Health benefits of Iron – Health risks of iron overdose

Iron is a very vital mineral and men should have to take 8 to 10 grams of iron in a day for the better health.  Most of the iron men grasps from the food sources and it won’t go out when it is taken for men whereas women lose their iron quantity in the menstruation time.

It is suggested to take only small amounts, the increase in the intake levels of iron throws a set of problems associated with the heart diseases, cancer risk and other illness including the arthritis, diabetes, endocrine risk and liver diseases.

Uses of iron in the body

Hemoglobin formation

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Formation of hemoglobin is the supreme action of the iron, along with that it responsible for the red color of the blood and also helps in the oxygen transportation to the body cells.

Muscle function

For the muscle health, iron is very essential. It exist in the tissue of the muscles and transport the oxygen which is required for the contraction of muscles. The deficiency of iron leads to the loss of tone by the muscles.


In the treatment of the insomnia, iron is one of the important mineral. it stimulates the sleeping habits and quality of people by increasing their circadian rhythms.

Manages body temperature

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In managing the temperature of the body iron is having a crucial role. It regulates the temperature according to the level of body absorption capacity. The perfect temperature makes the metabolic functions to work as per their best and efficient ambience.

Chronic diseases

The body intestinal and excretory system chronic diseases can be treated with the iron intake, it also solves the chronic disorder renal failure anemia.

Immune system

Iron is one of the major factor behind the strong immune system, it strengthens the immune system and helps to encounter the set of infections and diseases. Iron is necessary for the damaged tissues for providing oxygen, oxygen comes through haemoglobin and hemoglobin is constructed based on the iron.

Problems due to excess iron amounts

Leads to cancer

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Extra consumption of iron will invoke the cancer cells and feeds up them with the production of free radical molecules. These free radical molecules will weights equal to the iron levels. Which means the more intake of iron leads to more promotion of the free radical molecules and it subsequently increases the risk of cancer by damaging the DNA cells. In the further steps these cancer cells increases their growth and damages the other body organs. Researches proved that high amount of iron in the body increases the risk of cancer.

Heart diseases

The free radical molecules also lies behind the reason for heart disease risk along with the cancer risk. Cholesterol got damaged by these free radicals and they stuck in the blood vessels and arteries of the body, particularly in the arteries which produce nutrients and oxygen to the heart. In this process heart will fall in the risk of heart attack due to lack of sufficient oxygen and nutrients.