Home remedies to treat the foot blisters

Blisters look like fluid sacks which get accumulated mostly on your hands and feet. They curb the beauty of your hands and feet. Having both spotless hands and feet will make you feel low in front of all and sometimes it is seen that the worst sufferers of blisters even avoid gatherings and functions.

There are several reasons which might enable you to get infected by these ailments. Blisters can be an aftermath effect of sunburn, eczema, shingles or coming in vicinity of a poisonous plant. It is very painful and if by any chance the fluid-filled sack gets ruptured then it might lead to infection and the consequences can be really adverse.

The most difficult part about blisters is we take time to identify to them and by that time the situation has already worsen, and thus our neglecting attitude makes matters even worse. So, before the situation reaches its saturation point, it is always advisable to take effective preventive measures which will give you an immediate relief.

Here, are nine remedies which you should definitely try if you are suffering from blisters and get relief from them in a very easiest and quickest manner.

  • Use a deodorant– Before wearing your shoes or sandals, apply deodorant on your feet, as this keeps your feet moistened and prevents it from getting dry. This is a very beneficial home remedy, which will safeguard your feet from getting affected by blisters.
  • Use of bandage– You can also use a bandage on your hands and feet where the blister has occurred. This avoids friction. It is the most accepted fact that blisters should not get tainted by any sort of friction, as that makes the matter even more worse and when you put on a bandage on the affected area then it is safe from dirt, which otherwise might lead to severe infection.
  • Use of green tea– Green tea consists of anti-inflammatory properties, so if you boil three bags of green tea in a pan and then toss it with baking soda which is an antiseptic, and then after the bags get cooled you can soak your blisters with it. Your blisters will vanish in a couple of days. It is a very beneficial home remedy and has no side-effects.
  • Use of apple cider vinegar– This method can be a bit risky but is worth a try. Apply apple cider vinegar on the blister; this will forbid it from popping up and will also reduce the chances of infection. Since apple cider vinegar has got tremendous antibacterial properties, it will always give positive results.
  • Application of Vitamin E– Vitamin E has got extraordinary skin damage control properties and thus if you apply any Vitamin E ointment or cream and even if you directly put Vitamin E capsule’s drops on the blister then you will surely get relief from your blisters. This gives immediate relief and it is easily available in the market.
  • Usage of Castor oil– This is again a very effective home remedy. Apply castor oil on your hands and feet, at night, before going to bed and let it sit overnight. This will moisten your skin and forbid any blisters from occurring and if you apply it on your blisters then they will get dried up easily. For better results, apply mixed castor oil and apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply witch hazel– Witch hazel has got astringent qualities; soak some cotton with witch hazel liquid and apply it on the blisters. This will enable your blisters to get dried up by cutting all further bacterial reactions. This is again a very easy way of getting an immediate relief from blisters.
  • Application of aloe vera– Aloe vera has got anti-inflammatory qualities which help in curing second and third-degree burns. You can directly apply aloe vera on your blisters which helps in reducing redness and swelling thereby reducing pain. So, this is an ayurvedic medicine which will also give quick relief from blisters.
  • Leave it open – Doctors have suggested that leave your blisters open, provided you are in a clean environment. This helps your blisters to breathe and thus will get dried quickly.