Spectacles according to face shape guide for men & women

While our faces are seldomly symmetrical by nature, a better understanding of it will allow us to choose the perfect style of spectacles that will take our look up a notch.

This is of the utmost importance in our daily life as well as special events such as job interviews, meetings, dates, celebrations and etc. where a good pair of spectacles will ensure the look you desire, whether it’s sexy, conservative, younger, older and etc.

While you may be thinking you can just pick any style you find nice, it is here that lies the importance of taking the shape of our face into consideration before choosing spectacles.

Round Face Shape

Sunglasses styles for women


Common Characteristics: The jaws here are softly angled with similar sized, cheekbones and length of face that is also bigger than both jawline and forehead.


  1. Try to add contrast to this rounded face by using spectacles that have wider frames. This will give the illusion of a narrower face.
  2. Stay away from round frames that will accentuate the roundness of the face even more.
  3. Use and abuse of prints and strong colors which usually tends to define the face more giving the impression of a thinner face.

Round Face Shape

Ideal styles for women: D-frame / Rectangle / Cat-eye

Ideal styles for men: D-frame / Rectangle

Heart Face Shape

Sunglasses for oval shaped faces

Common Characteristics: Pointed chin, larger forehead and a narrowing of the jawline and cheekbones.

A great way to know if this is your shape, is if you have a widow´s peak. This face can make use of many different styles of spectacles due to its versatile shape.


  1. Try and broaden the chin by using frames wider than the size of your forehead.
  2. Soften your appearance by using light colored and detailed frames with patterns.

Heart Face Shape

Ideal styles for men: D-frame / Clubmaster / Rectangle / Aviators

Ideal styles for women: Cat-eye / D-frame / Clubmaster / Rectangle / Aviators

Square Face Shape

Sunglasses for round shaped faces

Common Characteristics: Wide foreheads, similar measurements, prominent features and sharp jawline angles.

This face is best suited by rounded or up swept spectacles to balance out the face and make it rounder. Absolutely avoid square shaped or rectangular glasses as it will exaggerate those prominent features even more.


  1. Soften the appearance of the face with the use of curved lines.
  2. Pick neutral colors for your frames to make the face appear narrower like beige or cream.
  3. Pick frames that are wider then they are tall to slim down the face.

Square Face Shape

Ideal styles for men: Round / Oval / Clubmaster

Ideal styles for women: Cat-eye / Round / Oval / Clubmaster

Oval Face Shape

Sunglasses for square shaped faces

Characterized by face that is longer than the cheekbones are wide, and forehead that is larger than the line of the jaw which has rounded angles.

This shape is the most versatile of all shape faces and according to many, can pretty much wear any style of spectacles. We must be aware of two general guidelines to follow here, which are: ensuring the glasses are ideal in size as well as proportion to the face.


  1. Pick spectacles that are as wide as the widest portion of your face, or only maybe just a tiny bit wider.
  2. Use spectacles with details and embellishments for a great look.

Oval Face Shape

Ideal styles for men: Round / Oval / Clubmaster / Rectangle / D-Frame / Aviators

Ideal styles for women: Retro Cat-eye / Round / Oval / Clubmaster / Rectangle / D-Frame / Aviators

Sunglasses for triangular shaped face

As we know, caring for our appearance has become a very time-consuming aspect of human life. Spectacles AKA glasses, has the power to greatly enhance our beauty or to take away from it. Therefore, choosing great glasses means that half of your life’s problems are figured out.

While our facial shape varies from round, to oval, to square and heart shaped from individual to individual, considering the above tips on which style of spectacles are ideal for your face shape will help us to find the most suitable option for you and make you stand out in a crowd.

With that said, we hope you enjoyed this article and we wish you a great future spectacles shopping experience!