A Career in Fashion Never Goes Out of Style!

The fashion world to an outsider is an enigma that gets more perplexing by the second. And peeking through the pages of a magazine or an Instagram page just doesn’t cut it! Fashion is a lot more than who wore it better, or who wore what. It’s about creating an experience that is limitless. Donatella Versace says, “Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.” So if you Eat, Pray and Love fashion, the industry is waiting for you! Symbiosis University, Pune has a unique and exciting fashion programme that will equip you with the tools you will need to succeed in the industry. You can get admission at the university by writing the Symbiosis Entrance Test 2018. So, do apply!

Alright fashionista, here are a few different questions you need to know the answer to as you build your career in fashion.

Do you understand the fashion world?

Fall forward into fashion

Earlier, the fashion world was somewhat stagnant. Albeit there were trends made, it wasn’t inclusive. But the fashion world today has evolved and is sewn with principles of acceptance. People of all shapes and size define fashion on their own terms, and if you don’t accept them –Well, that’s not very Versace of you! But if you do understand the fashion world, then I suggest educating yourself further to be the best at what you are. Best MBA colleges in Pune offer great fashion programmes for aspirants. Do look into it.

Trendsetters- Do you copy or create?

Now, it goes without saying it is extremely competitive out there. But the common notion that what trending matters is, in fact, a misleading myth that might block your creative instincts. Because if what trending is matters, then Lady Gaga’s meat outfit wouldn’t be a monstrosity, but it was. So don’t rely on celebrities although they are the natural trendsetters. Instead, break the glass slipper! Embrace your identity! Don’t just look good, feel comfortable and fabulous.

Take for example denim on denim was once the tale of a catastrophic disaster of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, but is trending as hell now! What do you learn from this? You don’t need Justin or Britney to make or break a trend, you just need a good eye for fashion.

The Industry needs you!

The fashion industry has many facets. It’s not just what you wear, but it’s also about what you sell. What I am trying to say is, fashion doesn’t just involve being a designer or a model. It also involves marketing, PR, product management, styling and everything else!

So you can’t exactly enter fashion with the mindset of dipping your toes into glamour. Instead, you take a dip. Swim. Drown. And rebirth into an unconfined original that will shock the world with their creation!

If you have what it takes, the industry offers you the following jobs:

Assistant buyer

Rachel’s dream job on the famous sitcom Friends; Shopping for money she squealed when she was called for the interview!

The job description sounds fun but requires a lot of experience. So in order to land this job, pick an area like accessories or shoes, then simply master it.


Best fashion & style tips for women

This is a job that pays well! The ulterior motive of a designer is to have his/her product to reach the market. For this job, you need to know what the consumer needs, and market your product accordingly. An extensive knowledge of brands and the skill of managing people is a plus!


This is another job that requires a high level of creativity. You can never be out of a job in advertising. From copy writing to photography to branding; you conceptualize and sell the product from head to tail.

Product management

The job description here is to make sure the quality of the product is maintained.  This means you manage the textile and fabrics domain of the product. 2018 is especially a good time for product managers because the Go Green agenda exposes you to an endless list of opportunities to experiment with.

Visual presentation and Styling

From a model to a mannequin, this job covers all the visual aspects of fashion. And everything needs styling, so if you have a good eye for fashion, this is the job for you! But remember, the visual presentation is a fashion statement, and you simply cannot mistake here.

Public relations

This job needs you to be enthusiastic, friendly and delightful! A PR rep is supposed to keep the brand’s image clean and appealing and make sure the brand is talked and discussed at all the right places.

Fashion journalist

Being a fashion journalist is extremely rewarding. Media is never going to meet its end. You’re going to have the power of words, and the liberty of creation. The lines fate is decided by critic’s pen! You can be Carrie Bradshaw and write for magazines and books, or simple blog about what excites you about fashion. Either ways, this job rocks!