How to get the soft smooth hands naturally?

The condition of your hands depends on the time yo spend on it to take care of it. Usually manual employees and housewives don’t give proper attention to their hands. Direct exposure to all weather effects including temperature, weather, frequent wetting, working with harmful chemicals and overwork usually affects the attractiveness of your hands.

You should follow a routine to give frequent manicure to your hands at least once a week. Correct care of your hands will help your hand to battle annoying troubles including chipping, dividing, peeling and breaking. To learn correct procedure of manicure at home read further.

Getting soft skin is always an aim of every individual regardless of the age. This fascination is normally viewed among the ladies. Even if you have crossed 50 years of age, you will always have a wish to stay as young as you were at 16. You may get information about variety of creams and products in the market but getting the right product without any side effects is hardly possible.

Thus, the best way will be to avail the natural remedy. Everyday you are recklessly getting exposed to the harsh chemicals. Especially during the winter months your skin can be quite likely to get dried up and rough. But, if you can follow a simple routine, getting soft and smooth hand naturally will be possible.

Here is a few tips to help you take correct care of hands. Follow these tips and make it a habit to treat your hands with much care at;least once a week.

Hands massage

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Hands massage charges nothing at all. To stimulate blood circulation in your hands, wipe your palm of one hand to back of other hand and then repeat this method on the other hand. This movement of your hands is best to hold your hands moderately hot.

Get smooth and supple hands

Apply a coat of  Vaseline or any moisturizing cream on your hands every night before yo hit the bed. Yo can also choose to wear a cotton gloves for better results. You will get up with unbelievably supple hands in the morning.

Other tips

  • Apply olive oil or coconut oil on your hands.
  • Apply a mixture of cucumber juice extract and glycerin on your hands.
  • Mix equal amounts of lime juice  extract and olive oil and apply it on your hands.
  • Take tomato juice, glycerin and lime juice  extract in same proportions and apply this paste on your hands every evening.
  • Massage your hands with a mixture of orange juice  extract and honey.
  • Blend 1 tsp glycerin, 1 tsp lemon juice and with required quantity of water and apply the mixture on your hands daily.
  • Soak your hands in warm olive oil and massage your hand with it, once removed.

Skin care tips for teenage girls

  • Wear gloves while working in laundry, kitchen etc.
  • Buy a hand cream which consists of cocoa butter or else you can make cocoa flavored butter at home. Cocoa butter is having moisture content. Apply two drops to hands and gain soft palms.
  • Take a small amount of aloe vera gel and rub gently on hands. It consists of moisture and anti oxidants which soother your skin and make ultra soft.
  • Moisturize your hands at least four times a day.
  • To treat rough hands, take 1 tsp of sugar and lemon juice extract. Rub the palms till sugar disintegrates in action like cleaning your hands.
  • Dust some baby powder on your palm and then pour some natural bath salts. Add few drops of mild hand wash soap. Rinse the hands slowly and wash it with warm water. Feel the difference of your palms it will be soft as a little baby.
  • Ceramides enhance the lubricants that protect skin and gives smoothness. This ceramides turn moisturizer into hot thai massages for your hands. Apply once in a day for better result.
  • Take 10 fresh green almonds and grind them by adding drops of sandalwood oil. Apply this mixture on hands. It helps in regenerating skin and makes your skin whiten.
  • Use mashed papaya and apply to hands. Papaya destroys the tanned skin and gets smooth soft hands.
  • A Chilled Yogurt can help to get soft smooth hands. Mix yogurt with pinch of haldi / turmeric and apply that on your hands before taking bath. Wash it with cold water you can feel the smoothness of hands.
  • Soak your hands in bowl of milk (slight warm) for five minutes will give your hands soft and tender look.
  • Use rosemary springs, two teaspoons of olive oil, drops of rosemary essential oil in a bowl that filled with warm water. Soak your hands in this fragrant solution for 5-10mins. Its nothing but a hand spa to your hands.

Steps to get soft smooth hands naturally

Step 1

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First of all, you need to soak your hands in warm water. This can be done wither by taking bath or filling up a small container with warm water and then dip your hands over there.

You should remember and do not use too hot water which will be likely to burn your skin, rather go for warm water. It will be more effective if you can add two drops of lavender or rose essential oil to it. You need to soak your hand in the solution and keep it for 10 minutes.

Step 2

Now take out your hand from the solution and then dry out naturally. You can also use a towel to remove water from your skin.

Step 3

Take a lemon and slice it to two halves. Now, take a container with a teaspoon of sugar and drop lemon drops over it. Mix it well and make scrub out of it. Apply this scrub over the rough areas of our hands. After applying the scrub over your hand, you need to simply rub your fingers in a circular motion very slowly on your entire hands. This will remove dead skin from your hand naturally.

Step 4

Now, after keeping this scrub over your hand for 10 minutes, simply wash it away with warm water and use a towel to dry it up.

Step 5

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Now, you need to take few drops of natural oil such as olive, coconut and almond and apply it over your hand where you wish to get a very soft and smooth skin type. Alternatively, you can use a cotton and dip it in oil and apply it over the skin which has become too dried and rough.

Step 6

After applying oil, you need to use cotton hand gloves and cover your fingers as well as hand completely so that no dust or foreign matter can affect it. You must do this when you are going to sleep and will not need your hand to do anything which might make it get exposed to air and dust.

These above steps are very effective to keep your hand soft and beautiful for a long time. If your hand has enough wrinkles, this might not be due to age entirely. Rather, carelessness will be one of the reasons for it. You need to go ahead with the step by step exfoliate process and get the wrinkle free hand for always.

After finishing the process of exfoliation, your hand is provided with moisturizing effect by the natural oils. It is just like your facial skin which you are bound to care as people view it at first. But, hands are also equally important which needs to be cared properly without any carelessness. You need to follow the process and get wonderful soft hands.