Top benefits of walnuts for your health

Walnuts belong to the same familyof Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, and pistachios. Walnuts are rich in plant –based omega 3 fats, copper, manganese, and biotin. Walnuts are considered as ‘Power food’ as they improve body stamina.

Walnuts health benefits

Troubleshoots the sleeping problems

The hormone which is required to regulate sleep is melatonin and it is found in the walnuts, hence it is suggested for the people who are troubled with the sleep.

Dieters food

Top health benefits of walnuts

In spite of high fats and calories present in the walnuts, it is a friendly diet for the dieters as there are healthy fats and contains traces of fiber and proteins. It gives you a feel of stomach full satisfaction.


Walnuts are the wide sources of the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, these will help to damage the free radicals and they’re causing the effects.

For pregnancy women

Walnut is for everyone because it offers many uses from child to adults. Walnut contains some of the Vitamin B Complex groups like riboflavin, flats, thiamin and more. These are essential for a pregnant woman and for the development of the fetus.

Lowers bad cholesterol

The omega 3 fatty acids present in the wall nuts lower the production of bad cholesterol and also slow down the risk of gallstones.

Prevention of breast cancer

The regular intake of walnuts offers you good amounts of phytosterols and antioxidants that are needed to prevent the breast cancer. It reduces the breast cancer tumor growth and prevent it.

Low fats for a healthy heart

Walnuts are good for weight loss

Eat the walnuts separately instead of mixing them with high saturated fat food items to decrease the risk of heart diseases.

Reduces stress

The main and the major cause of the high blood pressure is stress, we have to keep down the stress levels in order to escape from various physical and mental problems. Walnuts are proven as the stress free nuts, so grab a hand full of nuts to sort many problems.

Brain nuts

The brain shaped wall nuts helps for the brilliant function of the brain cells through their omega 3 fatty acids.


Walnuts are equipped with the properties that help to reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer. The phenolic compounds and antioxidants present in walnuts is said to control human cancer cells.

Heart health

Walnuts offers multiple vascular benefits to people suffering from heart disease, or for those who are at risk for heart disease due to multiple factors. The plant based Omega 3fats in walnuts which is anti-inflammatory can prevent the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels. Regular consumption of walnuts reduces the risk of sudden cardiac arrest by raising the blood levels and keeping the heart healthy. Consumption of walnuts lowers bad cholesterol and increases level of good cholesterol.

Weight control

Handful of walnuts a day helps to maintain an ideal weight. They provide a feeling of fullness and curb the appetite.

Reproductive health in men

Walnuts also have an impact on male fertility. They help in improving the quality of sperms.

Brain health

Walnuts have always been considered as ‘Brain Food’, as the surface structure of the walnut has a crinkly appearance like thehuman brain. It is also considered as a symbol of intelligence.  Walnuts contain neuroprotective compounds like vitamin E, omega3 fats, folate and antioxidants which help in improving the health of the brain. They also help in enhancing cognitive and motor functioning in aging.


Walnuts have been found to improve metabolic parameters in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. This nut significantly reduces the fasting insulin levels.The walnut polyphenols help to prevent chemically-induced liver damage.

Improves metabolism

Walnuts provide minerals like manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium to the body. These minerals help in the process of metabolism, activities like growth and development, sperm generation and digestion.

Anti-Inflammatory properties

Beauty benefits of walnut oil

The polyphenolic compounds and phytochemical substances present in walnuts reduces the effect of inflammation in the body.

Improves bone health

Walnuts secure the bone health of the bodyby increasing the absorption and depositionof calciumand   by reducing the excretion of urinary calcium.

Regulates sleep

The hormone melatonin in walnuts helps induce and regulate sleep. It is recommended that walnuts soaked in water and eater before going to sleep is very effective for a restful sleep.

Mood booster

The omega-3 fatty acids provided by walnutscan control hyperactivity, irritability, and tantrums in young children by boosting their moods.This is even applicable to adults who are suffering from depression and stress.

Astringent properties

Walnut oil has a rich, nutty flavour that adds aroma and flavour to the food. This flavour gives a pleasant taste if the oil is used in moderation. This oil is also used as base oil in aromatherapy, massage therapy, and aromatherapy.  The uses of walnut oils in dessert recipes provide a nutty flavour to the dish.