Men’s facial care to get oily free skin

Many men are suffering from oily skin problem which in turn give rise to pimples and acne. You must have viewed dotted lumps on the face of many men at office or in any other social gathering. Those are the result of excess oil secretion.

Their face becomes slippery with oil after an hour or two. Generally, oil secrets from the glands beside the nose and chin. Even if they use the tissue paper, the oil comes out on the face once again.

Even if you are not female, oily skin will be a great concern to you as well. You can now get some tips to avoid oily skin.

Tips to control oil secretion on face

Avoid using soaps

How to use multani mitti for oily skin

Men hardly care their facial skin and use anything as a routine. There is a tendency among many men to use soap for facial skin. Your face is 5 times delicate than your body skin.

Thus, it becomes really important to care your facial skin and avoid hash products. Instead of using soap, you can use a natural cleanser like Neem paste on your face.

This will not only remove dirt and harmful particles from your skin but is proven for best oil control. Regular use of Neem can also reduce pimples in your face.

Tropical cream with warm water

You must be really gentle in the process of caring your facial skin. You must avoid harsh chemicals and cosmetics in your skin layer especially on your face.

You can make exfoliator with honey and sugar at home and apply it on your face. Rub exfoliate gently on your face and then wash away with the lukewarm water.

You can easily observe the difference between the skin before applying exfoliates and after washing it with water. Tropical creams are also quite useful for eradicating oil from skin.


Some people have a misconception that the oily skin should not be moisturized. But, it requires moisturizers to maintain balance. The best homemade moisturizer for the oily skin is honey.

You can simply apply few teaspoon of honey all over your face. Keep it for a period of 30 minutes till it dries up completely. They you may slowly wash it away with the help of lukewarm water.

You can also apply some light oil free moisturizer to your skin before going out from home and facing the wind and sun rays.

The dust and pollution will cause damage to your skin if not applied moisturizer. It is important to use moisturizer which will protect your face from harmful environment.

Avoid the steroids

Some men have a tendency to use steroid in order to get a beautiful body structure with biceps and triceps. It is true that steroid will help individual to develop their muscular body but will be very harmful for your skin.

Since, steroid produces side effects, people having oily skin will secrete more oil than before after using steroid in body. You may develop your muscle in healthy way by exercising and consuming adequate protein. But, avoiding steroid will be a must.