How to lose weight without doing exercise – Best ways

Exercising is of course a vital part of fitness and better health, but it is strenuous too. Some people don’t have enough time to devote in exercising, and some of them might be recommended not to due to physical problems.

If you have your own reasons not to exercise, but you still want to lose some weight, there are some alternatives which can help you. They will not be as fast as exercising would serve you, but you can be consistent to see the changes within a few a months.

Best ways to lose weight without doing exercise

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  • Consume adequate protein: About 25% of more energy is put in to digest your protein than carbs. This alternatively means that you can have some extra salmon filets than having a bowl of pasta! Altering more of protein with less of carbs will keep you full and also digest fast. On the other hand, protein content releases leptin which is an important hormone to make you feel less full.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Add some salt to your water and consume it. Consuming H2o added with sodium, potassium and chloride makes it absorb better. Add some salt when you drink water and make yourself feel a little more energized. It keeps your hydrated and curbs your cravings! It is important to note that over consumption of salt is not good either so you will have to balance it out.
  • Don’t skip meals: There is no way that you get away with eating, so there is no point in skipping meals! Sometimes it increases the weight you already carry and disrupts a healthy body. Break your meals in 6 and have small snacks, rather than heavy meals. They are easier to digest and they can also keep hunger pans at bay.
  • Embrace restlessness: Although this is a in a good way and not to get you nervous and anxious. When you feel like fidgeting, regulate it into exercising rather than letting that go. This again, doesn’t mean that you need to exercise. If you are excited about talking to someone on phone, walk through the corridor while you do so. If you take some time out for chores at home, clean something, cooking something or simply dance on your favorite tune. These are easy and silent ways which help you shed weight, and you don’t even realize!
  • Get adequate sleep: It is important to maintain a healthy routine and this will include early sleeping and early waking up too! Late night snacks are also something that you need to avoid with this process. It is not good to have anything later than 9 p.m. since our metabolism slowers done. This is also another reason why you are recommended to have small dinners.

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  • Reduce watching cooking shows: It is great that you love to cook, but it is difficult to stop the temptation. If you seriously want to lose weight, you have to reduce the amount of cooking shows you watch in a week. Women have been proven to weigh more, just because they have a tendency to watch cooking shows and then make those recipes at home! Restrict these to weekends to savor the flavor better.
  • Don’t weigh yourself every now-and-then: Researches have proven that weigh loss processes backfire when you keep a constant check on how your weight alters. Losing 500 grams in the morning and gaining them back at night, is a daily struggle that we all go through. It is important to be consistent through weight loss regimes and check weight after about 1 month at least! That is by when, you will know, that your weight loss process has succeeding or not.
  • Get social: Keep clicking pictures through your weight loss process and ask your friends how they see you change. Studies have proven that people who broadcast their weight loss processes tend to be more consistent and reduce faster!
  • Walk: Take a few hours in your week to walk. Walk through the greenery and absorb nature, be it in the morning or at eve. Walk and spend some quiet time to yourself and rejuvenate your senses along with losing a few calories too.
  • Healthier diet: It is advisable to eat healthier than you do and to also mark the calorie intake. We are to consume 1500-1800 calories everyday, and that too should be obtained from healthy alternatives. Eat proteins along with veggies. Opt for fruits instead of desserts. Count your calories so that you only reduce them and not gain. This is possible only when you don’t consume more than you should, in a day!
  • Have realistic body goals: If you want a model-like body, you need to hit the gym! This is why you should be focused on how much you can optimize the alternatives to exercising. This will let you get results and not get disheartened. These remedies are going to take time but these last in the long run and make you feel healthier.
  • Note it down: It is important to note down all the activities you are doing, for losing weight. This will not only keep your mind ticking through the day, but will less you measure how much you should have lost by a span of 30 days, before you check your weight. It is great to write it down in a notebook or your phone memo, and it is worth taking out that 10 minutes of your day!