Sandalwood for skin care

The fragrance of sandalwood brings peace and heavenly feeling. But, red sandalwood has been sparsely used in homes and other utility phases. But, this article will speak about different uses of red sandalwood which also is named as rakta chandan.

This particular red sandalwood is obtained from the bark of the sandalwood tree. You can get the sandalwood paste used in a variety of aromatic products in the market.

Red sandalwood with coconut oil

Homemade sandalwood face packs

Red sandalwood is a saviour for dry skin area. Coconut oil has always been the most effective ingredient to fight dry skin problems. However, if you add few drops of red sandalwood with coconut oil, and apply it on dry skin, visible changes will be seen in a couple of applications.

Red sandalwood with papaya

Papaya is known to be a cleansing ingredient. This, when mixed with sandalwood, exfoliates your skin, and sheds off the unnecessary dead skin. This face pack is really helpful if applied on regular basis.

Red sandalwood with almond oil

Almond oil is rich in protein. If you want to feel the glowing soft skin, then you could apply this readily-made, home-remedy.


  • Almond oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Red sandalwood powder


  • Add a few drops of almond oil with coconut oil and powdered red sandalwood.
  • Mix the constituents well and apply the paste on your face in a circular motion.

Red sandalwood with orange peel

Orange peel contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


  • 1 tablespoon sandalwood
  • 1 tablespoon orange peel powder


  • Mix 1 tablespoon of sandalwood with 1 tablespoon of orange peel powder and also add some rose water.
  • Homogenize the ingredients in such a way that they turn out to be the paste and apply it on your face.
  • Later, clean up with cool water.

Red sandalwood with apple


  • Apple
  • Red sandalwood powder


  • Mash an apple and add few spoons of red sandalwood powder.
  • With the apple pulp and sandalwood powder, is combined to make a thick paste for your face to reveal a fresh and dullness-free skin.

Red sandalwood with neem powder


  • Red sandalwood powder
  • Neem powder


  • Take red sandalwood and neem powder in equal quantities.
  • Mix them in a bowl and add the rose water.
  • Homogenize all ingredients well and apply it to the affected areas.
  • This not only treats acne but also reduces dark spots.

Red sandalwood with multani mitti

How to cure skin pigmentation with sandalwood


  • 2 tablespoon Multani mitti
  • Liquorice root
  • Red sandalwood powder
  • Lemon


  • To use sandalwood with Multani mitti, boil liquorice root for few minutes till it turns red and then add 2 tablespoon Multani mitti.
  • Then add some red sandalwood powder and squeeze a lemon.
  • Intermix all the components and make a paste of it.
  • Apply the paste on your face and let it stay for few minutes.

Red sandalwood face pack for dry skin


  • Red sandalwood
  • Milk
  • Honey


  • Dried out skinned men and women can mix red sandalwood using milk and honey to be able to pack that over confront.
  • Spread this kind of cream in excess of you confront and fret board and wash off using cold mineral water after 20 minutes.

Mix red sandalwood for regular face pack


  • Red sandalwood powder


  • Add two-three pinches of red sandalwood powder to any regular homemade/store acquired face pack.
  • There you add some sensational ingredient to improve your face pack results!

Red sandalwood for acne & black spots


  • Red sandalwood powder
  • Tomato juice


  • Sandalwood powder should be mixed with tomato juice and used as a face pack to take out the tan and lighten skin tone naturally.
  • This particular face pack also helps in getting rid of acne and dark spots effectively, if used regularly.

Remove blackheads with red sandalwood

Looking to remove blackheads on face. Here, you have homemade red sandalwood face pack for skin to get clear skin.


  • Red sandalwood powder


  • Mix this red sandal lumber powder using rice powdered with required water to use as a facial exfoliating cleanser.
  • After making use of the stick over your epidermis gently clean in spherical motion using finger guidelines.
  • Wash it off.
  • It allows clearing out there even those stubborn blackheads you could have.

Tighten wrinkles & get rid of away scars using red sandalwood


  • Red sandalwood powder
  • Cabbage juice


  • To get rid of acne scars and to tighten your skin, mix red sandalwood powdered with cabbage juice and use it as a face pack.
  • It will help you attain a skin free of wrinkles, freckles, fine-lines, dark spots etc.

Improve skin tone with red sandalwood

Best sandalwood face packs for glowing skin

Red sandalwood powder can be mixed with your bath, therapeutic massage oil to improve the firmness and texture of your skin. If you are looking to get well moisturized and shining skin, then try this red sandalwood face pack to get glowing skin.

Red sandal body spray

Dilute red sandalwood with water and spray this all over your body to minimize excess body heat. This process not just helps in balancing the body’s heat, but also stops skin transmissions.

Red sandalwood face pack to get glowing skin


  • Red sandalwood powder
  • Rose water


  • You can get red sandalwood powder on the market which can be mixed with either little water or rose water to get a mild paste.
  • Now apply it over your skin for 10 minutes and then wash it away with the help of lukewarm water.
  • You can instantly see very clear and flawless complexion of your face ideally.
  • You can use this for twice in a week to get beautiful skin tone.

To get wrinkle free skin

One of the important reasons to worry for many ladies is the wrinkles over the skin layer. Even after using costly products from the market, wrinkles are hardly seen to get diminished.

But, red sandalwood is a natural herb which has been proven to provide a solution for the skin that has wrinkles. Since the red Chandan has the properties of detoxifying as well as anti aging properties, wrinkles, over your skin can be easily eradicated.

Removal of sun tan

Coming out from home during the day must have an effect of sun rays. There is a good chance that you will get a sun tan over your skin.

But, if you can apply red sandalwood over your skin, this will really have a soothing and calming property which will keep you stay away from sunburn for a long time.

But, it will work best when you make a combination with curd as well as cucumber. Along various skin care with sandalwood, there are some beauty benefits of sandalwood to remove suntan.

Reduces oil

A particular group of people suffers from excessive oil secretion. This is really irritating when you sweat during the summer season.

Even the oils in your T zone are really hard to bring down. But with the pack of red sandalwood, it will be quite easy to reduce excess oils from your face and other parts of your skin.


  • Sandalwood powder
  • Lemon juice


  • You need to make a pact with the sandalwood powder along with the lemon juice.
  • Apply it over the places of your skin where you get excess oil secretion.

Good for pimples and acne

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If you are looking for pimples and acne free skin, there we go with the beauty benefits of sandalwood for skin care. Sandalwood also has some medicinal properties which are good at removing bacteria and microorganisms from your skin.

Thus, if you have a problem of pimples and acne over your skin layer, sandalwood which is red in color will be very effective.


  • Red sandalwood powder
  • Turmeric powder


  • Along with red sandalwood powder or paste, you must also add some turmeric powder and then apply it over your face to get away from pimples and acne.

Removing skin irritation

During the summer season, you might get the problem of skin allergy and skin irritation. You can now use this red sandal in a paste form and apply it over various parts of your body where you are feeling irritated and intolerable rashes.

This is indeed a very natural way through which you can easily get the soothing effect over your skin ideally.

You can also mix the red sandalwood powder with that of your body oil and apply it over your skin effectively to reduce rashes. Try this beauty benefits of sandalwood for skin to remove skin irritation.

Cooling splash in summer

During the summer, instead of using soap, you can use either red sandalwood powder or paste over your body to get the soothing effect.

All the microorganisms that are likely to affect your skin during the summer can be easily eradicated with the help of red sandalwood powder. Another reason why we use soap is the fresh fragrance which can replace the sweaty body odor.

Even the red sandalwood has a wonderful property that can remove the stinks, which you have developed throughout the day and give you a beautiful fragrance with fresh and rejuvenated feeling after taking bath.

Aloe and red sandalwood

Most of the people have dark spots over the face. It can be due to pigmentation. Sometimes with the layering of carbon the spots on the face take place. The combination of sandalwood with Aloe can help you stay away from it.


  • 1 tablespoon red sandalwood powder
  • Aloe vera gel


  • You have to take a spoon of red sandalwood powder in a small glass container and add the aloe vera gel by cutting the leaf from the middle.
  • Mix them with little water and apply on your face.
  • Keep this for 20 minutes and wash away.
  • Do this everyday and stay away from pigments.

Gram flour with sandalwood

You must have known the beauty benefits of gram flour that is readily available at your kitchen cabinet.


  • 1 tablespoon gram flour
  • 1 tablespoon red sandalwood powder


  • You have to take a spoon of gram flour and the same quantity of red sandalwood powder in a container.
  • Now pour the rose water in it and mix it really well.
  • Apply this paste over your face.
  • But remember to wash your face and clean it before application.
  • You have to wait till 20 minutes till it dries and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Olive oil with sandalwood

Is your skin becoming unattractive and dull? Do you see wrinkles and fine lines over your skin. The natural sandalwood with olive oil combined will remove all wrinkles and age lines from your skin layer.


  • 2 tablespoons sandalwood powder
  • Olive oil


  • You have to take a small container and add two spoons of sandalwood powder.
  • Now add an adequate amount of olive oil so that a paste can be made.
  • Apply this over your face in such a way that the pack covers almost all the regions of your face leaving the lips and eyes.
  • You need to keep this for 30 minutes and then wash with plain water.
  • You can immediately get a glow.