent as compared to the normal production level.

Women can also have problems like gaining weight after consuming the contraceptive pills if they have crossed 35 years of their age. There will be great risk for the women who have problem of high blood pressure as well as diabetes.

According to the latest studies, there will be increased risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer due to the consumption of contraceptive pills. But, today, you can adopt natural ways of controlling birth without any side effects.

Alternative for the birth control pills


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You can now control the birth of new born baby without consuming pills. You can try out the process of withdrawal. This is the process of withdrawing men’s penis from the vaginal hole of the lady before the sperm fall.

After the intercourse, men needs to hold his sperm inside his penis, take it out of vagina and then release the sperm outside. But, there is a risk factor in this process as if a man forgets to withdraw the pre- ejaculate fluid when he is aroused and make the penis stay inside the vagina.

You may not believe but this particular fluid has around 3, 00,000 sperms.  In this process, the sperm can swim and make the lady pregnant.

Barrier method

This is another popular way of birth control. You can form a barrier and stop the sperm to get inside the vagina by using condoms. You can now get condoms of different varieties along with fragrances.

After using the condoms during the process of intercourse, sperms are left over inside the condoms. Today, people are using the dotted condoms which help in arousal due to friction and lubrication.

Hormonal method

This is another type of birth control method which is also known as the rhythm method. This is one of the effective ways to make an obstruction between the ovary and sperm fall. This does not have any side effects after the couple decides to conceive.