How to prevent baldness in females – Women’s baldness remedies

Hair thinning and baldness can be a serious problem for women of any age and background.  It affects the overall looks terribly and dampens one’s’ self- confidence miserably.

Women are not genetically predisposed to balding and hence when taken the right care at the right time baldness in women can be controlled to a great extent. So, the best way to prevent baldness in females is to take the right measures right from when you start seeing more hair fall.

This article will primarily inform you about the changes that you need to make in your hair care and lifestyle in order to ensure better scalp and hair health which can effectively prevent baldness.

However, if these remedies seem not to be effective enough even after following them religiously to stop your hair fall, it might be the high time that you consult a dermatologist.

Hormonal imbalance, illness and deficiencies in the body can make the primary cause of hair loss in females and in order to treat balding due to these reasons you need to get medical help at the earliest.

Hormonal imbalances, illness or deficiencies in the body can be checked easily with in-time treatment and currently there are also medicated hair tonics that can prevent balding, helping in new hair growth. So, take the right step according to requirements instead of doing nothing about it and watching your precious hairs go down the drain.

As soon as you notice more hair fall and hair thinning your first objective should be to find out the cause. Hair fall might be increased due to several reasons. Starting from deficiencies in the body to a new hair care product or simply a new hairstyle can work as a cause of more hair fall. So, try to find out the reason behind the suddenly increased hair fall and eliminate it quickly to prevent balding.

The best suggestions for preventing baldness in females include,

Get the right diet

Hair packs to control baldness

The right diet can be the key to ward off baldness in females. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are often the primary reason behind hair fall and balding. By taking the right diet you can actually ensure that your body is not suffering from deficiencies that can trigger hair fall.

The right diet also plays an important role in your digestive health which is also related with absorption of nutrients in the gut and hence getting the right diet that is rich in protein, vitamin, minerals as well as dietary fiber is important.

Include more and more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Instead of banking on meat and chicken for the protein requirements of your body, depend more on fishes and eggs. The right diet can actually make all the difference.

Check out for illnesses

There might be some illness in your body that you are not aware about which is causing the hair fall and balding. Hence when you are experiencing more than normal hair loss, check out with your doctor to find if any illness is triggering the hair fall.

Apart from anemia and other deficiency related illnesses, hormonal imbalance can also be a major cause of balding in females and the hormonal imbalances can only be checked through hormonal medications. problems of liver, digestive system or illnesses like jaundice, typhoid, chicken pox can also trigger severe hair fall and balding.

Stay away from stress

Stress can boost hair fall, hair thinning and even balding. Stress disrupts the normal hormonal balance of the body, which can give rise to problems like hair fall and balding with time. Take regular adequate sleep, do yoga, and follow your hobbies in order to keep check on stress in life.

Hair care changes to prevent baldness in females

Best tips to stop hair fall

Taking the right care of your hairs in the right way is vital in order to control hair fall and prevent baldness. Read out the next section to make necessary changes in your regular hair care routine,

Keep your hairs clean

Keeping your scalp and hairs clean is important not only to maintain the best hygiene but also to ensure the best health for your scalp and hairs. Make it a point to wash your hairs with a mild cleanser as soon as they become even slightly sticky.

If you have to go out everyday, it is best to wash your hairs every alternate day. Otherwise 3 time wash a week can do. Also make it a point to not to touch your hairs with dirty hands.

Maintain your pillow cover, hair brush and towel

In order to maintain the best hair hygiene, only keeping your hairs clean is not enough. You also have to make sure that your pillow cover, hair brush and bathing towels are cleaned and well maintained.

A dirty comb or a spoiled pillow cover can work as the source of infection for your scalp and hence ensuring that all these things are free from dirt and germs is important.

Stay away from chemicals

How to stop hair fall in women’s

We often use chemicals on our hairs for cleaning, conditioning and styling. These chemicals can be a cause of hair fall and can lead to even balding over time. So, if you have started to experience hair fall lately, the best option for you is to maintain distance from all the chemical based hair products.

Shift to a completely herbal mild hair cleanser that is free from SLS and SLEs for washing your hairs and say bye to the hair styling gel and hair colors at least for the time.

Wash your hairs in the right way

Washing your hairs in the right way can also make a lot of difference. While using even the herbal hair cleanser never use it directly on your hairs. Mix the required quantity of the cleanser with plain water and then use this mixture, massaging it lightly on your wet scalp. Wash off the cleanser with plenty of water so that no trace of the cleanser is left on the hairs.

Dry and comb your hairs properly

After you have washed your hairs, soak up the excess water from the hairs gently but do not towel very hard. Let your hairs dry naturally and do not comb while water is still dripping.

Comb your hairs with a wide toothed hair comb only after your hairs have got at least 60% dry. Your hairs are weak at the roots when they are wet and hence toweling or combing them hard can lead to hair loss. While combing your hairs also make sure that there is no tugging or pulling.

Change your hairstyle

Homemade hair packs for hair growth

A hairstyle that places stress on the hair roots can cause hair fall and hence when you are experiencing hair loss changing your hairstyle can be an easy solution.

Opt for a hairstyle that is loose and comfortable for you. Also changing the parting of your hairs can be a good idea when you are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning.

Special hair treatments to prevent balding in females

Apart from maintaining the above, also include some of the below mentioned hair cares in your daily routine to prevent balding. These treatments can even be effective to boost the growth of new hairs.

Fight dandruff and scalp infections with ginger juice

Before you start with any hair care that can help in controlling hair fall and boosting hair growth, you first have to make sure that your scalp is free from dandruff and any other infections. Ginger juice can be a great treatment to make your scalp free from infections.

Grate and squeeze out some ginger juice and apply it fresh onto your scalp. Let it sit for 20 minutes before washing off with a mild cleanser. Take this treatment at least once a week to ensure that your scalp is completely free from any kind of infections that might be triggering hair loss.

Boost hair growth with greenback

Home tips to prevent hair loss

Greenback seeds are high in arginine content which can be most effective to boost the growth of new hairs.

You can easily prepare greenback pack for your scalp by soaking a handful of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and then grinding it to a paste. Also mix 1 spoon coconut oil to this mixture. Let the pack set on your hairs for 1 hour without getting dry and then wash off.

Onion and garlic can prevent baldness in women

Both onion and garlic are high in Sulfur content and these kitchen ingredients can be highly effective to prevent hair fall and also to promote hair growth. You can use any of these two to make an extract and then apply the extract on your scalp. Let it set for an hour and then wash off with a cleanser. Repeat every alternate day.

Aloe Vera for baldness prevention

Aloe Vera is the other treatment that can effectively prevent baldness, boosting hair growth. Use the fresh Aloe Vera pulp on your scalp, let it set for an hour and then wash off with water.

Rosemary oil for preventing baldness in females

Rosemary oil is known as a natural hair tonic and it can effectively fight problems like baldness in women. Mix 7-8 drops of rosemary essential oil in 18-20 drops of coconut or olive oil. Massage your scalp and hairs with this oil mixture on the night, before washing off with a cleanser in the morning.