Top New Year resolutions you should consider making

New Year is the time when all make new resolutions and it is the time to make new promises and to make people do the same. These are resolutions for the good and with this you bring about changes in life in order to be in the best of mood. Like this New Year you can say that you want to quit smoking and in the way you can get rid of the bad habit. In the New Year time you can even take the resolution of finding a good job or yourself and with this your search begins. So in New Year you make promises to keep and not to break.

Promise to Have Intellectual Conversations

This New Year you can take the resolution that you would participate in meaningful conversations and try to avoid unnecessary chats. You should have the best of conversation with your family and friends and even with your co-workers on all the essential topics. In fact, it is god that you engage yourself in a conversation which would challenge you intellectually. You can all discuss on the social and the spiritual topics and feel at best. For conversation you should choose subjects that would help you have the perfect presence of mind.

Do More and Complaint Less

This New Year you can even take the resolution that you will do more and complaint less. This is the normal way that we generally react. We see something wrong happening and we start talking and discussing about the matter. However, it is wise that you should stop talking less and think of ways of how to bring about changes. When you complaint about something you are actually letting your frustrations out. However, to get rid of the problem you can start acting at once. This way you can find a quick solution to the problem and stop discussing unnecessarily.

A New Year Resolution of Not to Worry

Make a promise this New Year that you will stop worrying unnecessarily. Needless worrying is only wastage of time and you should think to spend the time on other relevant things in life. When you have tension it is something counterproductive. If you think and worry more you will have less time in taking actions and this is not going to work right for you. When you waste all your time in tension you are actually making things workout the wrong way. Unnecessarily and long time planning is sure not to yield in the long run.

Spend More Time in Praying

This New Year you can take the resolution that you will spend more time in praying. When you have too many things to do in life you hardly have the time to pray. This should not be the case. When you get the most in life you should remember God all the time. Thus, it would be best that before you start working pray the initial time in praying to God. There is no point saying that I was busy and so I did not get the time to pray.

Being Musical This New Year

This New Year make a resolution that you should listen to more music. You should keep track of the latest albums and the greatest musical hits and this way you can stay entertained always. Music lets you feel light and peaceful and this is the reason you should lend ears to something more musical and have the nicest feeling ever. This way you can even get to know about all new artists about whom you have never heard before. Make music the passion of your life and this way you are sure to feel on top of the world.

Promise Not to Disagree

This New Year take the resolution that you would agree more and disagree less. The more you are in sync with opinions the safe it is going to be for you. Some people have the habit of arguing and saying no to everything. They are often disliked by the others as they don’t know how to abide by decisions and opinions. For them it would be best to take the resolution that they should preserve their anger for something relevant and try to be with the mass.

Have the Resolution to Read Good Books

This New Year you should have the resolution of reading more books. When you are reading more your mind becomes broad and you have better acceptance of things. You can chose from the practical topics and spend the extra time reading. Books are sure to help you with the best wisdom. Now, you have a changed perspective in life and you feel best when you get more books to read. It becomes like a passion and you are sure to feel best with all interesting topics. Reading makes you inertly powerful and enhances your capacity to contemplate.

Resolute to Curtail the Talking Time

There are more things to do in life than just keep on chatting on the phone. Spending time in needless conversation is sure to make you dumber. This is the reason you should curtail your hours of phone and spend the time on other relevant things. When you keep on chatting over the phone without a cause you are wasting both time and energy and it is often said that when you talk more you tend to talk without any sense. This is the reason it is best to be short and crisp when conversing over the phone.

Resolute to Spend More Time with Food and Beloved

More often you have the tendency to sit and eat alone. It would be best if you can sit with someone you care for and share the food. With the food you are even sharing your feelings and thoughts. This is even the best way you can make the person feel special. While eating the food you can express your true feelings and when food and emotion mingle well the result is sure to be fantastic. You sit and eat with your beloved and you are sure to feel great.

Take resolution to not to skip on exercising

This should be one of your top most resolutions this year. Exercising daily is important for our health as well as mental well being and you can enjoy your life to the fullest only when you are fit and healthy. So stop looking out for excuses to skip on your daily exercise and start taking your health seriously right from this New Year.

Promise to control the urge of eating out

Eating out can be a great entertainment and a nice way to relax. We all love it, but our body does not respond very nicely to the habit of eating out regularly. Occasional eating out is fine, but if you are someone who prefers to eat out at least 3 days a week, it should be your New Year resolution to control this habit. Eating out is one of the major reasons of putting on extra weight and even if you do not like it, the home food is best for you.

Get prepared to take life sportingly

Life has its own ups and downs and only thing that is constant in life is “change”. So, the best way to look at it is to be sporting. If life pushes you down, take a lesson from it and start afresh instead of spoiling your mood and energy over thinking the negative things again and again. This can change not only your outlook towards life but the way you live and enjoy it, making you a happier person.

Take resolution to limit smartphone usage

Yes, the smartphones are really smart, but do you know they are actually making us dumb? We have reached a time when we ignore people sitting around us to talk with the virtual friends through our smart gadgets. This can be highly detrimental not only for your real relationships but also for your mental well-being.  So, take a resolution to limit the use of smartphones when you are with family or friends.

This New Year, make the resolution to go green

A high time has been reached when every human being walking on the earth needs to be careful about the environment. We can reduce our carbon footprint on the earth through simple ways, if we are really willing. Take resolution that starting from this New Year you will adopt environment sustaining habits and will also encourage others to turn environment friendly.