Health benefits of Capsicum / simla mirchi / bell pepper

Capsicum continues to be cultivated for a huge number of years currently. Available in a range of colors – red, yellow and green, it’s also called as bell pepper, jalapeno or chili. Rich in vitamins, it’s a simple yet effective cure for several diseases. And also with its numerous medicinal properties, capsicum is a good ingredient for many yummy dishes. Listed below are few of its benefits:

Health benefits of capsicum / simla mirchi / bell pepper

Cancer prevention

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Capsicum is made up of compounds called capsaicins that prevent carcinogen by binding together with DNA and gives some security from cancer malignancy.


Capsicum extract is among the best hair regrowth boosting remedy. It stops hair fall and assists you to maintain heavier and more voluminous hair.

Eyes along with skin

Eating capsicum helps keep the skin clear, prevent rashes along with pimples. It includes vitamin A, which is wonderful for eyes and aids in preventing eye conditions.

Burns calories

Eating capsicum speeds up the metabolism and facilitates burning more calories. It minimizes weight gained due to a high weight diet. In addition, it leads in secretion of digestive juices that helps in preventing ailments related to  indigestion. To be a cardiovascular stimulant, it regulates our blood pressure and lessens cholesterol along with triglyceride in your body.

Pain relief

Capsicum also blocks the transmission of pain on the skin towards spinal twine and prevents the feeling of soreness. It’s helpful in healing pain-related conditions.