How to remove dark circles with almond oil

Under eye dark circles can be a real headache for anyone. They give a tired and dull look to your face and in fact they are often difficult to hide even with heavy dose of concealer. So, the best way to deal with dark circles is to get rid of them. Almond oil can be an effective ingredient for removing undereye dark circles naturally. Almond oil has high Vitamin K content which can improve blood flow in the area. The palmitic acid and retinol content helps in moisturizing the skin from deep within and the Vitamin E of the oil delivers anti-aging effects on the skin. Almond oil can also be effective to reduce the puffiness of the eyes. You can use almond oil in any of the following ways mentioned below to remove dark circles,

Method #1 for removing dark circles with almond oil

Almond oil massage

How to hide dark circles

If you are too busy to give time for your skin care, this method can be the best one for you. Before you go to bed at night, clean the under eye area with cleansing milk and massage the area for 2-3 minutes with almond oil, placing firm but light pressure. Go to sleep with the almond oil on, and wash off in the morning with plain water. Do this regularly and you can start seeing improvements within a week.

Method #2 for removing dark circles with almond oil

Almond oil with evening primrose carrier oil

Evening primrose carrier oil is known for its ability to aid in skin discoloration. It also helps in removing the wrinkles on the skin. Mix 3 drops of evening primrose carrier oil with the same amount of almond oil. Now massage the under eye area lightly with this oil mixture for 1 minute and leave on for the night. Wash off with water in the morning and you can see the difference within a week.

Method #3 for removing dark circles with almond oil

Almond oil with coconut oil

Coconut oil has extensive skin nourishing properties and it can be very effective in moisturizing the delicate under eye area while helping in removing the dark patches from the skin. Mix few drops of almond oil with equal amount of coconut oil and use this oil mixture to massage the under eye area lightly for 2 minutes. Let it sit on the skin for whole night and in the morning wash off with plenty of water. Repeat daily.

Method #4 for removing dark circles with almond oil

Almond oil with aloe vera

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Aloe Vera has high vitamin E content and it can moisturize the skin from deep within. Aloe Vera can also be very effective to remove the wrinkles under the eyes along with the dark circle. Prepare fresh Aloe Vera juice from Aloe Vera leaves and mix 1/2 spoon of this juice with 1/2 spoon of almond oil. Use this mixture for massaging the under eye area and then let it sit for one hour. Remove the oil lightly from the skin with a cotton ball before going to bed but do not wash. Wash off with normal water in the morning.