Nail trauma symptoms, causes and treatment?

It is quite common for individuals to get injuries in their toenails or finger nails. You may be walking carelessly inside the house and suddenly your finger nail gets struck against the door. This is a kind of the trauma that causes formation of blood under the nail. Scientifically, this condition can also be known as subungual hematoma. People can also come across the situations when their nails torn or splits due to an accident. Ladies with long nails must be very careful while walking or doing some activity as if something is not in order, they can suffer from the nail trauma.

Causes of nail trauma

  • The shoes that are smaller than your feet can give rise to nail trauma
  • Fungal infection can give rise to deformities in nails
  • Biting of finger nails repeatedly can cause trauma

If you bite your finger nails that can give rise to a severe disease known as acute paronychia. This is a typical type of infection caused to the individuals when the bacteria get underneath the tissue where the nail lies. You may also face irritation as well as swelling just near your finger nails. Some people have a habit of picking up of the thumb nail repeatedly. They also might get nail trauma. You fingers may also have horizontal hatch marks in the middle which is a good reason for nail splitting.

Treatment of nail trauma

There is variety of treatments undertaken by physicians for all those suffering from nail trauma or subungual hematoma. One of the treatments will be to drain out blood which is trapped under the nail. If you are suffering from hematoma with minor potential, it will be possible to treat it at home by heating a needle. Now, place the paper clip /needle in the affected area and apply gentle pressure pricking it inside. Make a small hole in the area from where it will be quite easy to drain the blood. But, after this procedure, your nail may remain discolored.

If you are afraid to do this procedure at home, you must contact the surgeon or your physician. The medical assistants can easily help you getting this treated. It can be very dangerous if you don’t use the sterilized tool to operate or mend the nail trauma. The physician will always use sterile blade to cut or make a hole in the affected area. It is quite important to get the nail evaluated by the physician if the blood takes more than half area under the affected nail. If the case is severe, the nails formed outside the skin needs to be removed.

There can be situation when your toe or finger nail is torn or jagged. It is very important to trim the nail so that it does not get snagged. If your nail is lifted completely from the bed, this can be the most uncomfortable situation. It is important to hold it with proper medicine inside and wrap it with the bandage.