What is Bowen therapy? How does it work in pain relief?

Relief from pain is an important factor for many people around this world. Medical science and home remedies have worked for people belonging to various parts of the nation in providing great relief from pain.

You can also come across various therapies that work brilliantly in getting you relieved from pain. One among such therapies includes Bowen therapy. It is basically a holistic and multidimensional approach of getting spectacular pain relief.

This therapy has been recognized by Tom Bowen who used to stay in Geelong of Victoria. He has been dealing with neuromuscular, musculoskeletal as well as neurological problems which have been randomly found in fascia or soft tissues of individuals.

These days’ people are suffering from variety of pains throughout their body. Even the medicines and exercise are not enough. The medicine can provide relief for some time. But, there after again there will be the same trouble.

Bowen therapy is the wonderful alternative in this situation. This is a technique of massaging where very gentle hand is used. The expert dealing with it uses the fingers and thumb in this regard.

The moves are rolling times that helps in creating stimulation of muscles. As a result the blood circulation increases and the pain is effectively reduced. The best part is, no force is applied to make your muscle relaxed, rather soft tissues are made softer so that body relaxes.

About fascia and bowen therapy

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When you are speaking about Bowen therapy, discussion about fascia is equally important. Therapy is made effective through the specific soft tissue with integrated technique. The stimulation of specific receptor will allow correct dysfunctions with the restoration of the homeostasis on a holistic level.

In the process of treating the main cause, the Bowen therapy has always shown its effectiveness in pain relief as well as healing process. If you are suffering from wide range of pain conditions, Bowen therapy is an effective mechanism to rescue.

Bowen therapy works effectively where other treatment procedure fails in providing pain relief.

Bowen therapy is such a therapy where the expert does not belief in diagnosis as well as its origin. Thus the charges are a bit higher. But, it will be important to an ultimate solution of the pains that you are suffering from instead of thinking about the cost.

Since this therapy treats the entire body. Patient having a solution to the problem have sought the treatment without any emotional stress.

Working of bowen therapy in pain relief

If you can go through the research procedure, it will be quite easy to find out its working procedure with deep fascia performance. It also helps in separating as well as influencing various tissues as well as organs of the body.

Since Bowen therapy works and brilliantly and provides safeguard to the patient availing the same. Since it deals with fascia, the name ‘endless web ‘ is been called with the richest and largest sensory organ which pose effects on the functions nod physiology of the body.

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Since it is safe to be adopted by people belonging to all ages starting from a newborn baby to that of an adult, you can close your eyes and get the therapy done.

This is also useful in treating any type of neurological as well as musculoskeletal complaint. Since it has the aim of treating the cause of the problem, you can get the remedy directly from the root.

Some therapies eradicates the symptoms of a disease but those will not be effective for a long time. But, Bowen therapy is meant for treating the cause which remains in the root of the disease.

Benefits of bowen therapy

There are varieties of advantage in Bowen therapy. It will help improving

  • Assimilation of nutrients
  • Blood circulation
  • Posture
  • Elimination of toxin
  • Balancing of tissue integrity and cellular physiology
  • Joint mobility

The sequences of small moves associated with the bowel treatment vary with the pressures at a particular site of the body. The procedure involves cross fiber muscle manoeuvres that is having no forceful manipulation.

The procedure of treatment is not very long, rather it lasts for around 30 minutes to an hour. A layer of light clothing is used in making this therapy. The patient will also be asked to remove the heavy and thick clothing.

You may also find the therapist vanished from the room for 2 to 5 minutes. This is the time when the patient is given some space. Here, the body responds to the treatment. There will be necessary changes that occur in the body of the patient.

You will also have a discussion with the therapist with regards to the probable side effects. It is important for the patient to get acquainted with the self healing process of the body.

Emphasis will be made with regards to importance of body hydration. You will also be recommended with exercise mad lifestyle changes.

Treatment through bowen therapy

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The main concept of the theory is the use of gentle moves of hands to provide relief over the body. They generally targets certain parts of the body putting finger in those position can help with gentle moves relieves pain. Bowen therapy specifically rules out the way of pain relief through force. No manipulative force will be needed to remove the pain within your body. There are special practitioners who also work along with the allopathic health professional.

Use of bowen therapy

Pain relief is specifically done through the Bowen therapy. The stiff shoulder, neck pain, headache etc are the places where the Bowen therapy is used and achieved results. Also when the sports person suffers from deformation, sprain etc due to sports injury, Bowen therapy becomes really important. In the nearby premium clubs where the sports such as foot ball, cricket and hockey are conducted, a tie up with Bowen therapy professional is done. This gives relieve in a natural way without any involvement of medicines and other remedies.

As compared to the medicines and other remedies, Bowen therapy has the remedy better than the medicines and the exercises. The experts are present to help you get the benefit of the particular therapy. If you don’t know the perfect way to go ahead with the therapy, approach the experts who can help you in this.