Small things for a great day

The small little steps we take throughout a day, is what we do for a better lifestyle. For a smart mind you need 3 things, a trained way of thinking, lots of information on your head and the concentration to focus on an idea. An easy example would be figuring out how Thomas Edison could think of his electric bulb. First of all he was a trained and logical imaginer, he was well read in electric engineering and he was focusing to solve his problem!

We will now read a bunch of things which are the small steps towards having a greater day!

Water consumption early in the morning

You have been sleeping for 6 to 8 hours and your body has not received its most essential fluid – water! You need to consume water for filtering your body from the waste products and getting back the fluid balance. Drink two big glasses of water within 30 minutes after you are up from sleep. Drinking water has been tested on children and it has been found out that they aid their mental ability. You need to make sure that your body and brain isn’t dehydrated early in the morning!

Reading books while having breakfast

Reading books is a healthy practice, but try and keep it short during breakfast. Rather than reading news articles, which has very little importance or intelligence added to your life, try and read book summaries of the best sellers. You can simply type the title of the book summary on Google and have them listed for you.

Listening to music

If you are on your way to work, carry your headphones and listen to the music you love. You can use apps like TED which lets you download your songs once and doesn’t make you stream and spend your data twice. Sparing some time for music, before going to work, is a great way to kick start the day at office.

Consume green tea at work

Caffeine makes people anxious while the l-theanine content in a cup of green tea would soothe your senses! It is an amino acid which increases the alpha brain waves in and makes us focus at work better. It doesn’t make you have an induced anxiety like coffee or tea does, but it kills the drowsiness which is alike the other beverages. L-theanine is consumed for relaxing the brain and aiding cardiovascular health.

Regular naps

Try to take short naps through the day. Napping makes you feel refreshed and you learn better. Your mind has its own rhythm and it determines the craving for sleep. You might have noticed that people have tendency to sleep between 2- to 4 p.m. in the noon. This is actually the apt time when one should take naps. You start becoming more alert and productive for the rest of the day!

No sugar consumption

Well this is difficult for people who need sugar in different edibles. If you cannot cut down altogether, try and cut down on the times when you need to concentrate at work. Sugar brings in a definitive high and low which hinders the function of our brain and we don’t think as smartly as we’d usually do! Fatty acids on the contrary work better in these cases. Try to switch over from any sweet food during lunch with eggs and fishes.

Go through social media and memes twice day

Your brain gets adapted to the information you send it. If you keep on bombarding yourself with work and you have to have a prolonged time of concentration, your brain will soon be fatigued and you will not be able to take anymore! You need to stimulate your brain and for that life needs to be funny at times. Go through some mindless memes, spend some time on social media, scroll through some funny videos and relax your brain.

Play games instead of movies

Watching television is okay for a past time, but your brain keeps on receiving information and doesn’t interact or process it. You can substitute this with games. There was a study in 2014 which proved that someone’s brain’s flexibility improves when they play games rather than watching television series. Try to keep your brain active where you constantly keep your brain ticking but you also have fun and relaxation.

Replaces television with books

Reading a book is an active exercise which is much better than watching television. Watching videos are like a passive consumption of data, but reading books keeps your brain more active. You start making mental images and start depicting how the scenes could look in reality. This is how your creative skills improve and you start thinking differently.


Programming is a nice way to learn and think logically. Coding was earlier very difficult but with sites like Codeacademy and Udemy, which can be used with free or paid formats are easy and fun to learn. You can think that these are a leveled up game of puzzles. This also adds on employability for better jobs.

TED talks while you cook

Cooking is a nice time to indulge into some delicious recipes along with sparing some time for the development of Technology, Education and Design. It switches over to a stimulating and fascinating time when you can do two things simultaneously. It like cooking while you spare some time to watch two people talk about their most inspiring journey on work.


Your body is strongly linked to your mind. When your body is fit and active, it aids to the brain and makes it function better. You do not need to get to the gym everyday but if you can spare that much time, then it’s nothing like it! Do some push-ups throughout the day, and walk, skip and jump whenever you can. Avoid elevators and go up the stairs, stretch a little and tense your muscles for 5-10 seconds as a time.

Develop with higher intellect

‘Habits are socially contagious’ – this is true and should be utilized at best! For example, obesity spreads through social network, for example, people with similar habits, thinking patterns are going to leave an impact on you. Get in touch with people who have higher intellect than yours. You will get to know a lot from them and develop.

Communicate with different mindsets

Get into friendly conversations with people who do not agree with you. You could argue as well, but keeping it like a healthy debate is more preferable than quarrelling.

  • You have to make your statements firm and clear
  • You also have to be convinced if you are right or wrong

You tend to not realize that it is a win-win situation for you. At first you try to out-reason the person you are quarrelling with and if you lose, you get to learn the other perspectives to a same thing.

Walk out in the nature

Take some solitary time to simply walk through the nature because:

  • Those areas have more oxygen
  • The human minds are calmed down when there is greenery around
  • Walking improves blood circulation

The best time to take a walk is during lunch time. It keeps you active for the rest of the day. Morning and evening walks are fine too.

Carry a notebook

All great minds always carried a notebook with them. Jotting down ideas, questions, answers, sketches, for reviewing something later, is quite effective for increasing your knowledge. Having a small little book where you jot down all that interests you, could surely help your curiosity and intellectual thinking.

Take 10 minutes to schedule the following day

By planning the following day you begin with a plan already! This makes your day a little more productive than what it could have been. When you have a scheduled routine, you are generally more punctual and sorted. Many people stay busy all day but they aren’t productive enough. To be productive, you need a pre-planned routine which helps you work smart.