Best essential oils for hair growth and thickness

Gone are the days when hair oil meant Parachute or Vatika and the culture of oiling women scalps was observed as a tradition in every other Indian household. Now, we want everything at the pace of a click, even if that’s related to long luscious locks. Like we nurture our body with protein-enriched food followed by nutrients and other essential elements that helps us grow tall and strong, similarly our hair needs food too in the form of essential oils.

There are a plethora of essential oils raved by women all over for its natural tendencies to nourish their mane and hair growth. Beat the pollution monster with wonderful gift of nature- essential oil. Let’s check out these amazing genies in a bottle:

Horsetail Plant Oil

This silica embedded plant is known for its natural hair growth properties and according to several studies, it is shown that the horsetail plant oil pulses blood circulation of the scalp thereby providing an ideal ground for hair growth. You can apply it easily by mixing a few drops of horsetail plant oil to 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil. Pour the mixture to your hair and gently massage your scalp. Wash your hair and let the magic unfold, smooth thick and shiny hair is the result of this miracle hair oil.

Chamomile Oil

Talk about sweet aromatic versatile oil and Chamomile is right there for you. This oil is known or it’s relaxing and soothing qualities which acts as a catalyst for your hair follicles too. There are several benefits of chamomile oil hair rinse as it helps to brighten up your mane and when added with henna, it gives natural highlights to your blond hair. It helps in adding volume to your hair and promote thickness.

Coconut Oil

The secret to our mothers and grandmother’s long and strong hair is indeed a good champi of coconut oil. Known as a natural hair moisturizer and conditioner, it is easily absorbed in the hair cuticles and works like magic after rinsing. Coconut oil not only helps in preventing breakage and split ends but also protects against the scorching summer heat which is a major reason for hair fall and lack of luster. We often spot women with voluminous bouncy thick hair, coconut oil is the secret behind it.

Cedarwood Oil

Who doesn’t face hair loss amidst the rising pollution and smoke in the city? Your best friend to fight all the hair loss worries away is Cedarwood Oil, keep your locks strong and thick with new hair growth. Now, let your hair down ladies and drop those jaws as you walk by!

Rosemary Oil

If you’re on a quest to find that perfect hair oil to reduce the stubborn inflammation, hair loss, dandruff and oily scalp, rosemary oil is your savior. Treat your strands with the goodness of rosemary meticulously applied at every follicle to ensure regeneration, penetration, hair growth, blood circulation and sheer radiance to your dull hair.

Lavender Oil

Soak in the exotic goodness of this scented bliss. Truly, lavender smells nothing less than heavenly, and it helps ease stress and relieves your weary soul. Undue stress takes over our body and gradually affects our skin and hair alike. Hair loss is quite a widespread problem we all face due to exceptional stress rate. Massage lavender oil to your hair, it helps to invigorate the scalp which further helps in better blood circulation, and therefore healthier hair.

Carrot Seed Oil

This effective remedy for your hair is quite nutritive and boots hair growth. Nourishes and detoxifies hair with the properties of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It stimulates blood circulation of scalp therefore minimizing hair loss and improving the texture of the hair follicle. Carrot seed oil is a wonder product for skin and hair, it’s a win-win game for you! Go ahead and bask in the glory of beautiful skin and glorious locks.

By now, we’re sure your Rapunzel hair is no more a dream come true, feast your hair with these highly effective hair oils easily available at a store near you and flip them like a boss. Invest your beauty dollars smart ladies because we know how much you love to enhance your looks, there is no better way than to go natural for your skin and hair.