How to grow height faster by exercise?

Growth in height is always an advantage as it creates a boost in personality for various professions and even increases the confidence level of individuals. But, not all individuals are lucky to get a good height right from the time of birth. Initially they might not realize the effect but as they grow up, this short height becomes barrier n every step of life. Thus, it is always important to try out procedure that can provide you with a great height. People are trying out acupressure treatments, herbal ways, hormonal medicines and other ways to get an increase in their height. But, these might not suite all individuals and even the cost of each procedure is really high. But, if you want to increase your height without any investment, exercise will be the only way. You need to have a positive attitude and will power towards your goal and abide with routine exercise on a regular basis. Let us learn more about this procedure.

Growing faster by exercise

How to grow taller during teenage

Exercise is the best way to get your body and height according to your desire. But, it will be really important to know the method of exercise. Though genetic factors are associated with the vertical body height, nothing is impossible so long the hard work and determination of a human being is in process. Exercise and proper diet plays an important role over here. Even if you have cross 20 years of age, it is possible to increase in height. There are examples where people have got an increase in their height within 22- 25 years of their age. Some of the exercising methods are as follows:

Swimming in dry land

As we all know that swimming is an activity that helps in increasing the height, you can go ahead with the dry swimming activity. First of all you need to lay flat on your stomach and extend your body from the top till the bottom. Extend your finger tips as well as toes as much as possible. Now, raise your right hand up and left leg together. Try to remain in this position for 2-3 minutes there after go for the same attempt with alternate legs and hands. You must hold your entire body with the aid of your ankle and waist. The stretches on your legs, hands and lower back muscles will give rise to increase in your overall height.

Super cobra stretch

You need to lie down again to the ground with the stomach touching the ground and the legs extended straight with extension till the toe tips. Now keep your hands perpendicular to the floor with your head stretching back forming an arch with the spine. Now bed your waist and hips towards the floor. Hold yourself to this position for around 20 seconds.  Then go back to the original position. Repeat this process 2-3 times to get an increase in height.

Pilates roll over

Lie down with your back touching the ground and slowly raise your legs towards the ceiling with your hands placed horizontal to the ground. Now stretch your legs along with waist towards your head and see whether you can touch the ground with your toe tips. Hold yourself in this position for 30 seconds and then again return to the position where your legs are straight in a perpendicular form. Do this several times to increase your height.

Bow down

Grow taller exercises for teenagers

This is one of the easiest exercises that helps in increasing your height if you did not get it naturally. For this, you need to stand straight and place your hips over your hips. Now bend yourself down by keeping your hand in the same position. Now slowly extend your hands and touch the ground. While doing this you should remember not to bend your knees as that will lead to no effect at all.

Forward spine stretch

Another way of raising your height will be through forward spine stretch. Take a mat and sit on it with your legs stretched forward. You must take help of a pulley that will hold your feets and palms in such a way that it will not spread away with a reflex action. The spring will be attached to both legs and hand so that whenever you bend down with your hands and head the legs remain in the same position.