How to make skin tightening face packs at home?

Skin tightening is an essential part of skin care regime. This is the reason you should avail for homemade facial packs to be applied on the skin to make the same stay absolutely flexible and normal. You have some of the best things available at home and these can really help in retain the skin elasticity.

Here you have some of the trusted facial masks which can really turn the nature of the skin and make the same feel so soft and rejuvenating. The following are the simple homemade skin tightening face masks that you can try easily at your home. Try to do any of the mask regularly to watch the difference, if your skin type is oily avoid usage of oils in the below recipes. Don’t move your face frequently when you have applied the skin tightening face masks.

Egg white skin tightening face mask

Homemade face packs for skin tightening

  • Egg white – 1

How to make

Take a whole and divide the white and yellow from it, now apply this egg white directly over the face and leave it until the white becomes dried. Now rinse off the face with lukewarm water.

This is the simplest egg based skin tightening mask you can try at any time. Egg white is popularly known and used as a skin tightening ingredient, it also benefits by its skin firming properties. As this face mask doesn’t involved with the addition of extra ingredients it doesn’t consume your time.

Egg white and fuller’s earth skin tightening face pack

  • Egg white – 1
  • Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti – 2 tbsp
  • Honey – 1 tbsp
  • Glycerin – few drops

How to make

Take an egg and separate the egg white from the yellow, stir it slowly by adding two tablespoons of fuller’s earth, few drops of glycerin and one tablespoon of honey. Apply this paste on your face as a face mask and leave it for about 20 minutes and then rinse off using lukewarm water. Instead of using fuller’s earth you can also use flour. If your skin type is oily don’t add the glycerin to your face mask.

Natural facial peels for skin care

Add multani mitti to the face mask only when your skin type is oily, it removes the excess oil from the skin but it is not recommended for sensitive or dry skin. Fuller’ earth or multani mitti helps to improve the glow of the skin, it reduces the blemishes, zits and the effect of sun tanning.

Cabbage and rice flour skin tightening face mask

  • Cabbage leaves – 2 or 3 leaves
  • Rice flour – 2 tbsp
  • Almond oil – few drops

How to make

Take the cabbage leaves and grind them to make a smooth paste, add this paste with two tablespoons of rice flour and few drops of almond oil. You can add olive oil instead of almond oil but if your skin type is oily avoid using almond oil/olive oil.

Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. After it got dried rinse off using lukewarm water.

The cabbage leaves works against the aging factors like wrinkles and loose skin, and it helps to tighten the skin. Whereas almond oil moisturizes the skin and brings a new glow.

Cabbage and yogurt skin tightening face mask

Strawberry face packs for glowing skin

  • Cabbage leaves –  2  or 3 leaves
  • Yogurt – 2 tbsp
  • Honey – 1 tbsp
  • Almond or olive oil – few drops

How to make

Take two or three cabbage leaves and grind them to form a paste, now add two tablespoons of yogurt, one tablespoon of honey and few drops of almond/olive oil to the cabbage paste. Mix all them together with a spoon and apply this paste as a face mask on your face. Let it sit for about 15 to 25 minutes and then rinse off using lukewarm water.

The magic milk mask

You have the most trusted milk facial solution. Fill one fourth of the cup with powdered milk and add to it the required amount of water to make a paste with desirable thickness. Now, you can use the mixture to form a thick coating over your face Let the pack get dried completely Then it is time for you to rinse the mask well using warm water. After this you can really watch the change of your facial texture. It feels so soft and rejuvenating.

The facial mask of banana

How to use multani mitti for oily skin

You can even make a facial mask using banana. This is the best fruit to help your skin get properly moisturized and this makes the face feel so soft and palpable. Take a ripe banana of medium size and smash it well without leaving any lumps. Then take the mixture and apply over the neck and face. Try to retain the mixture for fifteen to twenty minutes and then you can notice the sheer difference. Wash up using cold water and to make the mixture better effective you can even add honey and plain yogurt to the banana.

The apt facial mask of yogurt

You can even have a facial mask made of pure yogurt. For better cleansing and tightening of the pores you can really apply the required amount of plain yogurt all over the face. Let the yogurt settle on the face for twenty minutes. This is the best revitalizing facial mask meant for the face. To the yogurt you can even add one fourth slice of orange and you can even make use of one teaspoon of aloe and some portions of orange pulp.

Vinegar can help in skin tightening

You can also make a facial mask of vinegar. Vinegar is a special skin toner and the effectiveness of the same can never be denied. After you have washed your face nicely it is time for you to take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it well with two cups of water. This is the sort of liquid which can immensely help in the process of skin tightening. This is truly the best way you can retain the freshness of your skin.

A mayonnaise facial mask can work wonders

Benefits of curd for skin care

A facial mask of mayonnaise can be a great solution for the skin. When you can arrange for mayonnaise there is no need for you to waste money by buying expensive creams for the face. For this you need whole egg mayonnaise. Apply the same on all parts of the face equally and then rub well to make it dry completely. Keep the mayonnaise for about twenty minutes and then it is time to ash off the same with cold water. After this you are sure to find your face to be so smooth and clean.

You can at best prepare a facial mask with oatmeal. This is a quick solution to make your face look bright and normal. Take half cup of hot water and it should not be boiling hot and arrange for one third cup of oatmeal. Let the oatmeal settle for at least two to three minutes and add to it two tablespoon of normal yogurt. To the mixture you can even add two tablespoons of honey and one small egg white. Blend the mixture well and apply the same on all parts of the face. Let the mask settle for ten to fifteen minutes. Then it is time to rinse the same well with warm water. This is a great way you can keep your skin absolutely fresh and clean. When you are putting off the mask it causes a kind of skin exfoliation. So, you are now sure to have the most perfect skin quality ever.