How to remove unwanted hair from face at home

How to get rid of unwanted hair on face with natural home remedies? Some ladies apply bleach over their face so that the black colored hair over their face. Another group of ladies wishes to remove unwanted hair from their face permanently.

Even in ladies Beauty parlors professionals deal with removal of unwanted hair from the hair through threading and waxing. But, that can be really expensive for a certain group of people. There are some effective homemade remedies through which you can easily remove unwanted hair from your face without spending a lot from your pocket.

Hair on the face is mostly annoying to women. Almost all parts of the body have hair but when the growth of hair on the face becomes thick and coarse, problems begin. The growth may be due to some hereditary factors, hormonal imbalances or due to the reaction of some medicine.

Unwanted hair can be removed by several techniques like shaving creams, wax, tweezers, machines and some hair removing creams, But it is seen that the results are not satisfactory and the hair keep coming back.  Some methods like electrolysis and laser treatments claim that the hair will be gone forever but the truth is these methods are also not very effective and turn out to be very expensive.

How to remove unwanted hair

How to get rid of excess hair from face naturally? Though you are a beauty queen with the vibrant glowing skin and great features, the pop-up of facial hair on the beautiful facial skin can magically throws out the queen’s crown. Being with hair on the face  makes you look dark, ugly and unclean. Having facial hair is natural but trying to lose them in artificial way cures the problem only for a temporary period and for the extended time to remove out the facial hair here are few simple tips and tricks that every can follow.

Woman thanked for the three common methods threading, waxing and plucking to remove their unwanted their hair. But haven’t you watched the up growth of small hairs after few days in-spite of gone through any of the above methods! And what all you do is again visiting the parlor whether to remove out the unwanted hair on the upper lip, side cheeks or etc.

Your fair skin would have been endangered by the hair layer over the skin. Some people applied bleach to lighten the dark tone of the hair over the face. But, once the bleach effect is over, you can get the trouble of unwanted hair over your face. The best way to avoid it will be removal of hair completely from face. Market is flooded with hair removal creams and other products that remove hair from face. But, not all products are suitable. Even some cosmetic products will tend to make your facial skin dark. Amazing home remedies for unwanted hair removal on face.

How to remove hair from face naturally

Home remedies help in getting rid of the unwanted hair permanently. These techniques are easy to follow and most of the ingredients come from the kitchen.


It is seen that unwanted hair appears with excess production of androgens.  A daily cup of spearmint tea made from 5-6 leaves of spearmint is sure to solve the problem of unwanted hair.

Basil onion paste

How to use basil onion paste for removing unwanted hair from face? A paste of fresh basil leaves and transparent membrane of onions applied on the areas with excess hair will bring a beneficial result in a months’ time.

Thanaka powder & safflower

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Thanaka is a yellowish –white colour powder made from the bark of the thanaka tree found in Burma. Application of the paste of thanaka powder and safflower will get rid of unwanted hair from face permanently.

Yogurt, gram flour & turmeric

Best home remedy for getting rid of excessive hair from face. Frequent use of the paste made  with gram flour, yogurt and turmeric  for a few months will remove facial hair

Turmeric & Indian nettle paste

Home remedy for unwanted facial hair. Apply this paste in areas with excess hair. Leave it to dry and then peel it off. The growth of hair will soon disappear.

Papaya turmeric paste

How to use papaya and turmeric for reducing hair on face? A paste of raw papaya and turmeric powder is very effective for removing unwanted hair permanently.

Honey & lemon juice

How to stop unwanted hair growth on face naturally? A mixture of honey and lemon juice applied twice a week on the affected areas will give beneficial results.

Egg sugar & corn flour paste

Best way to remove hair on face naturally. Best results can be obtained by applying a paste of egg white, sugar and corn flour on the area with unwanted hair. Leave it to dry and peel it off.

Pumice gems

Home remedies for facial hair

Pumice gems or stone that contains crystals can be used for scrubbing the area where there is excess hair growth after wetting the area with water and soap or after applying some lubricant. It acts as a best exfoliate to remove excess hair from face. Regular use for some time will remove unwanted hair permanently.


Uptan a mixture prepared from the kitchen available ingredients besan, mustard oil and turmeric Prepare it and massage it on your face for few minutes to remove out the hair from the roots. It also aids to get the clean and glowing skin.


Apply honey directly on your face and scrub it for few minutes. It will help you to get rid of the facial hair. Alternatively, mix honey with lemon to get a homemade scrub that works effectively in removing the facial hair.


Using sugar on the face is yet another natural way to take out the unwanted facial hair. Add few drops of water to sugar and scrub it on your face for few minutes, the sticky nature of sugar helps to remove out the facial hair.

Bread and milk

A nutrition rich food also serving as an option for the unwanted facial hair removal is milk and bread. Dip a bread slice in the milk and scrub on your facial hair. This simple made home based facial hair removal also helps to get the milky white glowing skin.


An ancient ingredient to uplift the beauty of beauties ‘turmeric’ can be used in the mixture uptan or it can be included with curd or oils like mustard oil to prepare the homemade facial hair removal scrub.

Corn flour

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Here is another mixture to scrub on your face to remove those wanted hairs. Take two tablespoons of corn flour and mix it with one tablespoon sugar granules and one egg white. Mix all the ingredients together and use it properly to remove the facial hair on the face. This mixture works like an exfoliator and helps to clean the dead skin cells from your skin which is hiding your original tone.

It must be remembered that the home remedies for getting rid of unwanted hair do not work as magic and give overnight results. They have to be repeated at regular intervals and even after a long use no results are seen it is better to consult a doctor to find out the underlying medical problem causing unwanted growth of hair on the face.

Unwanted facial hair removal techniques at home

Lemon and sugar for removing hair on face

How to remove extra hair from face with lemon and sugar? You must have known that the lemon is a natural bleaching agent and sugar is a wonderful scrubber. You need to take a container and put 2 teaspoon of sugar, 2 teaspoon of lemon juice and 5 teaspoon of water. Mix it well and apply it over your face in the direction where your hair started growing. Now, you need to allow the mixture to stay on your face for 20 minutes. Now just use a spatula and pull the mixture from the opposite direction. You can see the hair getting up along with the mixture placed over your face. In order to remove unwanted hair completely from your face, you need to repeat the process for two to three times in a week.

Hot wax for removing excess hair from face

Is hot wax good for removing excess hair from face? Wax from the candles can be easily available at home. You need to melt that waxes and apply it over your skin when you wish to remove unwanted hair. For this technique, the ingredients you will be requiring are dark corn syrup, waxing strip, 1 cup of sugar, vessel and 1.2 cup of lemon juice.  To start with, you need to take a vessel which can be microwave. Now add half cup of sugar in it. Now you need to add the dark corn syrup in it microwave the content for a period of 2 -3 minutes. After getting it microwave, the sugar must get dissolved completely in it. Now, you can add lemon juice. Again you need to stir it and microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Now you must allow the ingredients to cool it. Make sure that the syrup is little warm and apply it over your skin where you wish to remove excess hair. Apply it in the positive direction and cover it with the wax strip. Now, press it and keep it for 5 minutes. Now pull the wax trip in the opposite direction and watch the hairs coming out in the wax strip.

Rose water & alum to remove hair from face

Get rid of extra hair growth on face with natural home remedies. It is also quite important to note that even Alum can be a remedy for removing excess hair from your face. Mostly women staying in India and Pakistan use this rosewater and Alum remedy. You can now get Alum powder in the market But, if you have Alum rock at home, that too can be grinded and get the form of a powder. The main ingredients needed in these hair removal techniques are rose water – 2-3 teaspoon, alum powder – half teaspoon, cotton balls and essential oils- few teaspoon.

How to remove facial hair quickly

To start with, take a bowl and add alum powder and rose water in it. Use a spoon to mix alum powder and rose water together. Now take a cotton ball and dip it in the mixture. Now, you need to apply it over the area where you have unwanted hair. Wait till the mixture dries completely over your skin layer. Even after drying apply this again after an hour. Now, you need to wash it totally from your face and apply some olive oil in the particular area. If you can repeat this process for 2-3 times it will be quite easy to get rid of unwanted hair completely from skin.

Lentil and potatoes for unwanted facial hair

Best home remedies for removing unwanted hair from face permanently. Good combination of Potatoes and lentils can remove unwanted hair from your skin completely in a natural way. The ingredients you require are one potato, one tablespoon of honey, cloth, handful of yellow lentil and lemon juice – 4 tablespoon. Soak yellow lentils in water overnight. Get the potato which is peeled and crushed. Make a paste out of lentils leaves. Combine the juice of potato and put it in yellow lentil paste. Add honey as well as lemon. Mix it well and apply it over the place where you have unwanted hair. Keep it for 30 minutes and rub fingers over the skin area and see the hair coming out in your fingers. You must repeat the process for two to three times in a week to stay away from unwanted hair in a natural as well as safe way without side effects.

Gelatin mask for hair remover

Best homemade facial hair remover. Natural home remedies are absolutely worth in removing unwanted hair from your face. No need to go for artificial way of threading or waxing to remove unwanted hair from your face. Simple preparation of gelatin mask at home will be really wonderful and safe to remove hair from face. To make this you need a tablespoon of gelatin, 2-3 drops of lime juice, 2 spoon of milk and few drops of lavender essential oil. Add all of them in a container and mix. You need to microwave the same for 20 seconds and apply it on your face when it is tolerable to skin. Wait for the time it is dry and then remove like a peel off.

Wheat bran scrub for removing excessive hair

How to get rid of excessive or extra hair on face? Every house must have wheat bran handy as they prepare food with that. Now, you will be glad to know that the particular ingredient also works well in removing unwanted hair from your face. You need to take a container and add 3 tablespoon of wheat bran, one tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of rose water. Mix all of them well and apply on your face making a coarse scrub. Use your fingers to scrub in circular motion then keep it for 10 minutes untouched. Then remove it with warm water. Do this frequently to remove unwanted hair.

Orange peel off for unwanted hair on face

How to prepare orange peel off for removing unwanted facial hair from face at home? You must have consumed juicy oranges during winter. Now the peels of the orange should not be thrown as it will help you remove your facial hair naturally.  For this you need a teaspoon of powdered dried orange peel, a teaspoon of ground almond, a spoon of rose water and oatmeal of one teaspoon. Take all in a container and mix well. You need to apply the paste on your face and wait for 10 minutes. Then you should move your fingertips in a circular motion.  Do this for 2-3 minutes and then wash away with lukewarm water. You can watch how well you get reduced with your unwanted hair on your face.