Celery juice for weight loss – How to use?

Celery juice is comparatively a new age find, having plenty of nutrients to benefit in different physical problems. Celery is packed with Vitamin A, C, K, B, fiber, and many minerals that have been found to inspire weight loss. Here are the ways one can use celery juice for weight loss.

How celery juice benefits in weight loss?

It has low calorie content

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Celery juice is low in calories with just 16 calories in 1.5 cups of juice. It is very low in protein and fat but high in fiber content.

When you need something to fill your stomach, celery juice is a good idea. As this is filling and at the same time nutritious with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

It has higher quantity of fiber

Celery juice has healthy dietary fiber in its main contents. One and a half cup of celery juice can offer 1.6 grams per serving, which forms 4.2 to 6.4 percent of total fiber intake per day.

You can protect higher quantity of dietary fiber by making celery juice in a juicer, blender may reduce its fiber content.

Plenty of Vitamins

Celery juice in itself is a complete nourishing food with lots of vitamin K, A, C, and B. Among the vitamin contents, it has vitamin K in maximum quantity. In a 1.5-cup juice serving one can get over 30 micrograms of vitamin K.

Although, vitamin K does not connect directly with weight loss, it maintains the blood circulation not allowing blood clotting. A good blood circulation helps to lose weight indirectly.

How to use

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  • Celery in salad is a common feature but drinking celery juice is easier. It allows all its nourishing benefits to use for weight loss. Blend 1 cup chopped celery stalk and leaves with three quarter cup of fresh water in a juicer. Dilute concentrate a little bit, as you want to enjoy its fiber-rich contents. As fiber becomes concentrated, it helps the weight loss more than anything else.
  • Celery juice could be monotonous and flat in taste. You can enhance its taste with added veggies like carrots, pears, or beetroot. You will not only have a better and sweeter taste, but also all the health nutrients. You can also add cayenne pepper as it increases body metabolism, prompting faster weight loss.

Weight loss plan with celery juice

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Extracted celery benefits in weight loss, purely for its concentrated form of nutrients. The fiber in its ranks helps to fill the stomach reducing hunger and curbing the longing to eat anything else that could act in reverse.

Although, there is some sugar content also in it however this would not harm much. One cup of celery juice has 11g sugar and about 70 calories. This is not as much in quantity to spoil the weight loss plan.

This sugar contributes as celery juice is mostly bland and slightly bitter in taste. You can try drinking it along with other veggies and juices blended together with celery juice and follow a weight loss plan.