How to get shiny hair & silky hair

All women want to have smooth and silky hair. They feel that any type of hair whether they are short or long, curly or straight give an impressive look if they are shiny. The natural oil in the outer layer keeps the hair shiny and moist.

The hair looks dull, dry and unhealthy when this layer is damaged. This condition can be due to several factors like nutritional deficiencies, exposure to sun and chemicals in hair care products, stress, use of hair dyes, age, minerals in water, excess chlorine in swimming pools and use of hair styling tools.

There are several shampoos, serums, and branded conditioners to keep the hair shiny. But they may contain some harmful chemicals, hence simple home remedies are recommended to get shiny hair.

A perfect shine over your hair will be realized once you take good care of your hair. But, not all people are having time or willingness to take good care of their hair.

But, if you don’t care your hair on a regular basis, even your hair will not give you a good look with the great hair health. This is the time to learn the ways through which you can get an attractive, shiny and silky tone of hair.

The rough, dull and non manageable hair will be something which you will never wish to get for yourself. But, inadequate maintenance can lead to the same trouble. Let us discuss the facts on getting shiny hair along with silky finish.

Home remedies to get shiny hair



Healthy diet

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The healthy diet will be the best mantra you should avail whenever you have shiny and attractive hair.

You must go for all types of vegetable, whole grains, meals with adequate fat and vitamins. The balanced diet is what you must avail to stay healthy. Even your hair will get adequate vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy and shiny.

Oil massage

Oil massage is something you must do in order to get hair health. Some people have a misconception that having oil on hair gives a negative sense to styling. But, who is asking you to move out just after oiling your scalp.

You must go ahead with oil massage before taking bath or at night before going to sleep. Your hair will get a good nutrition if you apply oil and do massage just before going to sleep. But remember to lay down a towel over the pillow before lying down.

Cold water therapy

You might not have known about this therapy before. Most of us are still not aware about this cold water therapy. You must rinse your hair with cold water on a regular basis so that hair cuticles are sealed and gets a great strength over the hair shaft.

Thus, your hair will positively retain the moisture and give you a wonderful blow. Don’t use hot water at all.