Curry spice – a boost in brain repair

One of the journals published have stated the boosting capabilities of curries and ability to heal the brain capacities in human beings. According to the German study, a compound was found in turmeric which helps in growing the nerve cells. This is also known as a brain repair kit.

This experiment was conducted on rats to check the result for Alzheimer’s and strokes. But, the scientists realized that more trials are needed in this regard.

As we all know that spices have their own benefits to treat variety of problems, but many of you are not aware that, it also helps giving a boost in brain repair. But, you need to know the best combination of spice that helps providing you a boost in your brain repair. Indian kitchen is flooded by variety of spices that is combined together by housewives or cook to make a dish tasty. Also the health benefits of such spices are kept in an appropriate order. For example turmeric is such a spice that is having healing benefits. Any types of infection will be removed with the consumption of turmeric in your diet.

Application of spice injection

Home spices to boost brain power

The Institute of Neuroscience and medicine placed in Julich of Germany have a research wing where studies were conducted to check the effect of turmeric aroma. While doing so, a compound was found in turmeric. This compound was injected in rats and then watched their brain capacity after scanning. Just after aromatic turmerone infusion, the growth of nerve cell in rats was found to be more active.

According to the scientist, the compound so found to encourage the preteferation of brain cells. Researchers also took neural stem cells of rodents and poured different aroma of turmeric extract. It was also found out that NSCs has a good capacity of transforming into varied type of cells in brain. Even it has the capacity of getting repaired after damage of disease.

According to Dr Maria Adele Rueger who has been a part of a research team, the abilities of human and higher animals are not as sufficient as those of smaller animals and fishes.

Turmeric – ginger family

With the higher concentration in aroma of turmeric, there will be greater growth in NSCs. The certain types of brain cells inculcates rapidly with the bath of cell in turmeric compound. The researcher also added that, particular type of brain cell works really well with the help of aromatic turmerone.

Complexity of disease

Spices that generate heat in winter

One of the members in the research Academy in UK named as Dr Laura Phipps said, it is not very clear whether the new brain cell so generated will be useful for people who have been suffering from the disease of Alzheimer’s.

Further studies are conducted to find out whether the compounds work really well on the patients who have been suffering from Alzheimer’s.  If turmeric supply is stocked up, the reason is found out from various surveys.

According to previous studies, the compound named as curcumin is really effective in reducing inflammation in the body of individual along with its anti cancerous benefits.

Variety of curry spices for brain health


If you look at the spices one after another and find out its details, you can come across different benefits. Say if we speak about turmeric, it is well known for medicinal value. For any cut and wound, applying turmeric externally ill definitely help. It also contains a bioactive compound named as aromatic turmerone. This particular compound helps getting neural stem cell growth in brain and improves brain health. You get a great memory power with the help of turmeric.


Winter heat generating foods in body

Ginger is a good flavored spice which is used by many houses in making wonderful dishes. The strong smell of ginger root helps in curing the common cold problem. But, you will be glad to realize that ginger also helps in boosting the cognitive function. The experiment is conducted upon a mouse where the mice were made to consume the ginger root. The mouse has notable improvement in its memory power.


Cumin has number of health benefits whether consumed whole seeds or in powdered form. If you are suffering from stress, cumin will provide a wonderful benefit. Whenever you are suffering from common cold or anemia, it will be a wonderful remedy. Cumin also helps in boosting your memory power. You can think in a rational way with the consumption of cumin on a regular basis. Always try to include cumin in your curries and get wonderful result.