How to make oval face look square

The beauty of an oval face is that it gives you the scope to try different styles. You can give your oval face a more round or more square look by following some makeup tipsand hairstyling tricks.

If you have an oval face and you are willing to give it a square look you can do that simply with the right dose and technique of makeup.

Apart from makeup, the hairstyle also has a lot to say to give your face its shape; and hence if you want to make your oval face look square opting for the right hairstyle is necessary.

This article will tell you about some of the secrets of how to make your oval face look square without going under a knife or resorting to cosmetic techniques.

Get the right eyebrows

Best tips to shape your eyebrow

The shape of your eyebrow plays a vital role in dictating the overall shape of your face, hence if you are trying to get a square look concentrate on your eyebrows to give them an angular or straight shape.

You can use eyebrow pencil to make your brows appear thicker so that the attention is pulled towards the center of your face.

However, while using an eyebrow pencil always keep in mind that you should use a pencil at least 1 tone lighter than your natural brow color. This will also highlight the brows and make them look more natural.

Face contouring

Contouring is the most essential part of makeup, and if you are trying to give your oval face a more square appearance contouring in the right way is vital. Contouringin face makeup means shadowing and highlighting particular places of the face to get the desired look.

Start with your hair line and use some shadow on that area, while highlight the middle part of your forehead. You should also highlight the bridge of the nose and shade the sides of the nose to make your nose look more sharp and thin.

To give your face a square look highlighting the cheekbones is very essential and you can do that by contouring your cheekbones. Apply some bronzer to the sides of your temple; it will make your face look more square.

Use that blush in the right place

In order to make your face appear shorter, apart from using bronzer on your hairline also use a rosy or bronze colored blush horizontally on your cheeks.

You should apply the bronzer in an upsweep motion rather than outside direction. Also define your chin area with a natural color blush or bronzer to make it appear more square.

Go for a sheer eye makeup

If you have an oval face, go for a sheer eye shadow but apply a darker shade on the crease of your eyes. Blend in the shades perfectly to give more definition to your face.

When it comes to mascara, you can surely go overboard with it. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara to give your eyes a dramatic look that will pull the attention towards the center of your face.

Opt for bold and chiseled lips

If you are trying to give your oval face a more square look it is essential that you line your lips before you go for applying the gloss or the lipstick. While lining ensure to highlight the curve at the top of your lips, if needed you can also use a light colored lip liner for the job.


Perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape

The right hairstyle can be very effective to give you the right look. If you have an oval face and you are trying to get a more square look go for short bangs.

Fuller or long bangs can effectively hide your wide forehead, but the short bangs are ideal for a square look. You should determine the length of your bangs depending on the length of your forehead.

Bangs with side locks and round bangs can also be effective to give your face a more square look. Side bangs can also be suitable to make your oval face look more square. It is suggested to go for shoulder length hair rather than short if you are trying to make your oval face look more chiseled and square.

The right accessories

The right eye accessory can also be helpful to get the right look. If you are trying to give a square look to your oval face opt for square framed and angular eye pieces.

The right shape of the sunglass can help your face appear square. While choosing ear accessories, opt for long hanging pieces rather than rings. If you are going for ear tops, pick a square design rather than a round.

The above tips and tricks when applied in the right way can be highly effective to make your oval face look square.

To get the best perfection in achieving the right look according to your face shape, practice is quite vital; because often the makeup pattern and contouring changes depending on particular features of a face and not only the face shape.