Best health benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are edible fungi from the “Agaricus” family. There are around 140,000 different species of mushrooms and only 100 of them have been studied so far for their effective health benefits and medicinal properties. So, when it comes to the potential health benefits of mushrooms, we have to accept that our knowledge is limited only within the minimum number of species that have been studied so far. The mushrooms studied have been found to be rich in vital nutrients and they bear different medicinal properties that can be very helpful for the best health. However, many mushroom species, which looks alike, are not-edible and highly poisonous. So, while buying mushrooms it is vital to ensure that you are collecting them from an authentic source. The health benefits of mushrooms that have been studied so far include,

Mushrooms can fight breast cancer and prostate cancer

Mushrooms contain a number of polysaccharides, like conjugated Linoleic acid and Beta-Glucans in substantial amounts and these polysaccharides have effective anti-carcinogenic properties. Linoleic acid reduces the increased estrogen level in body, which often work as the primary cause of breast cancer and Beta-Glucans on the other hand, inhibits cancerous cell growth in prostate cancer.

Mushrooms ensure great bone health

Bone health is directly related to overall health and well- being. Mushrooms are not only rich in calcium content, but also in Vitamin D, which helps in proper absorption of calcium into the bones. Mushrooms also contain phosphorus, an essential micronutrient for the body, which is quite rare not only amongst the vegetable sources but also amongst the animal sources of food.

Mushrooms for boosting the immunity system

A strong immunity system is most important to stay healthy and Mushrooms contain, an effective antioxidant, named Ergothioneine which can boost the immunity system substantially. This antioxidant is quite rare in nature and it can be highly beneficial for overall health and well-being of the human system. It can boost the natural damage repairing process of the body and can also help in fighting diseases. Apart from Ergothioneine, mushrooms also contain a number of antibiotics in natural form and a bunch of vitamins, like Vitamin A, C and B-complex which naturally boosts the immunity.

Mushrooms helps in controlling diabetes

Mushrooms contain natural insulin along with a number of enzymes that help in breaking down of sugar in the body. Proper breaking down of sugar ensures controlled blood sugar levels. Certain elements present in mushrooms can also promote proper functioning of internal glands, including the pancreas, ensuring proper formation and secretion of insulin, which controls the sugar level in blood. So, for people with diabetes mushrooms can be a very healthy food and it can work as a great precaution for pre-diabetic people.

Mushrooms ensure better cardiovascular health

Certain enzymes in mushrooms can be effective for lowering blood cholesterol whereas some varieties that contain potassium in high quantity can be highly beneficial for overall cardiovascular health.  Potassium works as a vasodilator helping in reducing blood pressure; and together with its ability to lower blood cholesterol, mushrooms make an ideal food for people with cardiovascular ailments. Potassium is also believed to be effective in improving memory by nourishing the brain cells.

Mushrooms cure anemia

Lower than adequate levels of hemoglobin in the blood causes anemia and this condition occurs as a result of iron deficiency in the body. Anemia cannot only cause fatigue and extreme weakness including frequent blackouts, but can also trigger neural malfunction and other problems. Mushrooms are rich in iron and 90% of the iron available in mushrooms comes in a form that can be readily absorbed by the body. In addition to that,mushrooms also contain copper which stimulates iron absorption from food and release of iron from the storage sites within the body, thus preventing anemia.

Mushrooms help in weight loss

Mushrooms due to their unique constituent can be highly effective not only in weight management but also to lose weight. Most of the fats of the body are used for burning protein; and when the protein is combined with low carbs, no fat and high amount of fiber, the burning of fat is maximized. Mushroom is a food that is high in protein and fiber but low in carbs and there is no fat content in it; hence they can be very effective to reduce weight. Being rich in dietary fibers mushrooms increases satiety while reducing hunger, and works best in weight management.