Foods to curb chronic pain

Chronic pain is referred to nerve or muscle pain that occurs at shoulder, back, head, knees, pelvis and some other parts of the body. The major factor causing the chronic pain is inflammation. A person who is suffering with chronic pain shows symptoms such as tissue and muscle pain, improper sleep and fatigue.

As per the suggestions from medical specialists one can keep down the symptoms and pain but many studies proved the importance of certain food items to treat chronic pain. They help to reduce inflammation, control the pain signals in the body and stimulates brain to produce chemicals that makes you feel good.

Pain is an unwanted feel in life and to get rid of the same you have to take to the right foods. Pain can be excruciating and even exercises and medicines may not be able to give the right relief in time. However, there are people to try the alternative method to feel so relieved and this can be eating of certain foods to help overcome the pain in life.

Foods to curb chronic pain


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If you are looking for a natural pain killer then ginger could be your first choice. It curbs chronic pain by reducing inflammation with its gingerols that have anti-inflammatory properties. Some other compounds named shogaols, paradols, zingerone have analgesic qualities that are similar to the properties of ibuprofen and aspirin. Infact, ginger works like ibuprofen without the punch of any side -affects.

Simply chew few ginger pieces to reduce chronic pain and its associated inflammation. Drinking 2-3 cups of ginger tea daily will also saves you to escape from the problem.

Turmeric powder

Another handy home ingredient helps to minimize chronic pain is turmeric. It calms down your problem steadily by fighting with pain and curcumin an anti-inflammatory element wills helps to suppress pain.

Mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder in warm water and drink it. A daily repetition of this process helps you a lot. You can also use turmeric capsules after taking suggestions from your doctor. Turmeric also aids for the protection of tissue destruction and improved nerve cells functioning.


Quercetin that exist in onions is a heart healthy anti-oxidant. It also reduces bad cholesterol levels and helps to prevent cancer progression. Another important use of quercetin is that it helps to fight with the inflammation in the joints, by which one will relax from chronic pain. So, as much as possible add them to your diet, whether it is a curry or a salad mix them and eat them.


Many of us know salmon is the best producer of omega-3 fatty acids that helps to give relief from pain. It consists of vitamin D in good amounts and is necessary to help restrict the chances of chronic pain. Infact some studies have proved link between deficiency of vitamin D with chronic pain.

Some other studies also showed the against working action of omega-3 fatty acids towards the development of rheumatoid arthritis and its severity.

Olive oil

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The anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil reduces inflammation contributed by chronic pain and gradually calms down the problem. Polyphenol antioxidants slows down pain-causing mechanism in the body. It is also loaded with oleocanthal compound that has strong anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce inflammation of the painful joint.

Add your food items with olive oil in regular manner to increase physical functions and vitality. A general massage with olive oil helps to save from the moment. You are recommended to use extra virgin oil for the best results.

Caffeine can release pain

It would be interesting for you to know that coffee can lessen pain. In case you take caffeine in low doses you can at best stay out of pain and discomfort. In case you are sitting at your table and working for hours a simmering cup of coffee can help you rejuvenate in an instant. You feel revitalized and you start working with vigour. Percentage of coffee is even discerned in products like chocolates, tea and soda. So, in case you feel that caffeine can really help you combat pain you can speak to your medical practitioner in this regard.

Resveratrol is a secret for pain

Red grapes can even help in easing chronic and constant pain. Red grapes have resveratrol and this is a kind of chemical compound which can at the best fight causes of undesirable inflammation. You can find the same resveratrol in foods like peanuts and berries. The intake of the correct amount of resveratrol will disallow certain cells to react to signals and signs of inflammation. In consequence it even helps in relieving pain to a great extent. Moreover a combination of resveratrol and turmeric can really do magic in matters of chronic pain.

It is important to curb fat

To curb chronic pain you have ton lessen the amount of sugar intake. Thus, it is not good to have too much of fresh fruit juices. In case you love eating fruits then it is preferable to have whole fruits to be in the best of health. In case you have gained in weight then you should limit your amount of gram intake. This will save you from diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Too much of grain intake can increase physical pain and make you feel uncomfortable.

Fresh foods help you fight pain the right way

Always try to eat fresh foods. This will help you stay fit and lessen the amount of pain. Please don’t eat foods with additives and preservatives, as the kinds of foods can cause irritation of the bowel syndrome. It would be great if you can arrange for organic food. This is the perfect way for you to stay and feel healthy. Now, you are sure to have no more body discomforts and pain.

The pain killing properties of strawberries

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In take of strawberries can surely give you relief from chronic pain. For this you need to have a basket of fresh and juicy strawberries. This is a seasonal fruit and it contains lots of Vitamin C. The red colour of the strawberry stands for being an antioxidant and this is the right component to help in matters of fighting pain. Antioxidants always come with the best of properties for the reason of apt pain release. This is the reason doctors will recommend you to have strawberries especially after you have gone through a surgery. Vitamin C can also help combat problems of arthritis and this once again a way to release pain and stay fit in the best possible way. The proper intake of Vitamin C can help you overcome the problem of losing a cartilage and it can even cease the growth of bone lesions in between the joints.

Green vegetables can really soothe pain

Green vegetables can really let you stay away from pains and aches. For this you are recommended to have a regular intake of arugula salad or spinach. These are rich in Vitamin K and they have the best of pain soothing characteristics. Vitamin K also helps in strengthening the bones and the joints. So if you have the perfect content of Vitamin K in blood then you would be less prone to suffer from osteoarthritis. Green leaves daily will help you have ample gain of Vitamin K. So, it is important that you make necessary inclusions in the diet.