How does swine flu effect pregnancy

Swine flu is a transmissible respiratory disease. It is also called swine influenza because it affects the pig regularly. The people who are in direct touch with the pig they are usually affected, even it is transmissible from person to person. The H1N1 virus affects the people with swine flu. When you are pregnant that carries the great risk of increased complications and weaken your immune system from any types of flu. There is the high risk in the first two-three month during pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women have uncomplicated recovery who are affected by the disease. There are some symptoms of swine flu like difficulty in breathing and dehydration during the second and third month of pregnancy. It is rare often that these complications can lead to miscarriage.

Swine flu is the transmissible disease like a cough, sneezing, and viral fever that spreads person to person. When there is close contact between infected people and healthy people then this virus get the comfortable environment to spread.

Symptoms of swine flu

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The symptoms of swine flu can be same as other regular flu that includes headache, high fever, tiredness, and pain in muscles and joints, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. There can be different effects of swine flu in different people. It can have the mild effect on some people and other can have complications too even it can lead to death also.

Swine flu in pregnancy

There is the high risk of increasing pneumonia during pregnancy as there is more pressure on the mother’s lungs function as the fetus develops therefore during pregnancy the high chances of complications and death from any types of flu, swine flu, and seasonal flu.

It is necessary for the pregnant women to get the vaccination for the prevention of swine flu as well as must avoid the places where there is an outbreak of swine flu.

The effects of swine flu on your baby

If the flu is caught in early stages, your baby will be protected well against the flu viruses. The risk is high during the second and third month of pregnancy that increases neural tube defects like spine Bifida. If flu is treated in initial stages it helps to control high temperature. There are other complications too of swine flu during pregnancy like pneumonia and the risk of miscarriage or premature born baby.

Remedies for swine flu in pregnant women

A human body is made up of 70% water and normally it becomes compulsory to drink more water during pregnancy especially when you are suspected of swine flu along with that must start medication against the swine flu as you get to know is suspected. If a pregnant woman is forced to be in contact with the infected person must start anti-viral treatment to prevent the development of the disease. These medicines have no adverse effect on the pregnant woman. You should take the guidance of your physician before taking these medicines.

Instructions to prevent swine flu

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There is the high risk of swine flu in a pregnant woman because while pregnancy, the immune system gets weakened. There are the symptoms of swine flu such as high fever, tiredness, headache, vomiting, and problem in breathing as if they are seen in the pregnant woman then immediately she must consult the doctor. It can have the different results like most of the women can recover themselves with the treatment of one week only but there can be the complications too in some cases like lungs infection, dehydration as well as it may lead to miscarriage and premature delivery.

There are no adverse effects of seasonal flu vaccine during the pregnancy, therefore, the pregnant women must take the seasonal vaccination to prevent swine flu virus as well as other flu viruses.

How to avoid swine flu

  • A pregnant woman should take the healthy diet that includes whole grain foods, fruits, leafy vegetables. Make sure the diet must include all the essential vitamins, folic acid, minerals, and antioxidant that protect you from the disease and strengthen your immunity system to fight off.
  • The anti-viral vaccine for swine flu is must for the pregnant woman.
  • You should give proper attention to your personal hygiene, wash your hands before eating food, after sneezing and using the toilet.
  • You must use a clean tissue paper or a handkerchief while coughing and sneezing.
  • The survive capacity of viruses and bacteria for 8-10 hours on the hard surfaces. You must keep clean your kitchen counters, slabs, wooden surface etc. with the clean towel.
  • The pregnant women must maintain the distance from the people suffering from swine flu.

Vaccination for swine flu

There are two types of vaccination available to protect from swine flu, Celvapan, and Panermrix. Both the vaccines have their different strategies to relief or protection from the virus of swine flu. Celvapan vaccine needs two doses that should be minimum three weeks apart and Panermrix vaccine affects with only one dose. Seasonal flu vaccine and swine flu vaccine have their different impacts and they don’t interfere in each other’s effects therefore along with swine flu vaccine the seasonal vaccine should be continued.