Top spices that generate heat in this winter

Spices in Indian kitchen are trusted to increase flavor in food items and initiate health benefits for human beings. According to the recent research, some category of spices has powerful anti inflammatory effect on the body of each individual. Inflammation in the body is the can be one of the major contributor of obesity and heart disease. In the super markets, spices are easy available to be purchased. You can get add aroma and fragrance of cinnamon in your tea and coffee if added few pinch in it. You can now get a lot of recipes that helps in generating heat inside the body during the winter season.

The chilling weather in winter should be complemented with the spices. There is variety of spices in the market. But, the heat generating spices are best to consume during winter. Those spices are absolutely wonderful when you have problems like nasal congestion. This will open your blocked nose and save you from discomfort. Let us find out the list of spices that is really useful during the winter season. Apart from keeping you warm in this cold and chilling climate, winter spices are rich in vitamins and provides antioxidants to your body.

Spices that generate heat during winter


Winter heat generating foods in body

It is a spice used in many Indian and western kitchen for flavoring. It has a sweet and hot taste when touched the lips in raw form. You can make a powder out of this spice and consume it with sweet dish to add flavor. The fragrance of this spice is amazing and goes really well with many popular sweet dishes and desert. Powdered cinnamon helps eradicating the levels of type 2 diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides.


You can add crushed cloves in your black tea to create a sweet fragrance. This works in a wonderful way in generating heat inside the body of each individual. There are many countries where winter is too chilled. You need to avail extra protection with regards to warm clothing. Along with the clothing, you need to make yourself warm from inside. Tea made up of fragranced cloves is amazing.


A wonderful remedy for cold and cough is observed in Ginger. For years it has been used to create warmth to the through for all those suffering from the throat infection. This ingredient is used in many Indian kitchens on a regular basis so that immunity in the body is developed to fight with variety of diseases. You can now use this spice in winter season in tea and create warmth in your throat. This can also create a wonderful layer of immunity due to which fever or cold will hardly develop.


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For any type of injuries, turmeric is used for years to treat. If you see some wound or cuts in the body of an animal or a bird, you can easily put turmeric in it and it will work as a wonder. You do not need any medicine from the pharmacy to heal the injury in both a human being and animal if you have turmeric. During the winter season, you can easily keep your body warm from inside if turmeric in the raw form is crushed and added in milk. You must drink this milk everyday at night or once in the day time in order to develop a layer of immunity. The content of flavonoids will help in eradicating the inflammation that has cropped up due to any type of accident or injuries in the due course. You can get turmeric powder in spice section of any super mall.

Black pepper

Black pepper or Kali mirch is a wonderful variety of spice that will help keeping your warm from inside during winter days. Sometimes people uses this spices as a substitute to red chilli. Not all individual has the capacity to digest and withstand the effect of red chilli. Thus, the black pepper is a wonderful option in front of you. Even you can consume black pepper rich food if you have problem with digestion.


During the winter days, the cardamom can be regarded as wonderful spice that can heal variety of health conditions. People drinks cardamom tea with addition of the spice while they prepare the tea. This brings a wonderful flavor. You mind and body gets refreshed once you drink such tea after getting up from bed on a winter day. Even this spices has variety of health benefits.


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Cloves are used in Indian kitchen to add a great flavor in variety of food. People belonging to India use the spice in variety items such as curries, snacks and so on. They are delicious flavored spices which are preferred by many people around the world. You can also add these cloves in your cocktail drink and enjoy the pleasure in winter nights. The Jeera water also helps you stay refreshed when you feel really down due to tiredness.


Yes, this is one of the popular spices that is preferred by many people not only winter but throughout the seasons. But during winter you can get various forms of corianders in the market. You can also get the coriander leaves that add a great smell to your curries. You can add coriander powder in the dry form in various curries during winter so that along with the taste you can also get variety of health benefits.

Cayenne pepper

When you are looking for warmth during the winter months including more of Cayenne pepper in your diet can be a good option. Cayenne pepper in filled with Vitamin C and can be effective for reliving the winter chills. This spice is very commonly used in Indian culinary but make sure that you do not take a lot of it which can be damaging for the body.


Horseradish can also be used in food preparations as a spice to generate more heat in the body. It is known for its high Vitamin C content as well as its ability to decongest the respiratory tract. Horseradish can be used in different preparations to get the benefits particularly to beat the chill during winter.

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For warming up during the harsh winter months taking a cup of hot tea made with spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper can be most effective as all these spices have the ability to warm up the body from inside and when taken along with hot water or chai they can easily help you to beat the cold.

Apart from taking these herbs and including more of them in your daily diet during winter, also make it a point to stay active during cold and also keep yourself covered up properly to make sure that heat cannot escape from your body. These Indian spices have a number of health benefits and they can be highly useful for treating a number of problems and conditions when used in the right way. However, consuming a lot of any of these herbs on a daily basis might not be a healthy option. So, even if it is suggested to include these spices more in your diet during winter, always make sure that you are within the limits and taking these spices along with a healthy diet.