Health benefits of Sweet corn

Yes you heard it right? Sweet corn s  a complete package of taste, richness of nutrients and anytime snack. It is preferred by people of all age groups as it comes with handful of multi nutritional value. Sweet corns varies in taste from place to place where it is cultivated. The variations comes in sweetness, colour and taste. Sweet corn is  known to be the major cash crop of many tropical and semi-tropical countries. Corn grows quickly in favourable climatic conditions such as sunny, fertile and well drained soil supplemented with good moisture conditions. For full kernel development optimum pollination is  required. Baby corns are other varieties of corn which are very young, miniature ears harvested when their kernels are at incipient stage. Therefore, there are plenty of options to choose from corn family. All possess health benefits which makes them to be a sinless indulgence.

Health benefits of sweet corn

  • Sweet corn are low in calories and fills up your stomach for great tasks. However, per 100gm they contribute to around 86  calories which are quite high. If consumed at a fresh stage, their calories counts much lower than other grains like wheat and rice.They contributed their calories mainly from glucose and other carbohydrates.
  • The highly nutritional food supplement, sweet corn contains proteins, vitamins and essential minerals which serves the body requirements. Sweet corn are rich in antioxidants in addition to moderate proportion of minerals. These kernels are one of the richest source of dietary fibre, 100gm kernel offers 2gm or 5% of our daily dietary fibre requirement.
  • Sweet corn also provides an aid to fight back with cancer. It is rich in several antioxidants such as phenolic flavonoid antioxidant, ferulic acid. Studies have shown that  ferulic acid plays a pivotal role in preventing cancers, aging and inflammation in humans.
  • Sweet corn is gluten- free diet. It can be consumed safely by individuals possessing celiac diseases.
  • Sweet corn is loaded with  lutein and zeaxanthin, two major phytochemicals that helps in promoting healthy vision.
  • Dietary fibre is also associated with reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes. A fiber rich diet helps people manage their disease. Sweet corn is thereby the major supplement of the same.
  • Corn is a good source of the vitamin folate that supports cardiovascular health and significantly reduces the risk of neural tube birth defects.
  • Sweet corn is rich in thiamin ( vitamin  B1) that helps the body cells in converting carbohydrates into energy. It also contributes for proper functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system.

Therefore sweet corn is summer’s simplest and purest pleasures. A freshly picked ear, grilled to perfection and added with butter and some lemon sprinkled at the top, you cannot ask anything better than this. It is a complete health remedy with delicious taste that cannot be avoided. It offers incredible complex sweetness, an intoxicating texture and plenty of nutrition benefits to boot. However, it is offered in several varieties, what essential is richness comes from the health benefits which is far more important than taste and varieties.