Top most side effects of sleeping pills usage

Sleeping pills are prescribed by doctors to patients in pain, stress depression and other short period problems. Sleeping pill should not be taken unless prescribed or under very severe conditions. Mostly it is prescribed for a short period as there are several side effects connected to these pills. Most of these pills help in giving rest to the mind and body after a tired day.

Types of sleeping pills

How to avoid sleep while working

  • Sleeping pills with benzodiazepines slow down the functioning of the brain and nervous system. These help to reduce anxiety and relax the body by inducing sleep. These are available only on medical prescriptions. These tablets are often prescribed for a short period. These pills are very effective and powerful.
  • The z-drugs containing antihistamines as the active ingredient are similar to benzodiazepine drugs but are milder in nature. They used to treat allergies and hay fever.
  • Natural sleeping tablets contain the herb valerian or the hormone melatonin. These pills are effective for people who work on shifts and are constantly travelling on different time zones when their sleeping pattern is disturbed.
  • There are some herbal sleeping pills that contain herbs like passionflower, hops and chamomile. These are safe pills which have minimum side effects.

Side effects of sleeping pills are well known when they are taken continuously for a long time. We will be discussing some of the common side effects of these pills. The few things to be remembered are that sleeping pills should not be taken for long period and should never be taken without consulting a doctor. These pills can react with the chemicals in the body and create negative effects. It can also interact with certain alcoholic beverages

Sleeping pills or tablets side effects

In the present environment and conditions around throws us from the natural sleeping. We can get it by buying pills from the medical stores. At that night your sleeping is over. It leaves lot of adverse effects in our body if you continuously addict to these pills. Please avoid the pills before go to bed make it naturally by better lifestyle and better healthy habits.

Pill dependency

At the end of the day a Sleeping pill is nothing but a hypnotic-sedative drug. And like all drugs, too much usage of sleeping tablets can lead to addiction and unhealthy emotional or personal dependency over the drug every time.

Change in appetite

One of the most noticeable adverse of sleeping tablet usage is change in appetite. This is simply because the disturbance of the circadian tempo by induced-sleep furthermore determinants changes in all your metabolic purposes and that encompasses your appetite.


Healthy foods for better sleep

Insomnia is easily loss of sleeping. While occasional usage of sleeping tablets may creates the difficulties in the short-term, repeated usage over the long-term may find you evolving a tolerance for the pill which means that you will be back to starting point one – unable to sleep.

Cancer disease

There is a direct correlation between the incidence of cancerous disease and regular sleeping-pill intake. This is a latest contention amidst medical circles and as of now, very little is renowned for certain. While the health community is still split up on this topic it is better to bypass sleeping tablets entirely.

Effects on asthmatic patients

Since sleeping tablets can’t make you breathe gradually and easily, it is usually not prescribed to asthmatic patients or people with breathing related disorders. Needless to say, more than suggested sleeping tablet dosage to asthmatic patients can signify certain death.


Mixing alcohol with sleeping-tablets is a deadly and occasionally fatal blend. Furthermore, drinking alcoholic with simultaneous using sleeping tablet can origin to death and should be avoided at any cost.

Other side-effects include diarrhea, drowsiness, dryness of the mouth and throat, indigestion, annoyance, hangovers, dizziness, decrease of physical balance, change in sex propel or menstrual cycle, uncontrollable shaking of certain body components and heartburn.

Additional tips

Better position to sleep right

  • It is best to avoid buying over-the-counter sleeping-pills as you may not be cognizant of their edge consequences on you.
  • It is advisable to take sleeping pills only under medical advice

Other side effects of sleeping pills

  • Heavy dose of sleeping pills can continue drowsiness in the morning. It can be an obstruction in performing activities like driving.
  • There are chances of falling down after taking pills as the effect of the drug creates an imbalance on the feet. This more common with children and elderly people given sleeping pills in the hospital.
  • When sleeping pills are taken for a long time there is a difficulty in weaning off from these pills. In some cases the patient develops rebound insomnia in which case the sleeping problems become worse than before. Weaning off must be done gradually by reducing the strength or dosage of the pill, under the guidance of a doctor.
  • Hangover is a common side effect in the morning after taking the pill. There may be a headache, tiredness, nausea or dizziness in the morning which can be avoided by taking the correct dosage and taking it at the correct time.
  • Some people experience heartburn after taking a sleeping pill at night. This is because the stomach acids take a backwash to the mouth in the esophagus when the pill interacts with the process. This can lead to esophagus cancer if the condition persists for long.
  • A common side effect of some sleeping pills is that they leave a bitter taste in the mouth there can also be a dry mouth at night.
  • Some sleeping pills can interact with the hormones and create a sexual effect along with inducing sleep. These drugs increase the level of melatonin in the brain which can bring changes in the testosterone levels. These in turn will affect the sex drive and menstrual cycle.
  • Sleeping pills have been found to affect a person’s behaviour related to sleepwalking, driving and eating in sleep. They do not remember anything in the morning regarding any such incident taking place at night. This effect can lead to serious problems .
  • Augmentation is a process that is one of the consequences of taking sleeping pills. The patient experiences restlessness in the legs which may lead to complete immobility of the legs. This can be controlled by changing the drug and stopping it completely for some time.
  • Patients taking sleeping pills for a long period are at a risk to develop cancer or their life span can be reduced.

Select the best sleeping direction

Inspire of the negative effects of sleeping pills they are useful in giving rest to the suffering patients, Another convenient method to get sleep without pills is to change the person’s thinking pattern by suggesting cognitive behavioral therapy.

Side effects of sleeping pills

Drowsy while driving

These days people have their own vehicle and drive their way to office and then again to home. Now, if you have slept all night after consuming sleeping pills, side effects will be maximum. It will be really dangerous to drive a vehicle and proceed in the way if you are regularly consuming sleeping pills. You will feel drowsy and can also lead to accidents.

Erratic behavior

Another side effect that you can come across after consuming sleeping pills will be development of the erratic behavior. People sleeping after having the sleeping pills can do variety of strange thing while they are sleeping. They are also affected with the sleep walking activity or amnesia. Once you woke up you will not be able to find out the place where you are. Even if you are at home, you won’t recognize.

Hard to stop

How to avoid sleep talking

Regular intake of sleeping pills can also lead to addiction in individual. Such that, once you start on consuming such pills, those can lead to a fact which you cannot stop. Yes, you won’t be able to stop the sleeping pills ever if you are consuming regularly. This will become a habit to you just like the way to consume food and go ahead with other regular activities. But, if you wish to stop taking the drug, you cannot do it at once as this can lead to much diverse effect. It will be important to consult with doctor before you take up the wish to stop sleeping pills.

Lack of body balance

There is yet another effect of sleeping pills. If you start on consuming the pills you can soon develop reduction of body balance. This will easily lead to falling down. Some people consuming sleeping pills on a regular basis also lack the body balance. Even they wish to walk in a stable way; they don’t have control over their legs as well as body. This will easily lead to discomfort to people. You can soon become really feeble and sick if this keeps on the scenario for a long time.