Binge eating – A disorder characterized by excessive eating

Binge-eating disorder is found in people who tend to ear frequently, have a history of obesity and often join the weight loss programs. These people have no sense of control while eating. Individuals suffering from Binge eating disorder often engage themselves events of binge eating where they tend to eat a large quantity of food in a very short time. While eating these people have no control over their eating and fail to stop eating even if they want to. They have some identifiable eating habits, like eating very fast and will continue eating even when they are full until they start feeling uncomfortable. People suffering from binge eating disorder often suffer from a feeling of guilt or shame.

Consuming meals considerably is important with right type of nutrition and all essential vitamins. But, over eating is again a serious issue. People come across problem of binge eating where the individual suffers from uncontrollable eating. It is an unusual phenomenon where individual consumes food in limit less way. This is not a disease but a health condition which increases the rapidity of food consumption. Individual develops a craving for food in a reckless manner. This can also take place due to depression in individuals. There are occasions when people start consuming food. They get their hunger boost with excessive eating which is known as binge eating.

How to stop overeating

Reasons of Binge eating differ from person to person. It can occur in people of all ages and all genders.

  • The known reasons include genetic predisposition, environmental, cultural and social factors.
  • The binge eating often takes place in times of stress, anger, distress or boredom. Their feeling about food makes these people secretive about their eating habits and prefers to eat alone.
  • Binge eating disorder has been linked to some mental disorders. Nearly half of all people with binge eating disorder have been found to suffer from depression. Many people report that anger, boredom, anxiety, sadness and depression force them into an episode of binge eating.
  • The disorder of binge eating is found to be running in families, making it clear that this disorder could be inherited. These people often come from families that overeat or put an unnatural emphasis on food, using it as a way to soothe, comfort and get enjoyment.
  • Researchers are now trying to look out into the way the body burns calories affect the development of binge eating disorder.
  • A review presented by experts that there is no sufficient evidence to prove that any food, nutrient or addictive can cause changes in the brain to crave for more except in the case of drugs and alcohol. There is no chemical in sugar, fat or salt that forces one to go on eating. Food has no addictive qualities. But there is no doubt that the some foods like tasty snacks, pizza or chocolates motivate a person to eat even when he is not hungry. It is the pleasure of the taste and feeling eating sweet makes a person eat more and not that sugar has some neuro chemical activity in it that triggers the brain.

How to control overeating

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Since addiction of eating is related to the act of eating and not in the food, hence the best way to control overeating eating is by modifying the behavior and environment of eating in order to avoid the disorder of binge eating. It is not necessary to run away from the food of one’s liking. The food can be substituted with another food. It is better not to keep the food readily available which may trigger the brain. It is better option to substitute a healthier snack with the same tastes and attributes.

An example for this change can be that if one likes salted chips. The saltiness of the chips can be substitutes with a proportioned serving of salted peanuts.

Facts on binge eating

Occasions are time when we start overeating. You must be marinating a healthy diet schedule throughout when you are at home. But once you are attending an occasion and see delicious food in the dinner, your taste buds will long for the consumption. Thus, people start overeating. Binge eating is a phenomenon that is seen in individuals during such occasion.

Symptoms of binge disorder

How would you know whether the particular person is suffering from the binge eating? It can be easily found out with the symptoms connected with it. Some of the symptoms are:

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  • Keeping on consuming food even when your stomach is full
  • Hiding the food so that you can consume later secretly
  • Unable to stop eating
  • No planned meals but simply consuming food recklessly
  • Consuming food continuously without stopping
  • Feeling guilty about the food consumption
  • No control on the food consumption procedure
  • Having a lust of controlling weight

Embarrassment in overeating

These days most of the people are cautious about their food habit. They are no more consuming the food items that are inflicted with fat. Rather, the food items that will help them reduce weight and maintain a specific shape will be consumed. If you start consuming food in a drastic way in front of the mass, embarrassment is what you are going to face. This can take place due to the health condition known as binge eating.