How to remove dark patches on the face, cheeks naturally?

Are you suffering from dark patches on face and cheeks? The face is an important part of body for every individual as through this portion of the body people can know about almost every aspect of a person. Even when you are going to face the interview, the employer will always look at your face and judge you’re potential.

Men willing to get married would always look for a beautiful lady who can become his life partner. An attractive and beautiful lady by face will get many more men to choose. But, these days, many ladies are viewed with dark spots and patches. This can be due to a variety of reasons and choose the best ways on how to get rid of dark patches from face and cheeks. But, there are some home remedies through which this can be cleared.

The dark patch is the spot or group of dark spots on the face. These spots are in brown and black in color. The main reasons for the dark patches on the face and cheeks are sunburns, melasma, sun damage, pigmentation and skin discoloration etc. The pregnancy period is also the one of the reason for the dark spots. The hormonal imbalance occurs during the pregnancy period. This dark patches on the face and skin can be cured with natural kitchen ingredients. Find the home remedies for the dark patches and brown patches on the face.

These days it has become a real common problem to have dark patches over the face. There was a time when it was viewed among ladies getting into the middle age circle. But today, it is even viewed among individuals of young age and teenagers. People with fair skin gets it more distinct as the dark spots will be widely contrasted to their skin color. This can lead to much more complications in future. This is the best home remedy for black spots. Thus, it is always important to care your skin right from the beginning. Instead of using the chemical rich products, it is always important to go for some simple home remedies on how to lighten dark patches on face.

Home remedies for dark patches on face & cheeks

Citrus fruits to reduce dark patches on face

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How to get rid of dark patches on face and cheeks naturally? In addition to its delicious taste, fruits like Oranges, lemons, and others comes highly effective in treating the skin ailments. The extracts of these fruits reduce inflammation, removes the dead cells, and effectively eliminate toxins, completely rejuvenating the skin, eliminating the dark patches that significantly reduces your appearance. You simply need to apply the fresh juice of these fruits on the affected areas, let it dry for some time, and then rinse off with cold water. Apply this remedy for 3 to 4 times a week to get significant improvements within a fair extent of time. In addition, it will be wise to include the juices of these fruits in your diet that will produce all-round health benefits.

Honey best remedy to get rid of dark patches on face

To get the best solutions to the troubles with dark patches on the skin, face and cheeks you can rely upon honey. You would simply need to heat natural honey to a lukewarm temperature, and apply it on the affected areas. Let it dry for about 15 minutes, and then, wash your face with cold water. It will be wise to apply this remedy, before going to bed.

Potato, turmeric and honey paste to clear dark patches

Take raw potato to clear dark patches on face and cheeks. Peel a medium size potato and make its pulp. Subsequently, you need to mix a teaspoon of honey, juice of half-a-lemon, and a pinch of turmeric. Add a few drops of fresh rose water to the mixture and apply to the affected areas of the skin. Let it dry for about 30 minutes, and after that, rinse off the face with chilled water. Pat the skin dry and apply a massage with a few drops of rose water. Apply this remedy for about a fortnight to get the most delightful results.

Red onion paste to eliminate dark patches

It is for its acidic properties that Red onion can be a wonderful remedy to these troubles. You simply need to peel a medium sized red onion and process it in the juicer to extrude its extract. Now, apply the juice on the dark patches and let it dry for 15 minutes. Once the juice has dried completely, you need to wash off the face with clean water. Regularly applying this remedy for about a month’s time, don’t get surprised to notice a complete elimination of the dark patches.

Lime to remove dark spots on face

Reduce dark patches on face and cheeks naturally. To secure the dermal health, it will be wise to include a glass of fresh juice to the breakfast menu. You can even cut fresh limes into rounded slices, and rub the affected areas with it for 10/15 min, and was it off with cold water.

Gram flour & tamarind powder face pack for dark patches

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Best homemade face pack to remove dark patches from face and cheeks. Take 1 tbsp of gram flour (besan), 1 tbsp of tamarind powder. Mix them by adding the sufficient amount of rose water and make it as smooth paste. Apply this paste to the dark patches / brown patches on the face and cheeks. Leave it for 15 minutes. After that rinse it off with cool water.

Sour cream and turmeric to remove dark patches from face

Take the sour cream (cream come from raw milk) 2 tbsp,1 tbsp of turmeric powder. Mix them well and apply this on the face for 10 minutes, then wash the face with glycerin soap. Turmeric powder work as the antifungal component on the dark skin patches and kills the bacteria if any.

Honey, lemon juice and milk – Best home remedy for dark patches

Take 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tbsp of milk powder and ½ tbsp of almond oil mix all the ingredients well and make as the smooth paste apply this paste on the dark patches. Wait for 15 minutes and wash the face with cool water.

Lemon juice and tomato pulp

Home remedies for dark patches on face and cheeks. Lemon is the natural skin lightening fruit. Take the 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of tomato pulp and apply this mixture on the face. Apply this to the dark patches and wash it off after 10 minutes.

Get rid of dark patches on face – Yogurt and orange juice

Take the 1 tbsp of yogurt and 1 tbsp of lemon juice /orange juice. Mix them well and apply this mix on the face. Wash it off after 5-10 minutes. The curd contains the lactic acid treat the skin inflammation. You can apply the plain curd directly onto the dark patches, which is beneficial.

Orange / tomato juice to lighten the dark patches on face

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Oranges and tomatoes are good for the dark skin people. Apply the meshed tomato /orange juice to the dark patches on the face and cheeks. Rinse it off after 10 minutes. The vitamins C in the citrus fruits work as the antioxidants on the skin and lighten the dark patches on the face.

Chickpeas to get rid of uneven dark patches

This is the best natural remedy to effective remove the brown patches from your face and de-clutter your face. Chickpeas help to detox your skin with just right blend of manganese that rejuvenates the skin cells and removes the dead skin cells. It further helps in discoloration and skin pigmentation problem. Just make a great chickpeas paste by boiling them and blending them to get a thick moist paste. Add some water to it and slather your skin, affected spots with this gracious paste. Use it daily to effectively lighten the dark patches. This is also effective in reducing the fine lines, wrinkles and ageing spots.

Aloe vera to remove dark patches on skin

Aloe vera is known for its excellent natural healing properties infused with effective nutrients to fight against the contaminants. You can peel off the layer of aloe vera and gently apply it on the affected areas. Leave it there for some time till it gets absorbed by the skin and penetrates deep within to effectively kill the dead skin cells and regenerate the new ones. Now, wash off using cold water.

Apple cider vinegar and honey for dark skin patches

How to remove dark patches on skin? This is yet another effective remedy to treat the stubborn brown patches on your face and cheeks. The goodness of apple cider vinegar that is known for skin healing solution will give you flawless skin in no time. Mix apple cider vinegar in water and add some honey o the solution Now, dig into the holy goodness as you consistently apply the mixture on the affected areas till it dries off completely. You can wash off and repeat this twice a week.

Alternatively, you can mix apple cider vinegar with orange juice and apply the aromatic solution till it dries off totally. You can peel off the mask once its done and flaunt the gorgeous skin effortlessly.

Oatmeal, honey and milk scrub for dark patches

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This natural delicious food grain is an excellent source of scrubbing agent which will not only help in smoothening and moisturizing your skin from within but also peel away the dead skin cells. The great exfoliation mask will ensure that you infuse your skin with ingredients that will naturally flaunt the flawless radiant flow instantly. Mix oatmeal with honey and milk, apply this heavenly concoction regularly and scrub away the blackheads and unwanted dead skin cells from your skin.

Lemon juice and yogurt mask for removing dark patches on face

Get rid of dark patches from face and cheeks with this homemade face mask. When everything fails, resort to the age- old grandmother’s remedy of using lemon juice which has extraordinary bleaching property with a mix of condition agent of yogurt that will help to lighten the dark spots and reveal the beautiful face forward. You can mix moderate quantities of both the ingredients and apply the mixture for 30 minutes daily to achieve good results.

Use Vitamin E for reducing dark patches on face

Use what the dermatologists swear by, yes Vitamin E capsules are the ‘it” thing these days and you can effectively get rid of the dark blotches on your face with the antioxidant properties infused in it. The natural gifts shall be applied consistently on face directly without mixing with anything. Take the extract from capsule and apply it directly on your freshly washed and scrubbed face before hitting the bed for amazing results.

Almond oil

Remove dark patches from face. The goodness of this sweet healthy nut is limitless, from providing nourishing element of oleic acid to linoleic acid, phytosterols, Vitamins A,B2, B6, D and E, you can trust on almond oil to fight your woes away. Just take a little quantity of the almond oil and gently rub or pat on the affected skin. Let it dry on its own and once done, you can wash it off.

How to get rid of dark spots with yogurt, oatmeal and lemon

If you have brown spots over your face, it can be effectively reduced with the help of yogurt that is found naturally by souring the milk. Just take a spoon or two of yogurt and apply it over the particular area where you have dark spots. If you find it difficult to choose each spot on face and apply the yogurt, it will be better to apply entire yogurt over your face. You can keep this for 15 – 20 minutes and then remove it with the help of cold water. Alternatively, you can also mix plain yogurt with oatmeal along with lemon juice and apply it simply over your face. Since the oatmeal is included in it, the pack also acts as exfoliate that remove the dead skin layer. After creating a scrub effect, keep the face pack over your skin for 30 minutes and then remove it with plain water.

How to lighten dark patches on face with castor oil

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You must have heard about the sticky substance named as castor oil which is ideal to remove the dark spots. Since, it has strong healing properties, you can stay away from different kinds of age spots. In order to get better effect, you can simply dip a cotton ball in castor oil and apply over the places where the dark spots are visible. If you want to make it effective, after application of the oil, you must massage the portion softly along with olive oil, coconut oil as well as almond oil. This is really a wonder to reduce the dark spots effectively.

Papaya a good source to lighten the dark patches

There are a variety of enzymes in papaya that is ideal to stay away from the problems like acne, skin blemishes and skin spots. You need to take a fresh raw papaya, peel it and make it just 1/4th. The grated papaya needs to be applied over the dark brown spots. This needs to be stayed for around 15 to 20 minutes and then remove with the lukewarm water. This is an effective remedy to make your skin look brighter and clearer. If you want to make the spots lighten, this needs to be repeated for twice in a day.

Home remedy for black spots with onion juice, honey and lemon

You can now extract, onion juice over your dark spots and get relief instantly. You must locate the affected area and rub onion, sliced over the same. If you can do this thrice in a day, removing the dark spots will be really easy. But, while choosing the onions, it will be important to get the red onions instead of white ones as the red onions are really effective in acting as a bleaching agent. The dark spots will be effectively faded away. Alternatively, you can make much more effective face pack with the onion pulp mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey and a little lemon juice. This needs to be applied for 15 minutes and remove it with cold water.

Raw potato and honey

Raw potato is regarded as a natural vegetable that is really suitable to remove the dark spots as its bleaching effect. Make a pulp of raw potato and squeeze juice out of it. Now add a spoon of honey in it. Also apply vitamin E oil after application of the particular spot cleaning pack. If you can apply this on a regular basis, staying away from dark spots will be easier.

Buttermilk and tomato home remedy for black spots

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Both Indian and western kitchen are flooded with buttermilk as this is really healthy and delicious when used in cooking. Today, this can be useful for your beauty benefits. Yes, this will eradicate black spots on your face. For this, you have to take 2 teaspoons of buttermilk and squeeze some tomato juice in it. Mix and apply on your face. Wait for 15 minutes and remove.

Sandalwood and honey remedy

It is quite easy to get sandalwood stick in an Indian home as it is used in worshiping. The pious smell of the sandalwood is worth mentioning. Even this natural ingredient has many beauty benefits. The sports formed over your skin will be easily removed with sandalwood. You have to make a paste of sandalwood powder with little water and a few drops of honey. Apply it over your face and see results.

Potato and lemon for dark spots

Now it will be amazing to know about the remedy of potato for your dark spots. You have to take a single potato small in size, cut it to pieces and take it in a blender to mash it. Once the pulp is formed, you need to add a few drops of lemon in it. Apply over your face, especially in those areas where you have dark spots. This is an easy but effective way of staying away from the dark and ugly spot over your face. Try this today and see the difference. Potato is the effective home remedy on how to get rid of dark spots.