Foundation mistakes girls probably making

Applying foundation is undoubtedly one of the most elementary, yet essential tasks that one needs to undergo while applying makeup. Yet, somehow, most women are seen to commit so many critical mistakes while applying it!

The worst thing is, girls seldom realize that they have actually messed it up! Of course, the first step to follow while applying it (that is, after you have moisturized your skin) is to even out and define your skin tone and foundations are a great option to accomplish it.

So it is more than important that it should be applied impeccably so that it completes the look, rather than ending up in a cakey catastrophe! To don that perfect look, it is essential that you invest on professional quality salon supplies.

However, it is equally important to realize the ‘common faults’ that girls often commit almost everyday. Make sure that you avoid them to avoid embarrassment.

Understand that all base makeups are not equally made

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When you apply makeup, or even buy it, be cautious about the shade that you are buying, In case you end up buying a shade too light, then chances are you will finish up with a ghost-like appearance.

Again, buying a shade too dark means that you might look as if a tanning treatment has went wrong! When you visit a cosmetics shop, the sales folk generally ask you to test the ‘shades’ on your wrist and dabs the samples on it.

However, while a shade applied on your wrist might look ‘fantabulous’ on your wrist, you should remember that foundations are, after all, meant for faces and not your arms. Hence, it is your face, where you might want to do the testing.

Apply the samples on your jaw lime, as well as on the parts where you will need it most. Always try applying it on the under eye region and on the creases of your nose.

How to say that the shade will work for you? Simple! It should look normal on your face, imparting the perfect ‘finished’ look! If it does, then think of purchasing it.

Try using a primer

Face primer is a makeup essential that is often heard of, but seldom used.

Apart from imparting that extra perfection in your base makeup, a face primer can also laid the foundation to stick better; thereby prevent it from disappearing from your face fast. It also helps in the better application of the foundation. Why not think of investing on it?

Never use a powder foundation    

This is one of the most frequently-committed foundations blunders. Always choose a liquid foundation instead of a powdery one. The latter is likely to dry out on skin, thereby making it appear cakey.

Also, you cannot apply them smoothly on your face, so you may not get the look that you desire. Worse is, powder foundations do not last long.

Instead, they settle into creases, sometimes giving the appearance of fine lines- a threat to great looks! On the contrary, using a liquid foundation will make your skin look naturally glowing and flawless. It will also last long.

Do not use concealers faultily

As the name suggests, the job of a concealer is to cover the shortcomings on your facial skin. So, never apply it all over your face. Also, it is essential to apply the foundation before you use the concealer.

This will impart extra coverage on dark spots, acne marks and other skin blemishes. When it comes to learning the best method of applying concealers, you might want to show some nice video clips so abundantly available on the internet!

Give a perfect finishing

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It goes without saying that for any concealer of foundation get the perfect finish; you need to set it by using powder. Now this may sound like a paradox, since you have just been strictly forbidden about using powders to prevent that ‘cakey’ look!

However, it is not a bad idea after your base makeup is over. However, make sure that you use a translucent stuff and brush off the extra loose powder after application.

Apart from imparting the perfect setting, the colorless translucent powders are also extremely light to wear. So, you will never feel uncomfortable. Enjoy the new gorgeous you!