How to reduce hair loss in females? How to stop hair fall in women’s

Stress, work tension, fast lifestyle, lack of nutrients in daily diets, irregular periods, pregnancy, menopause and above all pollution are some of the viable reasons behind the female hair loss issues. Most women of this era are facing this severe issue but there is nothing to panic. If proper measures are taken on time, the hair loss problem can be reduced and stopped all the way.

Until and unless someone is facing terrible hair loss, trying home remedies is strongly suggested. If the natural mode of treatment doesn’t work, opting for dermatologist treatments like hair transplant etc can be processed. But before that, following the popular natural and home remedies can prove to be helpful.

Useful remedies to stop hair loss for women

Home tips to prevent hair loss

Premature hair loss issues causing to partial or complete balding can be stopped by maintaining a proper diet and by following a regime of home remedies. With the help of scalp massage with natural oils and by consuming vitamins the hair loss problems of women have been stopped.

Scalp massage

To stop the thinning of the much precious hair, it is suggested to opt for the archaic practice of scalp massaging. Instead of using the whole palms, using the fingertips will be good enough to move around the scalp with a bit of coconut oil or argan oil. Massaging helps to increase the blood circulation in the scalp that pumps the hair follicles along with the nutrients required for the hair regeneration.

Scalp massage after a tough day at work is not only helpful for the blood circulation in the head but also helps in diminishing stress caused from work related issues and other traumas. People having migraine and headache apathies can get incredible benefits from the scalp massage with any of their chosen natural oils.

Biotin supplements

Biotin supplements are often recommended to be helpful to reduce thinning of hair in women. This is the commonly known as Vitamin H, a part of the Vitamin B complex that helps to metabolize protein and fats in human bodies. Daily intake of this Vitamin supplement is safe and protects hair and nail.

Stress management

Best tips to stop hair fall

Controlling stress can help to rejuvenate hair from the drastic loss it was experiencing. Panic and stress are the twin enemies of any woman having a scalp full of amazing hair. They should try to channelize their stress and anxiety with the help of exercising or yoga. Swimming and other aerobic exercises help in reducing stress and increase stamina.

Healthy diet and balanced lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle can reduce the stress level and contributes to hair regeneration and protection. The present day world is moving at a fast pace that is indulging people to live a fast life. This includes over intake of fried foods that are commonly known as fast foods. Besides that, most people couldn’t balance the intake of daily caffeine through coffee. Alongside smoking and over consumption of alcohol are also responsible for hampering the healthy lifestyle. Crash dieting is strictly forbidden for those who want to protect their thinning hair.

If women strictly plan their daily nutritious diet and alongside reduce the intake of excessive junk food, they can possibly enter the realm of living a healthy lifestyle. Besides maintaining a good diet, it is suggested to opt for yoga that helps to increase the oxygen level in the human body and also relaxes the nerves.

Visiting a doctor

Reasons for hair loss

Excessive hair fall can be a prelude to a serious health issue regarding gynecological or metabolic syndrome. Thus, it is recommended to visit a doctor for a thorough check-up. In most cases it is diagnosed that women suffering Hyperandrogenism are affected by hair loss problems. This is a medical condition diagnosed in women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Women on the verge of their menopause often suffer from the thinning of hair. Apart from that younger women with irregular periods can often face such issue. This is a common sign of growing infertility as well.  But with the help of proper medical care, the problem can be resolved.

Apart from all the above suggestions, it is also suggested that women suffering from hair fall, should stop using chemicals and hairstyles like straightening, perming etc. Using the hot tools in the hair can increase the risk of permanent baldness.