10 Aging beauty issues no one really talks about

Not only does feeling good about your looks mean accepting it, but it also means putting in the efforts toward it.

According to research studies, even putting in an iota of an effort into your looks will make you think more highly of your looks. Here are some of the aging issues that no one really talks about.

Thinning eyebrows

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People love the fact that their eyebrows are expressive, but they worry that they have thinned too much. So, how can you retain your signature look without them seeming like they have been painted-on or too obvious? While you can blame sparser eyebrows on hereditary issues or hypothyroidism, they could also be a part of the normal aging process.

You should try using the FDA approved prescription drug called Latisse in order to help your eyebrows and even your eyelashes regrow.

The only limitation of this drug is that it would take longer than the standard three to four weeks in order for the eyebrow to grow thickly, considering that the skin around the eyebrows is much thicker than that around the eyelashes.

If you do not wish to use any prescription drugs, then choose a pencil, whose color matches the color of your hair! Draw feathery, light strokes throughout your brows.

If you have any lotion or makeup underneath, then it will make the eyebrows look harsher. Finish the brows by combining them with a brow brush.

Makeup that backfires

If you are not certain whether it is the shade or the texture of your makeup, but you begin to notice that some makeup makes your face look older, then you must be wondering how you can avoid buying those products that make you look worse and go for better products.

Some powders that are prepared using silicone settle in your skin and make your wrinkles look worse than they did before.

Go for a water-based foundation that has particles that illuminate the skin and apply the formula using a sponge meant for blending makeup that makes your skin look as if it has been airbrushed. Then, run a clean cotton swab along the wrinkles to prevent the product from bleeding into the other areas.

Dark circles

You would have never felt the need to cover the circles under your eyes till you began to age. However, if they get darker, you should not wonder what to do. Instead, you should get something in addition to the makeup that you have applied to it.

With every passing year, the skin underneath your eyes becomes thinner, making the blood vessels under them visible. You should try to use dark circle removing cream in order to remove the dark circles under your eyes.

Soy product safety

Soy has a lot of estrogen, even though it can give you relief from dry skin. However, is it safe to use it, especially when your hormones are already going crazy? The truth is that it is fine to use soy-based products.

The shady reputation of soy results from a study that was conducted on a mouse that connected its phytoestrogen to the growth of a breast tumor in the mouse.

This claim was refuted by the American Cancer Society. Later, research studies went to prove that soy is actually linked to lower risk of breast cancer. Soy actually rejuvenates the skin and makes it glow.

Loose skin

If you have always protected your skin with hats and sunscreen, then it will pay off, but then you may not always get wrinkles.

Is it too late to do something about it? Even though the sun is the main culprit when it comes to the elasticity of your skin, the loss of collagen and facial fat can also be to blame for your loose skin. You can fix it by using skin tightening lotions and creams.

These will, however, produce only temporary results. Injections are your only option, when it comes to regaining lost fast. Set up an appointment with your dermatologist, if you are serious about fixing your skin problem.

Always looking exhausted

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You might look like you are exhausted all the time, if you do not fix your skin problems such as puffiness under the eyes. As time goes by, the delicate muscles and the skin around your eyes become weaker. Moreover, the fat beneath your eye can move downward, making the skin underneath look puffy.

If puffiness is a continuous problem, then you should consider getting a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty done so that the skin underneath your eyes does not sag. Apply an eye cream that contains calendula and licorice in order to get firm skin underneath the eyes.

Time-sucking anti-aging routine

If you have noticed changes in your skin, then it might take a lot of time to take care of the skin problems unlike before.

What could be done in order to reduce the time taken in order to take care of your skin? Which products will help you without your having to change your skin care routine?

Ensure that you use a sunscreen with sun protection factor and the other products that contain licorice and the other antioxidants. This will help repair the broken down collagen and prevent any future damage to the skin.

Upper lip lines

Even if you have never smoked in your life or had any bad habits, the skin above your lip can still pucker.

Take the help of skin tightening peptides, retinol or collagen. Try lip plumping creams, which contain collagens that tighten the skin and make the upper lip lines vanish.

Random facial hair

If you are always using tweezers to pluck the random facial hair that keep appearing, then there is another solution to it.

Contact your ob-gyn in case the problem is persistent since he or she can help you by suggesting a good birth control pill, which will help you bring your hormones back on track.

Try laser hair removal if the hair keeps reappearing. However, avoid the use of razor as much as possible since it can cause ingrown hairs.

The issue: body odor that comes easily

“There are often body odor coming from my underarms and intimate areas. I need to deal with them without moving to the washroom each time”.

This is caused by inadequate cleaning of the body and the intimate parts. Hygiene fails to keep you smelling fresh if there is bacterial growth in different areas of your body.

Deficiencies also cause odor. Sometimes food that you take that is rich in amino acidic properties will leave an odor.

Use natural deodorants for the intimate parts and keep your body squeaky clean so that the bacterial growth is never possible. Use antiperspirants that are made with organic ingredients.

Limit the bacterial growth by drying the body thoroughly after bathing so that you do not allow bacteria to grow. Wipe the areas that are mostly damp with vinegar and then dry the place with a dry cloth.

This will keep the smell away. Natural clothing and less spicy food are other ways to keep body odor away. Use tea tree oil or other such ingredients that can remove odor without causing side effects. You must also get the health checked if you have indigestion.