Beauty benefits of rice – Face & hair masks

Indians prefers rice in their daily meal. Especially people staying in east and south get their staple food as rice. It will be quite surprising to learn that, even rice can prove to be a wonderful ingredient for beauty care. This will help an individual to brighten his/her skin and replenish it for a long time.

Every lady would wish to get a bright, silky and smooth complexion. Women staying in Asian countries have bright, smooth and bright complexion. One of the reasons for their skin tone is their food habit. If you too wish to have beautiful skin, use rice recipe to enhance your beauty.

What is rice water?

Rice water has been used for centuries by women in Asia for beautiful skin and hair. It is an excellent skin toner and hair wash.

How to make it?

You need to save the water in which you wash your rice. You can store it in a bottle and refrigerate it for a few days; we recommend not to keep it in there for more than 3-4 days because it may develop a bad odor

There are a number of ways that people use rice water for. It is been used to steam the face, in masks and just splashed on the face in the mornings or night times. You may use it as a toner,  plan on using it to steam your face. The rice masks are usually made of rice powder, however combining it with rice water makes a compressed face mask. Drop the compressed mask into the rice water; it soaks up all the goodies and turns into a sheet mask. After which you may leave on your face for 20 – 30 minutes.

Benefits of rice for beauty care

Benefits of rice for beauty & skin care

Rice powder and rice bran makes a good scrub to exfoliate the dead skin cells and make the skin clear and soft.

Masks can be made from rice to make the bight and glowing. It helps in the growth and regeneration of new cells, keeping the skin moist, increasing the production of collagen and improving the elasticity of the skin.

Starch from the rice is added to the makeup as it helps in absorbing the excess oil and the rice powder is used to close the pores on the skin.

Masks made from rice

Rice and honey mask

The simplest rice mask is made by mixing rice powder with honey. Apply this mixture on the face after cleaning it with a mild soap. Leave it to dry completely. Wash the face after 20 minutes with cold water.

Rice and milk mask

Cook a cup of rice. Remove the water and grind it to a smooth paste with a cup of milk and few drops of honey. Apply a thick layer of this paste on theface and neck and let it to dry before washing it off with lukewarm water.

Rice and cabbage mask

This natural homemade mask is most suitable for combination skin. Prepare the mask by soaking a cup of rice in boiling water for two hours. Blend cabbage leaves and soaked rice in a blender to make a fine paste. Apply a thick layer on the face and neck ND leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water.

Ways to brighten your skin

Beauty tips for glowing skin

  • Take exactly two tablespoon of raw rice and place it in a container
  • Wash away all dirt and unwanted particles from the rice
  • Pour some clean water over the clean rise and cover the same with a lid
  • Keep it as it as for a period of 20 minutes so that the rice settles down in the container
  • Now pour the water which has become milky color inside the storage container
  • Use the rice water to cleanse your face
  • Keep the rice water in your face for sometime so long it becomes dry
  • Once it is dried, apply the rice water in the second layer

All the vitamins and minerals from the rice water will be absorbed by your skin pores as soon as your skin dries. After you have washed it away, you can feel the smoothness of your skin once touched with your hand.  You can now get brighter and glowing complexion with the organic makeup.  People consuming rice may not be of same quality. You can now use any variety of rice to increase your brightness of skin tone.

Rice face wash

You can dip a cotton pad in the rice water and enjoy the heavenly benefit of glowing skin tone.


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  • This helps in firming up your skin
  • Your skin will become very soft
  • It shrinks the pores
  • An inexpensive way to provide your skin a glow
  • It protects your skin from sun
  • Makes your complexion brighter
  • It can prove to be a refreshing element in your skin
  • It works as a natural organic cleanser

Even individuals discover softness in their hands once the cleanser is applied on face with the help of your naked hand. If you have a dull and tanned skin, this rice cleanser helps in getting back the wonderful complexion. People are surprised to get such a wonderful way of brightening their skin that too in very low cost with home ingredient- rice.

Rice facials

Rice water facial

Soak half cup rice in water and leave it till the water appears cloudy. It may take half an hour to one hour. Separate the rice from the water in a sieve. Make a face mask of paper towel by cutting holes for mouth nose and eyes. Keep the towel in rice water for some time. Wring the water gently from the paper towel and lie down with it covering the face for about 15 minutes. 

Rice-flour facial

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Take out the juice of a raw potato by grating and extracting the juice.  Make a paste with this juice and rice flour by adding small amount of flour at a time to avoid bubbles. Apply it on the face and wash it off with water. 

Scrubs made from rice

Rice and honey scrub

This scrub is very effective in cleansing, polishing and exfoliating the skin. Honey helps in moisturizing the skin and in removing the dead skin cells. It is found beneficial to treat sun tan and acne problems. 

Rice flour and baking soda facial scrub

It is a perfect scrub for an oily skin. Soda helps in removing the dead skin cells. Prepare this paste by mixing rice powder few drops of honey and a pinch of soda.  Rub this paste on the face for 2-3 minutes and then clean it with water.

Tomato and rice face scrub

This scrub helps in getting rid of whiteheads and blackheads. Prepare the paste by soaking rice for half an hour and then grind it to a fine paste along with mashed tomato. Scrub the face with this mixture and wash it off.

Rice and sugar scrub

It helps in getting rid of acne and rejuvenating the skin. It cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. Powder sugar and rice and make a paste by adding yogurt.  Apply it on the face and clean it after 20 minutes.

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Rice, milk and apple cider vinegar face scrub

This quick facial scrub can be used regularly to keep the skin clean soft and smooth. Mix grounded rice with little milk, and apple cider vinegar. Scrub the paste on the face and leave it to dry and then wash  it off with water.

Benefits of rice water

The leftover water after boiling rice is found to be rich in minerals and vitamins which are good for the beauty of the skin and hair. A flawless face is the result of regularly washing the face with this water.  It is rich in nutrients that help to promote the growth of cells, slowing down the process of aging and increasing the flow of blood.

Hair care with rice water strengthens the hair shafts and repairs the cracks. Simply rinse the hair with rice water after shampooing. Simple rice that you consume daily can become a wonderful beauty remedy for your skin.

Ways of using rice for beauty remedy at home

Cleanser with rice water

To go ahead with this rice remedy all you have to do is take a cup of rice and wash it properly. Now add fresh water to the bowl that contains water and cover it with a lid. You must keep this for 15 long minutes. This is the enough time when all the nutrients and good elements of the rice enter the water. Now take the water in spritz bottle and spray it over your face. Wipe it with your hand and then wash away.

Rice water toner

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You can also make an effective toner with the help of rice water. The procedure is the same like that of a cleanser. Just soak a cup of rice in a bowl and let it stay for some time. Allow the time till all the nutrients and vitamins gets into the water. Now take some drops of that water in cotton ball and apply it all over your face. Do it like the toner as it is the toner made with the help of the rice water.  This will be an excellent remedy to remove all spots and dark patches over your skin.

Hand softening mask

You can now make your rough hands soft and lovely with the beauty treatment of rice. While working day and night, hands of many women as well as men becomes just like the farmers who requires ploughing field. The rice mask will be a wonderful remedy in this regard. In order to make this mask all you have to do is to take half portion of cucumber, canned cucumber – 1/4th cup, coconut milk – 2 tbsp. Take all the ingredients in a grinder and blend it really well.  Now apply the mask over your hands and keep for 15 minutes. There after you can wash it off with plain water.

Treating inflammation

The inflammation in your skin can be chronic sometime which needs to be calm down.  You need to extract the rice water and use it to take bath. This will easily help you stay active and wonderful while you take bath. This will remove all the inflammation from your body easily.  You have to make a mask with a cup of oat, single cup of brown rice and a cup of milk. Grind all of it and apply it all over your body where you have inflammation.