How to use jeera / cumin for skin and health

Most of the spices that are lavishly used in Indian dishes offer great health benefits.  Jeera or Cumin is one of the most common spices in every Indian kitchen that goes with almost every vegetable and curry preparations. Jeera is even used with rice for its unique flavor and taste.

The list of health benefits offered by jeera is long and this article will tell you how these tiny seeds can offer you a better overall health.  Apart from the health benefits, jeera seeds are also known for their skin benefits, and this article will include them all.

Jeera/Cumin benefits for health

Cumin seeds help in digestion

Cumin powder to treat indigestion

The thymol and some of the other essential oils present in jeera stimulates the salivary glands present within the mouth helping in better digestion.

It also boosts a sluggish digestive system and works as an effective carminative to give you relief from intestinal gas. Being helpful in digestion, cumin seeds also help in curing constipation.

These tiny seeds boost the action of the gastrointestinal tract and works as a natural laxative. In Ayurveda, it is even used as a treatment for piles.

Helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure

Jeera is also healthy for your heart and overall cardio-vascular system. The high potassium content of these seeds helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure level.

As these seeds also help immensely in digestion, jeera water makes an ideal drink for patients suffering from heart ailments.

A glass of jeera water in the morning and before the big meals can actually be very helpful to lower the risk of heart disorders in patients suffering from heart problems.

Cumin seeds – an effective home remedy for asthma and respiratory disorders

Cumin has natural anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which can be highly effective in giving relief from respiratory disorders like asthma.

The compounds present in cumin seeds help not only in fighting any infection of the respiratory system but also controls the inflammation of the respiratory tract and offers a calming effect to the system.

Drinking boiled jeera seeds with a dash of ginger juice and warm water can also be effective to fight the common cough and cold.

Jeera can fight cancer

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It has been proven through studies that the cumin seeds contain some elements that can effectively fight cancer.

The cuminaldehyde present in the jeera seeds work as the primary compound to fight cancer. This compound not only restricts the growth of the tumor cells but also helps in controlling the tumor formation. So, including more jeera seeds in your diet is certainly a good way to reduce the risk of cancer.

Jeera for a better memory

The jeera seeds come with a bunch of minerals and vitamins that can be highly helpful for the brain to function properly. The riboflavin, Vitamin B6, zeaxanthin and niacin present in cumin helps in promoting better mental health and can also control depression.

Jeera seeds are said to sharpen the memory and they can be also helpful for nourishing the brain cells. Jeera water is also believed to promote better sleep by helping in relieving stress.

Cumin for preventing anemia

The tiny cumin seeds contain a good dose of iron and can be actually helpful to cure the anemia caused due to iron deficiency in the body. In India, anemia is a well spread and serious condition and consuming a simple spice like jeera can be effective to fight it.

The iron present in Jeera is readily absorbed by the body and it does not result into any side effects that are common for the iron tablets. So, if you are suffering from anemia, start including more cumin seeds in your diet.

Cumin seeds are ideal for pregnancy

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The properties of cumin seeds can be most helpful for the pregnant women.

While the iron content of cumin will help in curing the iron deficiency related anemia, the carminative and digestive property of these seeds will help in better digestion, easing constipation which often becomes one of the primary health concerns during pregnancy.

Jeera / cumin benefits for skin

Apart from its health benefits, jeera also offers a bunch of beauty benefits that include,

Skin nourishment

Jeera helps in better digestion and promotes proper absorption of the nutrients present in food, which naturally results into better nourishment of the skin.

In addition to that, the seeds also contain a bunch of minerals, like potassium, copper, selenium, zinc and manganese in trace amounts which can be effective to promote a better skin health.

Treats acne

Acne is a serious skin condition for many and jeera can be an effective treatment to cure this condition. The natural anti-bacterial property of jeera helps in killing the bacteria on the skin, curing skin conditions like acne.

Washing your face with jeera soaked water repeatedly during the day can keep acne and other skin infections at bay.

Soothes the skin

Jeera is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and by using jeera water or jeera paste on your skin you can easily get relief from allergies and stings. Jeera soothes the skin and helps in controlling any inflammation caused due to the allergy.

You can easily make a paste with jeera seeds after soaking a handful of the seeds in water over night.  Using the overnight soaked jeera watercan also be helpful to give your skin relief from allergies.