Best health Benefits of eating Curry Leaves, Curry Leaf


Curry leaves are highly used herb in the India from the long time. The origin for the curry leaves tree is India and sri lanka. This curry leaves are widely used in Indian dishes, curries, stews, legumes etc. It is the midsized plant with height about 3-4 meters. Most of the Indian homes contain this tree in their homes. The curry leaves are bitter in taste and very aromatic. These leaves are not to throw away from the food they have the benefits too. Curry leaves have the many health benefits. Find the some of them in below.

Health Benefits of the Curry leaves

  • Curry leaves good remedy for the diarrhoea. The curry leaves contain the carbazole alkaloids plays the key role in treat the diarrhoea. To treat the diarrhoea, take the curry leaves and make it as paste or juice directly.
  • Curry leaves are the remedy for the indigestion and nausea. Take the juice from the curry leaves and mix the fresh lemon juice and sugar to it. It will helps to treat the nausea and indigestion.
  • Curry leaves are helpful in improving the eyesight. They can prevent the eye cataract.
  • Curry leaves are good for the hair care. Take the leaves without throwing them from the food. Other wise use the curry leaves powder in morning breakfast. Curry leaves prevent the premature graying of the hair.
  • Curry leaves are helps in improving the hair color. Add the few curry leaves in the hair oil then boil the oil and apply this on the hair scalp. This improves the hair health.
  • They control the bad cholesterol in the body and make your body from fat freeee.
  • Curry leaves helps to decrease the side effects comes with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • It is the good food for the diabetic patients. It controls the glucose levels in the blood. Better to use the curry leaves powder in their breakfast.
  • Curry leaves contains the antioxidants and alkaloids. Good to treat the gastrointestinal tract and improves the digestive system.

So do not throw away these healthy leaves form your food diet.If you throw them form the diet , then you are not only throw the curry leaves but also throw the health from your side.


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