Worst beauty treatments that causes harm to you

How do you feel when your much awaited Beauty services take a wrong turn??? Internet is the new bible for all – working like a ping-pong ball showing up infinite beauty treatments at your tips. Not all beauty treatments work for you -stop struggling to be attractive it can cost you a lot.

But here in this article I would like to share few worst beauty treatments and persisting side effects to be extra careful and cautious while opting for the beauty service.

Chemical peels

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Chemical peels are now ruling the beauty markets. The instant results being the stand point made chemical peels the hot topic. The peels literally take off your uppermost layers of skin unveiling the fresh skin cells which need extra care to keep the new baby skin out of infections and sun tan.

However, there are many side effects associated depending on the severity of the treatment and sensitivity of your skin to the treatment. Higher the concentration of the peel – more the layers peeled off – more is the redness, swelling and itchiness post treatment. More is the maintenance you need to get into your daily skin regime. Investing in a good sunscreen for steeping out and moisturizers for whole night is a necessary.

Wrinkle filler – Botox

Pain in beauty!! Anything working against the natural cycles can make things go absurd or may need excessive maintenance to keep up things running well.

There are many risks associated with Botox treatments if the dose of medication is not done properly without understanding the anatomy of the facial muscles.

Spending a lot on injections is what makes Botox treatments expensive which should definitely be administered by an experienced professional – never buy deals for your face.

Fringes works best to cover your wrinkles and lines – the cheapest substitute to Botox and other wrinkle filler treatments.

Eyebrow plucking

Tweezers awwwh… that hurts a lot!!! Tweezing your eyebrows is one of the most common beauty treatments ever. However, tweezing makes the growth of the brows get stunned. The perfect the eyebrow lift the perfect your entire face lifts and lights up in minutes. Huge difference you get to see.

  • Getting your eyebrows done under a professional would help you get the exact eyebrow shape for your face type all painlessly.

Expired make-up accessories/products

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Yes!! Make-up items do have expiry dates…using make-up products for years especially one that has to be used on eyes be it mascara, eyeliner or lashes – can give you eye infections.

It is the same with foundations, compacts, creams, lipsticks and eye shades that cause skin allergies.

We hardly cleanse our make-up accessories ranging from old foundation brushes, puffs, sponges and combs which accumulate bacteria overtime from our skins dead cells – which we tend to transfer again to our face/skin leading to skin breakouts, acne and other skin issues.

Make sure you clean and maintain your beauty products well once in every month.

Hair styling

For a perfect look – a perfect hair is the way out. You need to definitely turn on to those straightening irons and curlers for the daily styling routine but with a HEAT PROTECTOR.

Daily hair styling can burn your hair overtime, making it dry, frizzy with split ends shooting out. Apart from Heat protectors – treat your hair with oil massages to get a deep hair spa-like treatment all night.

Facials/face packs

You can’t just blindly follow what’s there on internet. Many of us get to experience an allergic reaction to a beauty service especially when undergoing a facial at a salon/home using products directly on skin before “skin patch test”. All skin facials available in the market or prepared at home are not meant for all. It may/may not suit you. Make sure your skin is not allergic to the products before doing it on face.

Natural acids for pigmentation

Lemons, tomatoes, pineapple and other acidic or citrus foods are usually used to treat hyperpigmentation and in many face packs. Rubbing sour fruits directly on to the skin accompanied with day sunlight may cause burning / reddening of skin. Make sure you always mix them with some moisturizing elements such as honey or rose water to cut that acidic concentration.


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It is now a beauty product – guys this is so intensified spice when applied on to your face mixed with other soothing elements may also lead to irritation, burns and breakouts.

Baking soda

Anything too acidic or alkaline can cause huge damage to your skin. Baking soda + water mix disturbs your skins acid mantle which actually acts against bacteria and toxins entering into your skin. This pantry product is used on clothes and sinks to clean the greases – think about putting it on your face.


This is no new to us. Bleaching your face hair or arm pits is no easy job. One has to be extremely careful while adding on the activator which can turn miserable if ignored. PATCH TEST is a must before going it on to face. Stay safe from sun to avoid pigmentation.

Bikini waxing

Pain in beauty treatments!!

Waxing is one of the most popular beauty treatments around working from eyebrows to toes to get rid of unwanted hair and putting on a speed breaker to the growth.

Many of us out of busy schedule try waxing at home which is a worst idea of doing it all yourself. You can’t reach the dark and may end up getting irritated. You start pulling and cannot just dare to strip it off. The longer it stays on, the more it problematic it becomes.

Alternatively, the wax applicators used in salons may carry infection causing bacteria from another person to the wax pot of any high end product. You can imagine, how creepy?

Use ready-to- use wax strips to maintain hygiene. Buy one for yourself if you are do bikini waxing on a regular basis.

Permanent hair dyes

It’s no secret – permanent hair dyes – is one of the most undisclosed beauty treatments! But the chemical p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) can cause allergic reaction when applied on your brows or lashes leading to swelling of face, redness and scaling. Never over do the time. Never use them at nights. Patch-test is a must.


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Does a pedicure treatment really help? I hardly find any difference after my pedicure session except cuticle and foot cracks being cleansed and nails trimmed.  If you want to have those soft and even toned feet – maintain your feet on a daily basis. Pedicure on a daily basis? Not exactly, but pampering your foot with an oil massage or a moisturizer for 5 minutes and putting on socks at nights to lock the moisture  – gives flaunting results in a few days.

Laser treatments for face and hair

If your skin is of some tone it will be of the same tone unless you are tanned under sun. Laser doesn’t help you become fair if you are dark.

Forget about the tanned skin or hair that’s causing you trouble. Laser beauty treatments that involve radiations directly attacked on to the skin can get you into more serious skin issues. Leading way to untold cancer besides permanent discoloration and scarring being the common issues on the treatment site. Always research about the treatment and types to gain insights before getting it done as different types of laser have different degree of risk.

There are many other bizarre beauty treatments involving snails put on face to repair damaged skin cells, fish spa to eat away the dead skin off your feet, shitty facials using bird’s poo to get pigmentation off the skins.

Sounds crazy right!!! Stop being hungry to look attractive – Keep your heart light – Eat, sleep and live right you will start looking more beautiful!!