Itchy scalp causes and home remedies

Itchy scalp causes a lot of discomfort and can be embarrassing in public. It can even lead to hair loss. Itchiness of the scalp  can be due to dandruff, dry scalp, sebaceous cysts, excessive anxiety, poor hair care, fungus and viral infections, and poor diet.

Reasons for Itchy scalp

Home remedies to treat itchy scalp

  • Dandruff occurs when the sebaceous glands become more active. It is often found from the adolescent age to the age of 50. The dead skin cells accumulate in the scalp as grey scales and fall as flakes from the scalp. It is usually accompanied with itching.
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis is another major reason for an itchy scalp. It is usually chronic and reoccurs again and again in people after the age of 50. The scalp gets covered with red patches having large yellow greasy scales which may also form crusts. It can also spread on theface, ears, armpits groin and mid chest.
  • Tinea Capitis is a fungal organism that affects the hair follicles. Itchy condition can also prevail with ringworm.  This condition spreads with direct contact with people animals and germs found in soil. It can also spread by sharing pillows, combs, hairbrushes and clothes. This condition can be inflammatory with pustules and abscess and non-inflammatory with round patches of hair loss.
  • Parasitic Conditions are common reasons for an itchy scalp. It is usually found in school going children who become victims of lice and nits or eggs of lice. Lice and nits can be seen with the naked eye on the scalp behind the ears and in lower part of the scalp. Lice can spread from one person to another by sharing pillows, combs , clothes and hair care tools and  products,
  • Inflammatory Conditions is the common cause of an itchy scalp in the form of psoriasis which occurs anywhere on the scalp along the hairline as red areas with silver grey patches.

Home remedies for itchy scalp

  • Tea tree can be used to treat itchy scalp in various ways. 20 drops of tea tree oil can be mixed with baby shampoo and used daily to get rid of itchy scalp. Alternatively tea tree oil can be added to any vegetable oil and massaged into the skin of the scalp.

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  • Lemon juice will help treat an itchy and dry scalp with the help of its antiseptic properties. It is particularly very effective in the dandruff conditions. Simply rub fresh lemon juice in the scalp. Leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it off. Alternatively it can be mixed with yogurt and applied on the scalp.
  • Baking soda is an excellent ingredient to give relief from an itchy scalp. It exfoliates the scalp and controls dandruff which is caused by overactive fungi. Make a paste with baking soda and water and apply it on the scalp after massaging the head with some olive oil. Rinse with water after 15 minutes.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps to kill the yeast and virus that give rise to an itchy scalp. It also balances the pH levels of the scalp. Mix apple cider vinegar with water and apply it on the scalp with cotton balls. Leave for about 10 minutes and then shampoo the hair.
  • Coconut oil is one of the most effective ways to treat an itchy scalp. Rub unscented coconut oil in the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes before washing the hair.
  • Bananas can also be used to treatan itchyscalp and condition the hair. The properties ofmoisturizing andnourishing in bananas will also reduce flakes, dandruff andreduce inflammatory conditions. Apply the paste of two ripe and mashed bananas and one avocado and apply it into the scalp. Leave it for half an hour before washing it off.
  • Sesame seed oil is an effective treatment for a dry scalp as it has the properties to nourish, heal and lubricate.  This gives relief from dryness and itchiness of the scalp. Massage warm sesameoil atnight and wash the hair in the morning.
  • Witch hazel The natural astringent in witch hazel helpsto relieve itchy scalp. It is a beneficial herb for itching when it is due to hair coloring and blow drying. Mix witch hazel with water and pour it on the scalp.  Wash after a few minutes.

Reasons for itchy scalp

Ring worm infection

Home remedies for dry itchy scalp

You must have come across the formation of ring worm over your skin sometime or the other in your life. These are normally seen when the particular worm attacks your skin and spread the infection. But, these days this can also take place over your scalp which is covered with hair. Probably this can be one of the reasons behind your itchy scalp.

Head lice

The lice are a small insect that is seen over the scalp and within the hairs. The main intension of these insects is to suck blood from the human scalp. These are also viewed between the hairs of individuals. People having good amount of lice over their hair can experience people viewing it above the hair walking around. This probably is also a reason why you have itchy scalp. The reasons for getting lice on hair are lack of cleanliness. If you sit beside a person who already has lice, these can fly and gel placed over your hair.

Home remedies for itchy scalp

Aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera is available here and there. It is not at all expensive and can be easily planted over your kitchen garden. You have to take a long leaf from an Aloe Vera plant and cut it from the middle. You can see a transparent gel like substance formed inside the same. This gel should be applied over your hair as well as the scalp. Keep this for around 30 minutes and then wash it away with the plain water.

Broccoli puree with olive oil

Best herbal remedies for itchy scalp

Another wonderful home remedy of the itchy scalp will be combination of broccoli puree as well as olive oil. Take 2 spoon of broccoli puree and 2 spoons of olive oil. Mix them together and apply over the scalp. Now you have to use your fingertips and rub it against the scalp. Let it stay for 20 minutes and then let it wash away with the help of water. This can be removed with the help lukewarm water. Try this remedy and stay away from the itchy scalp.