How to avoid hair loss due to wearing helmet (women)

Hair loss is a nightmare for every woman. Those lengthy locks suit the feminine look and are adored by all. However, only loving your hairs does not keep them from falling off and if you ride a bike regularly with your helmet on, you might experience more hair loss. There is a myth that it is the helmet that causes hair loss, but in reality, if you wear your helmet right there is no chance of experiencing hair loss only due to wearing a helmet.

It is a fact that many women, who use helmets regularly, experience more hair loss and naturally the finger is pointed towards the helmet, but in reality the helmet does not initiate hair issues rather it only exaggerates the scalp issues that are already there, triggering hair fall. This article intends to give you some information on how wearing helmet can trigger hair loss and how you can avoid that.

The helmet keeps your head fully covered when you have put it on. It restricts the air flow in your hairs and invariably causes sweating of the scalp. The moist and warm atmosphere created on your scalp due to wearing a helmet boosts the existing scalp issues, like dandruff, scalp itching or other infections, triggering more hair fall. As you see it, helmet does the job of exaggerating your existing scalp problems quite efficiently, but if you do not have any scalp issues, the helmet is hardly likely to cause you hair fall.

Maintain a healthy scalp to fight hair loss due to wearing a helmet

Home remedies for dry scalp & hair loss

So, the best way to avoid hair fall due to wearing a helmet is to ensure that your scalp is healthy and completely free from any conditions or infections. Even if you have light dandruff or mild scalp itching it can take a turn for the worst due to wearing helmet regularly over a long period of time. Here are some simple home remedies that you can use to ensure that your scalp is absolutely healthy and free from any scalp conditions. Even if you do not have any scalp issues, you can use these treatments once in a week or once in two weeks as a preventive measure to ensure that you do not get the scalp issues that can be exaggerated due to wearing helmet.

Treat dandruff and itchy scalp with ginger juice

Ginger is known for its natural anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Using ginger juice on your scalp can be very helpful to keep the common scalp issues like dandruff and other fungal infections at bay.  Just grate some ginger and squeeze out the juice and apply it directly onto your scalp. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then wash off with a mild hair cleanser. If you are already suffering from scalp conditions use this treatment 2-3 times in a week and then reduce the frequency as the problem is cured.

Make use of the antibacterial property of sulfur with onion juice

Onion has rich sulfur content and it can effectively kill bacteria and fungal infections on the scalp. Prepare some fresh onion juice in the same way mentioned under the ginger juice preparation section and apply this juice onto your scalp. Let it set for 30 minutes and then wash off with a mild cleanser. The frequency of use is similar to that of ginger juice use.

Get a problem free scalp with aloe vera and lemon juice

For treating the common scalp infections a pack of Aloe Vera and lemon juice can work efficiently. Collect some fresh Aloe Vera pulp and add the juice from half of a lemon in it. Mix the two well and apply this pack onto your scalp. Let it set for 30 minutes and then wash off.  Aloe Vera will moisturize the scalp and treat dryness, while lemon will fight any scalp infections.

Get the goodness of garlic to treat scalp issues

Garlic is high in sulfur and the allicin present in it can be actually very effective to promote scalp health due to its natural and strong anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Take one garlic of medium size and remove the scales from the cloves. Make a smooth paste with the cloves and squeeze out the juice. Now you can mix this juice with coconut oil and apply to your scalp or you can also use it directly on the scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash off with a mild cleanser.

Curry and bhringraj leaves

This fully herbal treatment can be actually very effective to ensure a healthy and problem free scalp. Collect 20-25 fresh curry leaves and bhringraj leaves in the same number. Soak these leaves in clean and fresh water for 1 hour and then make a smooth paste with it. You can apply this paste directly to your scalp and let it set for an hour before washing off with water. No need of using a shampoo.

Clean and conditioned hair is your mantra to fight hair loss from helmet

Keeping your scalp and hairs clean and well moisturized can be most effective to ensure that you do not experience any hair fall due to wearing a helmet for long hours. Make it a point to wash your hairs daily or at least on the alternate days with a mild and herbal hair cleanser. This will ensure that the excess sebum secreted by your scalp is washed off and does not attract dirt to stick on.

Best hair packs & masks for healthy hair

Washing off your scalp with plain water after you have got home and is not expected to put on the helmet back before the next day, is always a good idea. If you have really long hairs, just wash of the scalp and do not wet the hairs. Also ensure that the water you use is free from iron.

Apart from keeping your scalp and hairs clean you also need to keep them well moisturized in order to ensure that the hairs are not dry and brittle due to repeated washing. Keeping your hairs well moisturized will also minimize the friction between the hair shafts and the helmet, which can lead to hair breakage. As in this case you will need to moisturize your hairs every time after you have washed them, sticking to natural ways of hair conditioning is best suggested.

Take a scalp massage with a mixture of Almond oil and Rosemary essential oil on the night before washing your hairs and you will not need to follow with a chemical conditioner to keep your hairs well moisturized. Also use any of the hair conditioning packs as mentioned below once in a week to ensure that there is no dryness in your hairs or scalp,

Condition your hairs with egg and honey hair pack

Mix the white of an egg with 2 tablespoon of honey and apply this mixture onto your scalp and hairs. Let it set for 1 hour but do not let it get dry on your scalp. Wash off with a mild cleanser. You will not need to use a conditioner.

Curd and aloe vera for moisturized hair and scalp

Benefits of coconut oil for hair care

Mix 3 tablespoon of curd with 3 tablespoon of freshly prepared Aloe Vera pulp and apply this mixture onto your scalp and hairs. Leave on for 1 hour without letting the pack get dry and then wash off with a mild cleanser.

Nourish your scalp and hairs with banana

Banana can condition your hairs from deep within and can banish any kind of scalp dryness. To use banana on your hairs, take an over-ripe, preferably refrigerated banana and peel the skin. Smash the banana to make a smooth paste without any chunk. Directly apply this paste onto your scalp and hairs. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash off with water and you are done.

Get healthy and conditioned hair with jojoba and amla

A mixture of jojoba and amla can be highly moisturizing for your hairs and scalp. Smash 15-20 numbers of jojoba flowers with 2 amla to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste to your scalp and hairs leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off with plenty of water without using a shampoo.

Do not let your helmet become a breeding ground of bacteria and fungus

The inner lining of your helmet is sure to get wet with perspiration while wearing it. The moist and warm environment of a helmet can easily attract bacteria and fungus to breed on. As you put on the helmet with these parasites, they infect your scalp triggering hair conditions. So, just as it is important to keep your hairs clean, it is also important to keep your helmet clean and hygienic. Cleaning the interior of the helmet frequently with an anti-bacterial solution and letting it get dry in sun or drying up the interior with a hair dryer  after every ride can be most effective to ensure that your helmet does not become house to the parasites.

Fight traction alopecia by putting on your helmet in the right way

Traction Alopecia can be caused due to putting on your helmet in a wrong way. Traction Alopecia is a condition where the hair roots get destroyed due to continuous and heavy pulling. If you put on your helmet in a way that causes high stress on the roots of your hairs continuously, it can cause traction alopecia. This can be seen by a receding hairline. However, it only takes a little caution to ensure that you do not suffer from this condition due to wearing a helmet. Use a helmet that is a perfect fit on your head and is light in weight. Also, while putting on the helmet continue jigging it side wise as well as up and down until no hair is pulled by the helmet and you reach the most comfortable fit.

Some important tips

  • While taking a break between rides, take off the helmet, wipe off your hair and scalp with a clean and dry cotton cloth. This will remove the excess sebum and will also help in quick drying up of your hairs and scalp.
  • Also wipe off the inner lining of the helmet with a separate and clean cotton cloth during the breaks, so that the sweat on the helmet also dries off quickly.
  • Using a scarf or a cotton cloth for covering your head before putting on the helmet can also be an effective idea. The cotton cloth absorbs the excess sweat and it also stops the friction between the helmet and the hairs.
  • While removing the helmet take your time and always ensure that no hair has got entangled within the helmet.
  • Always store your helmet in a hygienic place with the skull part down or hanging in a top down position. This will help in proper air circulation in the helmet and quick drying up.