Your PeeBuddy to help you pee free and safe

It is not easy being a woman. The infections and diseases that every woman has faced at least once during their lifetime for urinating at places that are cringeworthy and brimming with every possible germ. The solutions that you come up with are never going to work in the long run. Squatting over a toilet seat, wiping the toilet seat with a tissue before you can sit on it, holding it in until you get back home or avoiding fluids while you’re out are the options women opt for. What if a company comes up with a solution where you can stand and urinate like a man keeping germs at bay? Welcome PeeBuddy into your lives. A product designed for women to keep them healthy and safe at all times and at all situations. Now, pee safely and hassle free whenever you’ve the urge.

PeeBuddy Disposable, Portable Female Urinary Device for Women

PeeBuddy Disposable, Portable Female Urinary Device for Women

What is PeeBuddy?

As the name suggests it is your friend. It is a product that is disposable and portable. Made in India it comes in a box of 10/20/40 and 80 portable and disposable urinary devices that will help you urinate in public restrooms. So, forget squatting at dirty restrooms and use this today.

How will you use PeeBuddy?

It comes with written and visual instructions as to how you’re going to use it when you need it.

  • To open the box, you need to squeeze the rear and back ends of the box.
  • Take down your pants and move aside your panties. Position the PeeBuddy funnel at the place from which pee will flow.
  • Bend a little forward to allow the pee to flow easily into the pot.
  • Once you’re done relieving yourself chuck the used PeeBuddy into the bin.

When to use it?

You’re not confined to the boundaries of your home. You’ll have to step out of it for reasons that are innumerable. So, be prepared to brace the calls of mother nature when you’re out.

  • Plan that next trip or adventure without worrying to bring back home infections and UTI. Be it trekking, hiking, road trips, marathons or any sport that you enjoy. Carry a packet of PeeBuddy.
  • The minute you have to travel via road, rail or air, you start to sweat wondering about the restrooms you’ll have to use while you’re on the journey. The dirty and unpleasant situation to touch a toilet can be avoided if you choose PeeBuddy. Urinate at railway stations, trains, flights,airports, highways, metros at ease with PeeBuddy.
  • Women who suffer from nerve wrenching pain as they have to sit down and pee can use PeeBuddy as well. Give your knees, spinal injuries and joints a rest and stand and pee. If you’re an expecting mother and find it hard to sit down and pee with your baby bump. Even you can use PeeBuddy.
  • The fear of drinking too much on your date is troubling you? Don’t worry. Drink and enjoy as much as you like. The minute you’ve the urge to pee, carry your bag that has a box of PeeBuddy.

Learn a bit about this product

A product that was designed with one view and that is the health and safety of women. A product that is recommended by urologists, gynecologists and orthopedics. Made in India this product is a boon to every woman and girl. As a woman you hate the unpleasant surprises that greet you in public restrooms, use this easily disposable and portable device that will help you pee. It is made out of cardboard that is water resistant and wax obtained from vegetables. You don’t have to worry about spilling and wetting your pants as well. It is 100% safe and healthy. It is not to be reused under any circumstances.

A product that is a ground-breaking revolution for the safety and hygiene of women all over India. The first time something like this has come up for women. A generation of women who can go wherever they like and do whatever they please with a box of PeeBuddy. This product is readily available online at great deals and offers.So, without further delay buy it today.

PeeBuddy Disposable, Portable Female Urinary Device for Women

PeeBuddy Disposable, Portable Female Urinary Device for Women