5 Tips for Clearer, More Youthful Skin

Have you ever noticed how your complexion can make or break your day? Whether you look in the mirror and see a new acne breakout, an increase in lines and wrinkles or eyes that are puffier than they used to be you’re probably familiar with feeling frustrated or self-conscious. There are so many ways to improve your skin, but nailing down the best products, methods and routines for you is an essential part of this. If you’re feeling as though your complexion could use a boost, you’re not alone. Read on for five tips for clearer, more youthful skin.

1. Use High Quality Products

How would you rate your skincare routine? Are you doing everything you can to target and appropriately treat your complexion?

Using high quality products on your skin will make all the difference in your skin’s health and appearance. If you’re struggling with which products are right for you, set aside some time to research what’s available. Try reading through real-life Beverly Hills MD reviews to see what others who share your skin type have to say after trying different products.

2. Know When To Seek Professional Guidance and Treatment

When you have things about your skin you’d like to improve, you might find yourself feeling a bit lost. You might experience discomfort due to a particularly severe acne breakout, feel frustrated by eye puffiness even when you’re getting plenty of rest, or become self-conscious after noticing your lines and wrinkles have become more pronounced. Even though there are wonderful products you can purchase to make part of your skincare routine, there’s something to be said for making an appointment with a dermatologist.

What’s great about meeting with a dermatologist is that you’ll gain more of an understanding of your skin type and what’s going on with it. You might realize that you had it wrong all along or even that you were treating it incorrectly. Bottom line? Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your body.

3. Keep It Simple

If you were to lay out your entire skincare routine, how many products would there be? Following an appropriate routine is a necessary part of taking care of yourself. However, there is also such a thing as overdoing it.

While your product line will vary depending on what you’re treating, consistency and logic will serve you well. This is especially important if you have acne prone, oily or dry skin. Too much variety can make things worse, so being cautious and aware is essential.

4. Practice Good Hygiene

How often do you change your bed sheets? Do you poke and prod at your pores? Do you go to bed without washing your face? Are you a smoker or drinker? Could you use more water each day? Are you lacking a good sleep routine? These are all examples of poor hygiene practices that could be contributing to issues with your skin. Good hygiene practices are one of the most essential tips that help your skin glow up.

Whatever your situation might be, remember that so much of what you do everyday can have a big impact on your complexion. Spend some time thinking about any habits that might be negatively impacting your skin. Little tweaks here and there should make a difference.

5. Clean Up Your Diet

It’s no surprise that what you eat and drink has everything to do with how you look and feel. And when you’re noticing things about your skin that you’re not comfortable with, it only makes sense to check in with your diet.

If you regularly consume food and drink high in refined sugars, unhealthy fats or sodium your body could be experiencing an inflammatory response. This can show up on your face as acne, uneven tone, wrinkles and puffiness. One of the easiest ways to improve your diet is to find ways to make healthy swaps and by practicing moderation. This is also a good way to notice any positive or negative changes in your skin based on what you’re consuming.

Improving your complexion isn’t something that will happen overnight. It often takes time, dedication and some trial and error. Taking time for yourself is important, especially when it means improving your self-esteem and feeling better overall.