Health benefits of eating brown rice

Rice is the most important food in the world.

We being Indians at least have a bowl full of white rice everyday without which we do feel incomplete and hungry. White rice is not so nutritious healthy as the outer layer is polished.

Brown rice or unpolished rice is considered to be a nutritious whole grain, a great carbohydrate and dietary fiber source packed with a wide range of nutrients such as vitamin B, phosphorous, selenium, manganese, potassium and magnesium.

Health benefits of brown rice

How to lose weight with brown rice

I am sure you will be amazed to know the very good health benefits that Brown Rice has; here is the list of health benefits:

Brown rice prevents colon cancer

Colon i.e. the last part of the digestive tract absorbs water and salts from solid wastes thus high selenium levels and content of dietary fiber present in Brown rice contributes to a healthy colon and digestive system altogether.

Brown rice prevents heart diseases

The high fiber content i.e. the layer of tissue around brown rice grain acts against a protein Angiotensin II causing atherosclerosis and blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular disease.

Prevents breast cancer

Brown rice is packed with Pytonutrient Lingin that inhibits the growth of cells causing Breast cancer.

Controls blood sugar levels

Health benefits of rice

The fiber present in brown rice takes time to digest i.e. digestion time is slower maintaining a controlled and slower release of sugar levels into the blood stream. Thus Brown rice is associated with more stable glucose levels and can help reduce the risk of diabetes too.

Healthy nervous system

The micro nutrient Manganese is required to establish a health nervous activity in your body. Thus, Brown rice has enough levels of manganese to help you taste, smell, and other activities.

Healthy bowel function

Brown rice prevents constipation as it contains good amounts of insoluble fiber that absorbs more water to the gut causing more bowel movements and easy excretion of body wastes.

Lowers bad cholesterol

Brown rice as said before has soluble fiber content that fills your stomach more for longer with decreased food intake which helps lower bad cholesterol in the blood.

Brown rice prevents gum disease, various tooth problems and migraine headaches. If you are more concerned about your diet switch on from white rice to brown rice and stay healthy and obese-free.

Benefits of brown rice

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  1. Rich in Selenium. The risk of the development of common illness such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis can be decreased by brown rice as it is rich in selenium.
  1. High in Manganese. 80% of our daily requirements of manganese are provided by one cup of brown rice. Our body facts are synthesized with the help of manganese and also are beneficial for our reproductive and nervous system.
  1. Rich in Naturally Occurring Oils. The cholesterol levels of our body can be normalized with the help of the healthful fats in these naturally occurring oils.
  1. Promotes Weight Loss. The digestion in your body is made easier by the brown rice’s content of fiber thus the function of bowels remain at its peak. For those who are looking for regularity of the bowels brown rice will be beneficial to be added in their everyday diet. Also it easily makes the tummy full which means reduce in portions of meals.
  1. Considered Whole Grain. Since brown rice in the process of refinement hasn’t lost its “wholeness” it is assumed to be whole grain. Wholes grains are capable of decreasing arterial plaque buildup and also the chances of high cholesterol and heart disease.
  1. Rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are commonly related with blueberries, strawberries, other fruits and vegetables. Well even brown rice’s capacity of antioxidants is equal to them.
  1. High in Fiber. Brown rice is rich in fibre and thus is capable of preventing colon cancer. This property is due to the high level fibre content naturally found in brown rice. The fibers contained by brown rice attaches themselves to cancer causing substances along with toxins found in the body, removing them in process and preventing them from attachment to colon wall.
  1. A Slow-Release Sugar. Brown rice is a great choice of food for those suffering from diabetes as it is capable of stabilizing levels of blood sugar. Chances of having diabetes can decrease by 60% by consuming one half cup of brown rice everyday. While the chances of having diabetes is increased one-hundred fold by those who consumes white rice.
  1. Perfect Baby Food. Due its dense natural nutrients and content of fiber brown rice or brown cereal is said to be the perfect baby food. This is better than white rice cereal products as growing babies and toddlers needs diets rich in nutrients for maintaining their rapid cycle of growth.
  1. Candida Yeast Infections. High glycemic or other sugary/starchy foods are restricted during treatment protocols of candida thus brown rice is an appropriate constituent to be given during this time. Sensitive Digestive systems which are healing from candida organism’s overgrowth can be helped by brown rice’s natural digestibility along with its high content of fiber. Brown rice is very delicious and for those who are vegetarians and vegans it is perfect staple food in their diet. It can be used as a substitute of white rice in various recipes and also gives full, rich and nutty flavor. For foods such as vegetarian pancakes, breads and other baked goods brown rice flour can be used. Overall brown rice is an extremely healthy choice.