Tips to keep your hair colour last longer and fresher

Most women are worried about their hair colour not lasting for long. There are several techniques one can do to maximise the coloured hair to look beautiful with the new colour for a long time.

Tips to keep your hair colour last longer

Homemade hair conditioners

  • The hair colouring product must be compatible with one’s lifestyle. The colour chosen must be closer to the original hair colour. When the colour is closer to the original colour roots do not peep out soon. If the roots are less obvious the hair colour will last long.
  • A deep conditioning treatment to the hair is required a few days before colouring. Well-conditioned hair will be softer and shinier and will take the colour that will last long. The conditioner will also protect the hair from damage by the chemicals in the colour.
  • Colour enhancing shampoos must be used to enhance and maintain the colour. Colour shampoos are specifically made to keep the colour fresh as long as possible. A gentle shampoo must be used if colour shampoo is not used to maintain the colour of the hair.
  • Coloured hair should not be exposed to sun or chlorine in the swimming pools. Sun will fade the colour and chlorine will damage the colour
  • Hair colouring usually make the hair dry, hence the hair must be well conditioned… Conditioned hair catches the colour better than dry, brittle and damaged hair. It also makes the hair shinier and brighter.
  • Temporary colours which last for few washes give a longer wear. If roots are obvious temporary colour can be used till the permanent application is done.
  • Layered colours of light and dark give a multi-dimensional look to the hair. It also prevents an overall faded look. Layered colour give a fresher and less faded look and will also last longer with different shades woven in the hair.
  • Steaming hair has adverse effect on the strands of hair. Hair should be washed with lukewarm water or cool water.
  • Washing hair frequently causes the strands to swell and the colour washes away slowly. Good quality colour enhancing shampoos are a better choice.
  • Red hair colours fade faster because crimson colour molecules are larger and bigger than black ones and are also more unstable.

Quick fixes for roots & strays

  • Dyeing just the roots makes one ready with a good hair color in minutes. It is simple to apply the color just to the base. Some of them can be taken from a tube and applied with a toothbrush or a fine comb. Some brands also provide root touching tool.
  • There is another ultra-fast method is to apply a bit of color only when required. It will color hide the obvious re growth for the time being, but will be washed away in the next wash.

Ways to shower-proof your color

How to make hair straight and silky

 Shampoo less – Hair need to be shampoos maximum three times a week, also when color extending products are used.

Condition more. A deep treatment mask   can be used once a week instead of regular conditioner.

Upgrade your water. Additives like chlorine that are used to purify tap water play havoc on hair.  The tap water can be upgraded by showerheads designed to remove hair coloring agents.

Expert tips on hair coloring

Hair color at home

It is easy to color hair at home if a single process of hiding gray hair is the aim.  If dramatic changes are required e.g. from brown to blonde it is always better to consult a professional… Before applying color at home petroleum jelly must be dabbed along the hairline. Time should be set for the time to wash hair.

Salon hair color

It is advisable to  prepare the hair for the color by applying  a deep conditioned hair mask a few days before going to the parlor to get the hair colored. The moisture hair will hold the color better. The required color must be shown in a picture as the words may mean different to different people. One must be realistic about how much   maintenance one can handle. If it is difficult to go to the parlor every six weeks, it is better to get the color closest to the original shade. It is good to enhance the same color instead of bringing about a dramatic change.