Homemade tips to free from wrinkled face

Wrinkles on the face occur as a part of the natural process of ageing. This happens when the collagen and elastin in the connective tissues become weak and tend to break down. The other factors that cause wrinkles prematurely or in excess include too much exposure to sunlight, smoking, use of some drugs, stress, sudden weight loss etc. Wrinkles appear as thin lines and creases on the face, neck, back of hands and back of arms. The development of wrinkles is un-avoidable but there are many homemade remedies that are available in the homes help in minimizing their appearance.

Today, mostly the adulteration in our food is one of the major causes behind wrinkled skin. Once wrinkles starts appearing over your face, it will start multiplying and make your skin look ugly. You will even not feel like standing in front of the mirror as the wrinkles will create depression on your face. Instead of running away from such situation, it is always better to face it. Some people already have sagging skin which makes the wrinkles easier to get accumulated over the facial skin. Tighter the skin, lesser is the change of forming wrinkles. Wrinkles can not only appear over your face, rather the skins around your hands, back, throat and even legs can be affected by wrinkles. If you are too much exposed to sunlight, there can be a good chance of getting wrinkles over your face. Also the deficiency of vitamin C and vitamin D can cause the skin to get wrinkles.

People are suffering from excessive wrinkles may not be due to old age. There are varieties of factors that can give rise to wrinkles on face. One of the factors is excess exposure to the sun rays. The adulteration in food and pollution can also be some of the reasons behind the wrinkles over your face. If you are not having healthy food in your meals, this might end up with wrinkles on your face. The smoking and drinking habits are equally responsible for individuals to get wrinkles right over their face. But, the home remedies have been making successful effort in removing such wrinkles.

Causes of wrinkles on the face

Tips to prevent facial wrinkles

The most common cause of wrinkles is ageing, but there are many factors that that contribute in developing of wrinkles

  • Smoking – accelerates skin ageing process. The inhaled nicotine reduces the flow of blood to the skin, creating nutritional deficiencies in the skin. This is followed by appearance of wrinkles
  • Genetics – Some people inherit the appearance of wrinkles faster. There is no way out to it but the skin can be kept moist  by  using  moisturiser
  • Free radicals – coming from pollution in the air can damage the skin’s collagen thatcauses wrinkles.
  • Drastically lose weight – Abrupt loss of weight causes wrinkles by making the skin  sag and dull
  • Lack of nutrition – Deficiency of vitamin E and iron can lead to a lack of elasticity and suppleness of the skin, causing wrinkles.
  • Exposure to sunlight – Ultraviolet rays from the sun freely penetrates the skin damaging collagen.

Home remedies to get rid of wrinkles on face

  • Honey – Application of honey on face, leaving it for 15-20 minutes, washing with warm water and lastly refreshing with ice cubes isfound to be helpful in removing wrinkles.
  • Olive oil and lemon – Olive oil is rich in Vitamin C, D, and E and iron which are useful in regenerating the skin. Lemon makes the skin brighter and glowing.
  • Milk powder – A paste of milk powdermixed with honey and water can restore skin moisture

How to treat wrinkles on forehead

  • Bananas – Bananas are the most effective ingredient in making anti- wrinkle face cream. A paste of mashed banana, when applied over the face removes dryness of the skin.
  • Cucumber – is a perfect cleanser that softens and refreshes the skin and removes wrinkles.
  • Coconut oil – helps in removing dryness of the skin that causes wrinkles.
  • Tomatoes – Squeezed and crushed tomatoes applied on the skin give good nourishment to the skin and is effective in removing wrinkles.
  • Watermelon skin can refresh – and smooth the skin when washed and rubbed on the skin.
  • Pineapple – The high quantity of Vitamin C present in pineapple is very effective in removing wrinkles.
  • Tea – Tea is a natural healthy beverage containing proteins, various amino acids, vitamins and minerals which keep the skin  clean , glowing   by reducing the appearance of wrinkles  and preventing many skin diseases.

One ingredient, homemade anti-wrinkle solution – is an egg white that   has been known for centuries as an instant face lift. Application of an egg white can be used as a mask, as a wash or as a primer before applying make-up. It can be done daily or 2-3 times a week.

Home tips to remove wrinkles

Top face packs to treat wrinkles

You can see the advertisements on wrinkle lifting creams but all of them cannot work or might contain some harmful chemicals that might cover up the wrinkled skin on a temporary basis but gradually it can become worse in future. The best remedy will be to avail the natural home tips.


As stated above, one of the vitamins which are essential to remove wrinkles from your face is vitamin A, the suitable vegetable that contains a good amount of such vegetable is the carrot. This is the vegetable that helps producing collagen and makes your skin soft and smooth. To make the homemade medicine, you have to boil 2 large carrots and smash or blend it. Now, you need to add some honey over it. Mix both the ingredients and apply it over your skin where you can see wrinkles. Keep this for 10 minutes and then remove with the warm water.


Ginger is one of the important Indian spices that adds flavors and keep you away from certain types of health problems. Since it contains a good amount of anti oxidants, you can stay away from common cold and inflammation. Another wonderful benefit of ginger is reduction in wrinkles that formed over the skin layer.  In order to stay away from wrinkled skin tone, it is an important step to take a pinch of ginger in grated form and mix the same with a tablespoon of honey. Consume this mixture every morning. In order to make the treatment much more effective, drinking ginger tea twice in a day will be ideal.


Home remedies to clear wrinkles

Though Almond is one of the most expensive nuts available in the market, but the benefits provided by it are commendable. The essential minerals and nutrients such as oleic acid, calcium, vitamin E, calcium, fiber, zinc as well as iron are all present in the nut named almond. There is also a procedure to make a treatment pack with almond. You need to take 2-3 almonds and dip the same in the raw milk overnight. Once you get up in the morning, the skin of the almond can become soft and easily taken out.  After taking out the skin of almond, the next step is grinding them and makes a paste. You also need to keep this pack over your skin for 20 to 30 minutes. Once the time is over, you must remove it with very warm water which can be tolerated by your skin. This treatment will be much more effective, if you can massage your skin with almond oil. The oiling should be done over the face in a circular motion.


Any type of skin problem can be easily treated with the help of the fenugreek leaves. Even you can get benefit from its oil and seeds. Also when you can see enough accumulation of wrinkles over your skin tone, a natural pack must be prepared with the help of the Fenugreek seeds. Take a hand full of the Fenugreek seeds and grind it making a paste. Now apply this pack so formed over your face and then leave it throughout the night. Get up the next day morning and wash it away with the help of lukewarm water. Application of fenugreek oil after washing the pack will give you better result.

Aloe vera

Most of us have typically ignored this healthy plant available here and there in your courtyard. Even in our kitchen garden it can be available. In order to remove or prevent wrinkles on your face, you have to take an Aloe Vera leaf and cut it from the middle. You can get the gel which must be applied right on your face. Keep for 15 minutes and remove. This will provide great remedy for your wrinkled skin.

Fresh cow milk

Beauty tips for glowing skin

Many of you must have taken the cow milk for drinking. Since milk of cow has all types of nutrition, you must take it as health drinks. But, at the same time you can also use it to remove the wrinkles right from your face. Take half cup of cow milk and dip a cotton cloth in it. Now apply the milk dipped cloth over the skin and face where you have wrinkles. Once a layer is dried go for next layer. Do this for 4-5 times and then wash it with cold water.

Drink tons of water

One of the reasons of getting wrinkles on your skin can be due to excessive dryness of your skin layer. Some ladies have a tendency of not drinking water as much as it is needed. But, this is a necessity today. You must drink at least 2-3 liters of water in all seasons. This will keep you hydrated for a long time. You will stay refreshed and cool. Even the wrinkles from your face will be removed. You can get an image of a fresh teen girl.

Potato and carrot pack

Use of potato is very common as we cannot make curries in kitchen without potatoes.  At the same time carrots too are used in creating some healthy combinations. You have to take 1/4th of a potato and same quantity of carrot and get it into pieces. Now take them in a blender and make paste out of it. Add some honey and make a pack. Now apply it over your face and wait for 15 minutes. Once the time is covered wash it with the help of lukewarm water during winter. If it is during summer apply cold water. You must do this twice in a week so that wrinkles stay far away from your skin.