Home remedies to treat the pimples naturally

Are pimples robbing you of your peace of mind? If you follow some simple remedies at home, then you will not feel that way anymore. The excessive secretion of sebum is what causes pimples. When you follow some simple home remedies, they will help you treat your pimples naturally. However, before that, you should know what causes these pimples to appear on the face.

The main causes of pimples

Bacteria growth

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If there are blocked pores in your skin, then sebum enters them, gets accumulated in them, and forms pimples. The sebum contains bacteria that are called Propionibacteria. If the conditions are right, the bacteria thrive, spread, and cause pimples that are extremely painful. These bacteria consume the sebum and result in the inflammation of the skin.

Sensitivity to testosterone

If you are sensitive to testosterone, then it might cause infectious pimples in you. The testosterone might block the pores by secreting sebum. At times, dead skin cells stick to the sebum and the condition of the skin becomes worse.

Not removing makeup

It is important that you remove your makeup before going to bed. The makeup that is based on oil is bound to cause pimples. When you apply heavy makeup on the skin, it will cause more pimples. You should, therefore, try to use water based cosmetics.


If you are stressed out, it will affect the functions of the body and cause pimples automatically.

The clogging skin pores are like obstacle for the sebum and produced sebum stay only at skin pores.  The attacks of the bacteria on the skin pores are also cause the pimples.

Home remedies for pimples

Rose water and lemon juice remedy

When you apply a mixture of lemon juice and rose water to your pimples and leave it on for half an hour, it will work as a good remedy against the pimples. You should follow this home remedy for at least three to four weeks.

Groundnut oil and lemon juice remedy

How to get rid of pimples at home

When you apply a mixture of groundnut oil and lemon juice to the affected areas of the skin, it would work as a good remedy for pimples. You could also add sandalwood powder to this mixture for added benefit.

Cinnamon powder and honey remedy

A combination of cinnamon powder and honey is a good remedy against pimples. When you apply this mixture to the face and leave it on until the next day, you will find that your pimples have vanished. You should, however, continue the process for a few weeks if you want it to work for you.

Tea tree oil

The application of tea tree oil is an excellent home remedy against pimples. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties. This will help fight the bacteria that cause pimples. It also helps reduce the inflammation of the skin. Take a ball of cotton and dip it in tea tree oil and apply it to the affected areas. After 15 to 20 minutes, rinse your face.

Calamine lotion

You must cleanse your face everyday before going to sleep, failing which your skin would not be able to breathe. After cleaning up the face using an astringent, apply some calamine lotion to the affected areas of your face. Wash your face after leaving the lotion on overnight. You will be glad you followed this remedy since the size of your pimple would have reduced drastically.

Ice cubes

Take an ice cube first and wrap it up in a piece of clean cloth. Now, apply this to your pimples and let it remain there for a few minutes. If you follow this remedy for a few weeks, your pimples will vanish completely.


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Steam is very good for the skin, especially when you have pimples. The steam will cleanse your skin by opening up the pores and let your skin breathe freely. This helps get rid of dirt, oil, and bacteria that are trapped inside the pores, which could result in inflammation and redness of the skin.

Basil leaves

Basil leaves can effectively help fight pimples. Dip a few basil leaves in some warm water for around half an hour. Cleanse you face before you could go to bed and use a cotton ball to apply the juice of basil leaves. Leave it on overnight on your face so that it could dry automatically and then, rinse it off the next day. The skin will then become clearer and the size of your pimple would diminish.


Papaya removes the excessive oil from the skin and also the dead skin cells. It contains an enzyme called Papain, which prevent pus from forming and inflammation from affecting the health of your skin. Cleanse your face using some water and then, apply some papaya to your skin. Leave it on for at least half an hour and then, wash it off.

Banana peel

Just like bananas, their peels are also effective in helping one fight pimples. Banana peels contain lutein that works as a potent antioxidant, allows the healthy growth of cells, and helps you to reduce inflammation. Take the peel of banana and rub it in a circular motion on your face to get relief from the discomfort and the redness caused by acne. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes on your face and then, wash it off.

Crushed fenugreek seeds

When you make a paste out of crushed fenugreek seeds and apply it to your face, it can work as a highly effective natural remedy against pimples. You should, however, leave the mixture on overnight if you would like to see results.

The whites of an egg

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The whites of an egg are not only effective, but they are also a highly inexpensive way of reducing pimples. The main reason why the whites of an egg can fight pimples easily is that they have many minerals and proteins in them. The whites of an egg can also help rebuild the cells of the skin. They soak up sebum or excess oil and make sure that the bacteria have less food to feed from. Clean your face first and then, separate the white of an egg from the yolk and apply it to your face. Let them remain on the face for a few minutes and then, rinse your face with some water. You will find that your pimples have vanished.