Best acne control creams – Anti acne creams and gels

Acne is a skin disorder that causes skin eruptions and inflammation. It is commonly called pimple and is the biggest problem for young girls. These tiny eruptions give an itchy and irritating feeling on the skin and keep spreading from one place to the other causing constant discomfort. These pimples also leave scars on the surface of the skin giving an ugly appearance and a bad feeling.

Best anti acne creams and gels available in India

No marks cream

No marks cream

It is an age-old cream. It is effective and helps in curing almost all the skin related problems. It also helps in the evening the skin tone problems. It also helps in prevention of pimple eruption on the surface of the skin.

Vaadi Herbals Anti-Acne cream

Vaadi Herbals Anti-Acne cream

This is a fine product which can be used to remove acne from your skin. This will help you to improve your skin and rejuvenate a flawless skin. The herbal anti-acne cream is so effective that you will be able to find visible results sooner after you apply. Its unique herbal formulated cream. It treats the acne issues and removes it from the roots. As the name suggests it’s made up of ingredients which are highly essential for uprooting the main cause of the acne problems This cream has aloe-vera, neem oil, and clove oil.

Biotique winter green spot correcting Anti-acne cream

Biotique winter green spot correcting Anti-acne cream

If you want to remove the acne from your face and move on to a clearer skin, then boutique is just the right choice for this season. This cream goes into the root cause of the problem and finishes it from the core. You will be glad to know that this cream has shown you necessary results. Just dab on some cream every time you step out of the house or before the night sleep on the acne, so that it will be able to help your skin from rejuvenating. It comprises Gandhapura, Choti Dhudh, Daru Haldi, Neem are the potent ayurvedic ingredients that destroy the bacteria completely.

Eraser acne pimple cream

Eraser acne pimple cream

The cream is filled with natural ingredients that will help to improve the facial regime of the day. This cream, as the name suggests, helps to remove all the blemishes and acne issues on your skin and will make you feel beautiful throughout the day. This acne pimple cream erases all the infectious pores and helps them to rejuvenate dirt-free so that they do not give rise to pimples or acne. It is a natural acne removal cream has the chief ingredients of neem, haldi, gandak and Kariya mitti. These anti-bacterial and anti-microbial creams help to fight through the daily dirt and dust.



This is an effective bio-cream known for its renowned brand biolife. The cream removes the dryness as well as acne affected skin as it has the cooling effect, astringent, and styptic all chosen from the herbal ingredients. It not only cleans the blemishes but also gives you spotless skin. It is really a remarkable cream with necessary ingredients to make you feel confident and alluring.

Glycolic acid cream for acne

Glycolic acid cream for acne

Glycolic acid helps acne prone skin by exfoliating dead skin cells. This helps in opening the blocked pores and in removing dark pimple marks. It can cause redness, irritation and skin damage, hence should be used with precaution under medical supervision.

Himalaya Acne-N-Pimple cream

Himalaya Acne-N-Pimple cream

Himalaya is a popular brand for natural herbal products and is one of the best anti acne creams. It is a popular anti acne cream. The strong astringent and styptic properties in this cream helps to treat pimples and eruptions.

Biotique chlorophyll oil free anti acne gel

Biotique chlorophyll oil free anti acne gel

It is infused with ingredients like extracts of seaweed, sea algae and aloe Vera gel. It is an anti-bacterial product that tightens the pores and helps in keeping the skin healthy and nourished. The chlorophyll in it is an active ingredient that absorbs the energy of the sun and works as an antiseptic.

Lotus professional phyto rx clarifying pimples and acne cream

Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Clarifying Pimples and Acne Cream

Pimples! Most of the women face this problem, but don’t worry, here we have best pimple cream in India that works well on your skin to get pimple free face. It is found to be a very effective pimple treatment cream having powerful antiseptic and germicidal effects. It takes care of the overall health of the skin. It can be used on normal to oily skin. It regulates oil producing glands to control pimples and acne outbreak. The pimples shrink and eventually fall out.

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream

It has a unique formula that is proven to give a clear pimple free skin within four hours. It is effective on large bumps as well.

Shahnaz Husain Shaclove – Pimple cream in India


It is ideal for sensitive skin covered with pimples and other skin inflammation. The clove in the cream is well known for its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It helps in removing the excess oil from the skin and protects the skin from external elements causing acne.

Vicco turmeric WSO cream


It is an old age cream used in India for the last 100 years. It contains the richness of turmeric which is anti-bacterial and prevents the outcome of pimples and acne. It improves the skin tone and texture of the skin and helps in lightening the scars caused by pimples.

Khadi herbal acne pimple cream


Khadi products are perfect buys for people who like Indian produces with herbal value. There are several skin goodies from this brand and they come without any side effects. This product is their acne cream which prevents pimples and breakouts. It makes skin feel soft and smooth. The herbal consistency comes with astringent properties and cooling effect. Purchase this product if you are looking for the perfect Indian cream and don’t forget to add your reviews.

Jovees Ayurveda Neem & Long Pepper Anti Acne and Pimple Cream


Jovees products have lately been loved by several users and they seem to be a great acne and pimple cream. This anti-acne cream has been made after several researches and it is a natural therapy for controlling acne and curing it gradually. It product is developed with nee, red sandalwood, long pepper and more herbal extracts which clear acne and prevent breakouts. If you choose to purchase the tea-tree face wash from the company, you will see improved from the 2nd week of your usage.

Clearasil Daily Acne Control Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream


This product is a special acne treating cream, which dries out your skin after appliance. This alternatively means that the cream goes deep in to heal the acnes, but the dried feeling might be unlikely for few of us. It is best to let the cream penetrate in and then add a regular moisturizer. This will help you heal your skin condition soon and carry on with the regular hydrating lotions. Oily skin is more prone to having acnes and pimples, which is why many of need a drying cream to make it feel normal.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress

Products from this brand have earned world recognition and it is one of the finest brands to use within the cost effective range. This cream is an oil-free cream which leaves your skin silky and creamy. It instantly removes excess oil and fights breakouts. It is also known to reduce irritation and redness, and makes your skin feel exceptionally soft and clearer. This is an advanced power cream which treats pimples with the use of Micro Clear – a strong technology which has been clinically tested for reducing acne and to unclog pores. It reduces the stress of acne and is an easy to use creamy face wash which works well everyday!

Smoothe hydro gel salycylic acid acne cream

Smoothe hydro gel salycylic acid acne cream

There are many salicylic creams in the Indian market but the most popular and effective ones are Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pimple Clearing Cream and Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll. These creams make a head on the cystic acne, filled with pus and eventually make a hole in it. Salicylic acid is effective for blackheads and teenage pimples.

Topical antibiotic acne creams


Topical antibiotics like clindamycin and erythromycin stops the growth of certain bacteria. The tropical creams do not give complete cure but are an effective defense against acne.

Jovees anti acne & pimple cream


Jovees contains neem, long pepper, red sandalwood and other herbal extract which help to treat acne. The regular use of this cream gives a clean and fair complexion. Jovees is the best anti acne creams for pimple control.

Revlon touch & glow pimple corrector


It is anti-pimple cream which contains natural ingredients that prevent clogging of pores and eruptions. The solution goes deep into the skin and dries off the pimples.

VLCC acne care 3 day acne corrector clove & menthol


It promises to cure pimples in three days. The cream is rich in clove that helps to cleanse and purify the skin to prevent pimples and eruptions. The menthol and salicylicacid in the cream revitalizes the skin and controls excess secretion of oil and helps the pimples to dry out fast.

Herbal pimple creams

There are a number of herbal and Ayurvedic pimple creams available in the Indian market.

Besides using creams acne and pimple-prone skin requires special face washes that are formulated to fight and prevent acne. Neem, tulsi, and tea tree oil, are some ingredients commonly used acne face washes.

List of the best face washes for acne and pimple prone skin

There are many effective face washes from reputed brands that are effective in fighting against acne breakouts.

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action daily face wash


This is sure to give fast results. It is the best known medication for acne and pimple treatment for the last 60 years. Regular use of this wash prevents the outbursts of new pimples. It helps in unclogging the pores and destroys microbes and bacteria causing pimples.

Neutrogena oil control face wash

Neutrogena oil control face wash

This is recommended by dermatologists for getting rid of existing pimples and preventing new breakouts. Its oil free formula works gently on the skin and leaving it clean without dirt oil and bacteria.

Lotus anti-acne face wash


This is formulated for acne prone oily skin. The main ingredients cinnamon, tee tree and oak bark work well in removing excessive oil from the skin. It removes blackheads and whiteheads and also works well with pimples and acne.

Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash

Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash

This is a well-known brand in the Indian market. It is found to be most effective for Indian type of skin and climatic conditions. Clean and clear face wash suits all types of skin. The salicylic acid in clean and clear face wash helps in removing excess sebum oil and bacteria causing acne and pimples.

Neutrogena Oil free acne wash

Neutrogena Oil free acne wash

This is a medically recommended acne fighting cleanser. It is a special skin soother that helps in preventing irritation and drying of the skin. It cleanses the skin by going deep down the pores and getting rid of the dirt.

Himalaya Neem Face Wash

Himalaya Neem Face Wash

This s a soap free product that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. It contains name and turmeric which are anti-bacterial agents and control acne and pimples very effectively.

Pond’s Pimple Cream White Multi-Action Facial Wash

Pond’s Pimple Cream White Multi-Action Facial Wash

It helps in removing excess oil, clears pimples, reduces blemishes caused by pimples , calms the skin , reduces blackheads, whiteheads, tightens the pores and brightens the skin.

L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Anti-breakout Facial Cleanser


This is the most powerful acne –fighting product which controls breakouts, reduces the size of the pores , removes makeup without being harsh on the skin.

Cetaphil Derma control Oil Control foam Wash

Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Control foam Wash

This is a high class product that minimizes the appearance of pores, stops the formation of new pimple and subside the old ones and tightens skin

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect


L’Oreal is undoubtedly one of the trusted brands and their products have always made a mark. This product is known to make your skin spot-free and glowing. It takes away all the dirt and oil present in your skin and then moisturizes it better than other facial foams. This is one of the perfect products with a good rating and has been termed to offer value for money.

Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On


This is a common brand which many Indian women like to apply. They have recent introduced different products apart from their fairness cream and this face wash is one of them. This face wash is known to resolve your skin problems and make your skin smooth and bright. It comes with the goodness of essential ingredients which makes your skin glow and frees you from spots. It goes deep into the pores and cleansed well. It controls oil and adds nourishment to the skin. The product gradually makes your skin supple and dirt-free. This is an effective face wash which can be used twice a day.

INLIFE Neem Face Wash, Soap & Paraben Free


This product is a neem-based one with the power of neem leaf extracts. This comes with therapeutic properties for quick heal and significance. It helps you get rid of numerous signs like oiliness, dirt and brings you back the youthful feel. Neem consists of antibacterial properties which frees your skin from toxins and reduces inflammation. The product has leaves no sign of pollution and makes skin look spotless and glowing. With standard utilization you will soon get clearer and softer skin.

Oshea Neempure Anti Acne & Pimple Face Wash


This oil control face wash is formulated for pimple-prone skin. This product has the richness of neem and other herbal ingredients which removes the excess oil and impurities and leaves a refreshed effect on skin. It comes with neem leaf extracts which are universally known for anti-septic and anti-microbial properties. It helps you cure acnes, blemishes and even sports from eczema. Some of the important ingredients are willow bark and oak bark astringent. It also has tea tree for improved results. This has to be massaged well after appliance to let your skin get the right value.

Khadi Neem Teatree and Basil Face Wash SLS & Paraben Free


We came across a Khadi cream and it is now time to go through the face wash. This particular pick comes with tea tree which is absolutely soap free and has herbal formulation. It slowly removes the impurities from your skin and prevents pimples. This comes with the goodness of turmeric, basil and neem apart from the main present of tea tree oil. All of these add onto making the skin feel better. This brand is also known to be herbal and comes with no possible adverse effect.

Acmed Pimple Care Face Wash


This is another face wash which can cure you from your acne conditions and wash away dead skin. It comes with the anti-bacterial action from tea tree which fights bacteria in the pimple prone skin. This product boasts of its breakthrough innovation of pimple care ‘globules’ which are tiny particles which you see penetrating inside the skin after the face is washed. This assures you of optimum pimple care and reduced follow up. It comes with Pro-vitamin B5, aloe vera and Vitamin E apart from the tea tree oil. You must lather up the face wash and massage in circular motion to make it work well. Repeat twice a day and see it gradually make your skin look flawless.

Bakson’s Sunny Face Wash Gel


This is another herbal face wash which gives you some more options if you want to go absolutely chemical free. This comes enriched with aloevera, neem, calendula and tulsi. The product gives you back the natural balance of your skin and prevents pimples. This comes with a special formulation which not only cleanses the skin but also prevents pimples. It is known to leave your skin moisturized and adds a healthy glow. The product is known to build up a lather which is required for the cleansing. This can be used for any type of skin and is proven by dermatologists.

Aloe Veda Face Wash


The sebum content in our skin is known to nourish and protect when it is present in the normal doses. When sebum content is excess, it fills our pores by blocking them and causes different kinds of acnes. This face wash is known to reduce the content of sebum production and also reduce the existing pimples and acne. The product has been offered great rating and has gone for repurchases. It is known to dry out the skin so you must apply a cream thereafter.

Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash


The goodness of neem works really well on our skin and washes away the unlikely elements like dirt and dead skin cells. It is known to reduce pimple and make your skin glow too. The goodness of this product comes with rose petal extracts which nicely blends with the aromatic feel of neem and tea tree. All of these are antibacterial properties and offer a therapeutic treatment. The face wash works like a relaxing treatment which leaves a magical impact on the skin. The wash removes excess sebum and skin impurities which make your face look soft and supple. It is a soft product which doesn’t lead to any harm you could probably think of. It is perfect for stubborn blackheads and can be treated to sensitive skin too.

Jovees Natural Neem Face Wash


This product from Jovees comes with medicinal properties. It has been known to Indian for times unknown and it one of the most effective elements for acne treatment. This product is a unique face wash which mitigates pimples and brings back the natural glow. It also has therapeutic properties for skin improvement and it gradually makes you look younger.

Biotique Bio Neem Purifying Face Wash


This is a fresh face wash with comes with a facial foam. It is absolutely free from soap content and is more of cleansing gel. It comes with the goodness of ritha and kulanjan along with the main aspect of neem leave extracts. All of these are known to remove impurities from skin and prevent pimples from happening further. Make your skin feel soft and free!

Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree and Rosemary Purifying Wash


This is one 2 in 1 product which comes with the goodness of two oils – tea tree and rosemary. The face wash lathers up and then gently removes the excess sebum content. It helps you dry the skin and make it work on the acnes and pimples. It gradually leaves a hydration to the skin and treats the face with the gel tone. It is one of the soothing elements which works antiseptic and clears out blackhead and whiteheads. The rosemary content is known to offer a healthy glow and add the aromatic fragrance which relaxes your skin.

POND’S Pimple Clear Face Wash

This brand has always known to be good for the delicate darlings with a bold approach. This product has been specially designed for the oily skin, which is acne prone. If you use this product, your skin will be free from the craters and you will give get an instant brightness. It slowly clears away the excess oil content and reduces pimples and breakouts. The herbal clay content absorbs the oil and reveals freshness from the within. The product also cleans dark spots and tones out the skin. The lighter finishing is also added with unclogging of pores. It starts showing result from the first usage.


There are many effective face washes, creams and lotions in the Indian market for problematic and acne prone skin. Regular use of any product that suits one’s skin will keep the skin clear, clean and free from acne and pimples.